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Say What?

by Antonia Brown / 25.06.2013

We sent visual and performance artist Antonia Brown to the Puma Social Club last Friday night to document the jol. Stitching together her fine art degrees between Cape Town, Edinburgh and now Wits, Antonia recently had her camera stolen in down town Joburg. Armed only with a dodgy flash and a retro machine, she went all voyeur and began noting down the last message conversations on the party-goers phones. This is what she found!

‘Approaching them was awkward,’ she said, ‘but I think they were so surprised by me walking up and saying “can I see the last message on your phone?” that they just agreed. Some wouldn’t show me the conversation they were having at that moment, but let me see another. The only people who refused were the people working there. Perhaps because they were bitching about the graft?’

This is what they were saying.

– Noooo I’m not wearing a suit.
– Mafia chicks. Not the mafia’s chick.
– Wear your partysooth
– And a scarlet scarf

– Please call me
– Pleace call me
– I can’t make it now. Khona lapho kumele ngiykhona bt myb
– Later

– I need to distress
– Im on the hi way
– 4 eva us
– mxm

– isn’t that patois
– loooool
– nt used in the right context
– I’m a chinese bitch
– Hell yeh!!
– #skinnybitchvibezz
– My breasts are warm
– My boobies
– #yumm!

-what problem is that?
-that im stubborn n proud
-no n moody
– I know im all of that
-why do you want to change?

-wasted too much time on that chitchat
-no doubt
-like the song says
– you don’t loose friends, you outgrow them.
-I’ll fill you in on the progress

-Madiba is dead
-Madiba bin buried.
-Gimme some randelas

-sweet suga drops in thr drinks
-I want to see their psyche melt

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* All images © Antonia Brown. You can see more of Antonia’s work in the Wits exhibition this Friday.

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