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Scrambles For Money

by Tseliso Monaheng / 22.04.2014

Braamfontein has that eerie sense of underlying danger to it. On the outside, it’s calm and manicured; an average Mzansi inner city ‘hood. But if you dig a lil’ deeper you’ll find thriving pockets of sub-culture, like roses sprouting out through the hard concrete. One such place is the Grayscale Gallery; an exhibition space and graffiti shop, one of the bastions of Jozi hip hop culture.

You can find Grayscale at 20 De Korte Street. Step inside, climb two flights of stairs, keep left, notice the buzzer, press the buzzer and wait. Unless there’s an event happening, Grayscale resembles nothing more exciting than the average business venue on any given weekday. But when night falls, a sizeable number of hip hop heads can usually be found living the culture within its stern walls.

Here’s a few snapshots from a recent battle at Grayscale organised by Scrambles For Money. Bring your punchlines yo!

scrambles 8
“Shut the fuck up!” Gin-I Grindith sets the battles off, keeps the momentum flowing, and maintains order on the battlefield.

scrambles 013
Gin-I calls it.

scrambles 20
Don’t believe it!

scrambles 027
Watching and waiting for that elusive punchline.

scrambles 29
Gin-I and Krook’d check the clock. Time!

‘Camera’s Eye View’.

scrambles 035
Ooooo, aaaaa. We call ’em ‘Punchline Faces’.

scrambles 041
Comme des Fuckdown?

scrambles 045
Super emcees Protista and Blakrok.

scrambles 050
Kadence plotting his moves. He’ll be up against Demon at Talk Is Cheap II, the battle scheduled for April 26th.

scrambles 066
Hangin’ out…

scrambles 69
Elijah hands it down to Fudge. Check it out, blow-by-blow in the vid below…

scrambles 072
Awww shiiiiit! That hurt.

scrambles 089
And the crowd goes wild

scrambles 097
Elijah’s having none of it. 

scrambles 103
Tumi beaming – even conscious emcees love hip hop roots! He’ll be up against Ness Lee at Talk Is Cheap II.

One-L shows love.

scrambles 106
Fudge flips it.

scrambles 128
Inferno gets lost in the moment.

*You dig? Watch all battles on Youtube, right here.

**Scrambles For Money: Talk Is Cheap II will be taking place on April 26. Event details here.

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All images © Tseliso Monaheng

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