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Rus in Vrede Herman Pretorius

Rus in Vrede

by Lize Kay / 21.08.2009

In the early hours of yesterday morning, South Africa lost a man who will be mourned by many. Though we had time to prepare for this day, we hoped we wouldn’t have to, and the anticipation made it no less tragic. Herman Pretorius, Vrede Foundation inspiration, MK presenter and music industry pioneer, passed away Thursday, too young, after a long battle with cancer, a struggle that was wrought with pain and uncertainty.

Having become one of the most well-known faces involved in our local music scene, he leaves behind countless friends, fans and admirers. Those who knew him, his friends and family, loved him dearly and despite the Herman-shaped hole that will be in hearts, all know he has finally escaped his suffering. All who met him admired him- his ambition, his strength to the very end and his never-ending hopefulness and optimism.

For any writer it is difficult to search for the words to pay tribute to a man who was so exceptional. One could write countless pages of his many good qualities, of the successful career he could boast at such a young age, of the many lives he touched. But the words are not necessary, because he wrote his own legacy that will live on after this day. All over the country people will wish to turn back time to that last memory- the last laugh, or embrace, the last time he looked so well that nobody expected this to happen. Today is a dark day for us all, but the memories stay with us evermore. Herman was a friend, a brother, a son, a superhero, an inspiration. Vrede.

Image courtesy & © Habig & MK

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  1. Ace says:

    Herman was a Great guy – ran into him beginning of the year after not seeing him since we first met about 10 years ago and immediately resumed our conversation where we left off. If only all people can be this humble and genuine.

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  2. cisca van staden says:

    Ek mis hom gevaarlik baie. My hart is baie seer. Het saam met hom chemo gekry en gereeld vir hom gesms. Hy was my dierbaarste maatjie al was ek amper 60. Dink nog daagliks aan hom.

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