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Pay Your 30 Rond and Take Your Chances

Pay Your 30 Rond and Take Your Chances

by Creepy Steve, images by Kevin Goss-Ross / 24.06.2010

On the first truly clear and chilly winter’s day in Durban, Youth Day, June 16th, the Umbilo Congella Sports Club Hall witnessed the staging of the third All Ages monthly artfag platform, that brings together live bands, musicians, DJ’s, visual arts through film and live illustration workshops, in a humble yet impressive manner. Not forgetting the merch stalls and beer. No false claims of dancing girls and elephant rides here. Not only to say that the event is encouraging inter-generational exchange (some parents being brave enough to bring their children with, others dropping off teens), as a sign of their “all inclusive” policy there are no “rights of admission reserved” signs here. You pay your 30 Rond and you take your chances. Thankfully the drunk punks didn’t interfere with the kids, but rather compared snotty noses and pissed pants.

From its beginnings as an open mic gig, the event has progressed to take on the form of a day festival and the participatory attitude has remained.
This was the first time the event was to be joined by Sketchywars and I am personally baffled by the continued successes this artist’s collaboration has seen, when it is common knowledge the organizer Warren Raysdorf couldn’t arrange a hand job in a brothel. All in all, at the end there were about 6 x 1.5m square boards illustrated to the hilt. Names need not be mentioned in order to protect the innocent, you know who you are, emerging independent young artists.

One of Umbilo’s finest Skollie new addition to the Vendor’s clan took his solo guitar and ukelele act to the stage first around 12, the sound in the hall like the day outside was crisp, even though it came through a pick-up in the tiny guitar. The proceedings took a folky turn as Arlyn Cullwick serenaded the room with his unique eunich fallsetto acoustic guitar set. Multi-talented male model and musician Miles Sieveright followed suit. It really set a beautiful tone to the warming afternoon, which darlings of the Durban hardcore scene, Go Go Bronco proceeded to tear apart, inbetween live acts DJ Creepy Steve, me, and Mudbox Mike had more heads bopping than National Autistic Pride Day. What was turning in to marvelous almost incident free day was marred by Loopy’s arrival. The tranquilised rhino; the sweating, grunting like Martina Navratilova stage hog; the unfortunate matching of the South Coast Squatters, a superb ska/punk band, with a vocalist that cannot sing. It has been rumoured that she can sour milk and make children cry with a single note. It’s such a shame to see such potential talent being misled.

Another surprise success story Fruits and Veg survived their fanpark “Umlazi to Umbilo” Congella AA3 tour, this motley grouping of hobos; the first princess of Yellowoodpark, poor Spice, Loopy and new members, they’re going all the way to the top, dispelling the rumours surrounding the retarded domestic infighting they are renowned for. Too bad they have been together for years yet haven’t managed to release any material. Last of the incestuous Durban scene eventually before it was time for real musicans to take the stage was the Car Boot Vendors notorious queens of on stage domestics and teenage angst, which they’ve recently addressed with a new line up which features Skollie on bass+uke, again, and Justin the drummer also a Squatter joining the beard. The Vendors had the crowd convulsing like epileptics on speed. Look out for newly released EP Home-is-Home on Right Hand Records. Black Hitler held it down for heads with a taste for some serious hip-hop.

This made way for the bands that actually know what they doing. Luminati played a great set of rock/jazz and hip hop. Followed by The Otherwise who are about to release their debut album. Inbetween these acts, in keeping with the all ages theme, local film makers were allowed to share their snuff films with the public. Look out for The Eye In The Sun on Youtube.

Last but not least was Manuvah to Land who further drove home the point that the amateur convention, poephol parade was over. With some smooth reggae and a cover of the Talking Heads “Psycho Killer”, these boys from Toti can rock any party.

Thereafter well at least the organisers made good on their promise of the footy on the projector. Umbilo had celebrated the Youth Day and mourned the soccer in the evening with the rest of the country.

All images © Kevin Goss-Ross

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  1. Lizzy says:

    luckily no mention of the incident in the grass near the children’s play equipment! apart from which it was a seriously rocking little event 🙂

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  2. Andy says:

    Lizzy… what happened?

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  3. Lizzy says:

    he he, Katja pooed on the grass in front of everyone. very happily. but she is 2 so its probably ok!

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  4. Andy says:

    That’s acceptable… and I think creepy mentions it

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  5. Andy says:

    here “compared snotty noses and pissed pants” – kinda

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  6. PACHANGA says:


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  7. Sarah Dee says:

    Hey, that’s my dog!

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  8. creepy steve says:

    jesus caught up on some much needed beauty sleep, umbilo can really take it out of a boy

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  9. Sketch Warz says:

    Yeah man, cool shots! All the ous, good times…. pity for the kuk Bafana game later that night!

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  10. Ineke says:

    Very Excited that Mango groove will be perfmroing. Always loved their music, but never got to see them live, was too young when they were big. Soooooo Excited!

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