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Pik’n our Nose

by Brandon Edmonds / 20.08.2009

Pik from ‘Ruddy Hell! It’s Harry & Paul’, circa 2007
Racist South Africans. We’re comedy archetypes by now. Along with Germans, angry Muslims and camera-toting Japanese. Thanks to the several hundred thousand South African expats doing the economic conscription thing in London, we’re stereotypes. In this recent BBC comedy series, with the great Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse, there’s an appalling South African emigre, a gym instructor living in London, called Pik. You can find him on Youtube.

He’ll tell you about throwing up on himself after a boozy late night curry. He’ll wink salaciously while stretching the hamstrings of an unsuspecting minx. Pik is clueless, repulsive and hilarious. Uncannily close to the bone.

But perfectly understandable. The UK has finally kicked back at the massive influx of local whites fleeing affirmative action and SA is the next Zimbabwe fantasies. South Africans over there are numerous enough to impact local politics. Changing the face of neighbourhoods. Maintaining an incestuous local circuit for locals involving biltong, boerewors, braais, sport and drunken singalongs. With Pik, the Brits kicked back hard!

Here’s another one.

And one more kick in the teeth.

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  1. Tdww says:

    Alas, Harry Enfield isn’t the first. The Brits have been poking fun at us since the 80’s. Look up Splitting Image “Never met a nice South African”. Of course this was at the height of apartheid. Another sketch show on the BBC last year was Little Miss Jocelyn, a black comedienne, who has a sketch about a white South African kugel living in the predominantly black Brixton. The sketch revolves around her walking up to unsuspecting members of the Afro-Carribean community and asking them to clean up her garden. Ha ha, indeed.

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  2. Carl Bottcher. says:

    Pik is another funny character from the comedic duo.
    Hardly “kicking back” though as you put it, the Brits poke fun at anyone and anything. They have done so for ages.
    Its a bit cheeky in places I’ll give you that but they can laugh at themselves and others. SA folk need to laugh at each other as well.
    As far as a “kick in the teeth” goes I’m not so sure, stereotypical humour on a safe stereotype more like it.
    The Brits are quite tame and PC though, if you want some more risky humour I recomend Trevor Noah in SA and the hilarious Dave Chapelle in the States to name a few. I don’t think they use their jokes as weapons.
    Its just funny!

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