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Paul Ward

Paul Ward Who?

by Roger Young / 13.01.2011

Paul Ward runs a social photography blog called Diary Of Ward. Mainly it documents his party life in Cape Town. He was also one of the photographers on the M-Net reality show Sharp Shooter where he made the final three. If you’ve been out in Cape Town over the last year, chances are you’ve seen him and his gang at at party wearing their I AM PAUL WARD t-shirts that make them look like they’ve watched the “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go” video one too many times. The photography on Diary Of Ward is a few notches above most other social photography blogs but, once you’ve seen him out, you can’t help but wonder what Paul Ward is actually after and the moment you do that you have to concede that his strategy is working.

Mahala: So, you’re aware that a lot of people think you’re a massive douche?

Paul Ward: Yeah, I’m aware that some people are very much against Paul Ward, but I don’t know, it’s probably people that don’t actually speak to me but they see my t-shirt or they see my hat or whatever. Once people talk to me and I explain that it’s like a brand, a trade persona, it’s not necessarily my personal persona… But when your name is your brand, I don’t know, it’s not the same thing. I’m not going out there promoting myself, it’s my creative persona and a lot of people are loving it.

So then what is Paul Ward? Where does Paul Ward the person end and where does Paul Ward the photographer begin?

It’s obviously not my birth name, I would never wear my own name on t-shirt. So when I go out as Paul Ward that’s when I’ve got camera in hand, I’m interacting and capturing people. I’m still the same person, my personality doesn’t change, I don’t become arrogant. But when I’m wearing my shirt and stuff and I’m out there, I’m trying to interact with people, I’m trying to socialize and maybe I wouldn’t be as confident if I was just myself. At least if they’re hating you, they’re talking to you and they’re looking at you and making some sort of comment.

You studied marketing, right?

Brands and Communication.

And you didn’t study photography?

I did photography in high school. I excelled at it. Got 100% for my final matric exhibition and I loved photography. It was always my biggest passion. Out of school, I wanted to get a degree, wanted to learn something more than a craft, something that could help a craft. Advertising seemed like the right way to go. Then once I had my degree, it was basically my gap year to try and see what I could do with photography, to see if it was for me. For the first time in my life I could actually just give everything to photography. I shot a lot of other stuff and then got the Sharp Shooter request in early 2010.

Paul Ward

So how did that come about?

I literally got phoned 7’oclock on a Friday morning and Sunday morning I was flying up to Jobrug. I started Monday. Somebody dropped out so I was the last person to get called. I never went to an interview or anything. Someone sent them a link to my site. I probably wasn’t ready for it, but no one really was.

Back to the idea of what you are doing with Paul Ward. Is It more of a marketing exercise than a photographic exercise? I mean, it’s a diary, you’re not making art with every picture.

Yeah, maybe in a broader sense, I’m documenting a time in Cape Town. I think because I’m showing so many photographs, this is more for everyone to share. It is going to change slightly and already in February I’ve got an exhibition which is just “by Ward” linked with the Design Indaba. So although it is like a popular thing where people are going to look at themselves, I do think there is an art aspect to it and you’ll see when it evolves this year, like there will be art sessions and there’ll be broader photographic sessions, like it is now. But I think the overarching look and feel is quite arty.

Well look, it’s not thunda.com

It’s not thunda, it’s not we-are-awesome.

How has Diary Of Ward influenced you getting advertising work and other work?

Marketing wise Diary Of Ward has got me a lot of exposure. I don’t think the big dogs go to Diary Of Ward, but A lot of young creatives have noticed me and a lot of stylists and young models who get small jobs and they want a photographer. Maybe it’s because I’m cool, but its got me some cool, small jobs. It hasn’t got me any big jobs, although some brands pay me now to go to parties and shoot. I make more money off that than anything else.

The aesthetic at the moment is quite 80s. Your shirts remind me of Frankie goes to Hollywood. How much do you think that that aesthetic influences what you choose to shoot?

I have my own personal style. Because of how I dress and where I go, you say it’s 80s, but a lot of people on the scene see me as like a jock or this arrogant douche cause I don’t wear skinny jeans and stuff and then they hate me. But when they speak to me and realise who I am, it surprises them and then they are almost more easily accepting of what I’m doing.

So who are your biggest heroes? Who are the photographers you look up to?

From a young age, Warwick Saint just because he is also South African born and I saw his work and I found out the story behind him when I started getting into photography. He shoots all the cool brands and a lot of nice celebrities so I’ve followed him for a long time. Cobra Snake is another; as a party photographer and for creating a brand. Something similar to Paul Ward in turns of personality is like Terry Richardson like, how people hate him. I don’t know if he’s good or not but people want his name behind their shot so I aspire to him in that sense, as a brand.

When you make an artistic decision how much does your marketing head get in the way of that?

I don’t think it gets in the way. I was never an artist, I was always more commercial. Photography is my medium but I consider myself a creator above a photographer. I can do many things.

Paul Ward

A lot of people go around wearing the Paul Ward cap, like Paul Ward groupies.

We call them Wardens.

And you don’t take all the pictures?

No. I set everything up and I’m the one that selects all the photos at the end of the day and posts them, but often my friends, only certain friends, mainly my one close mate, he knows how to shoot like Paul Ward. And it wasn’t so in the beginning but like after the last two months I can’t actually tell the difference.

So they’re just like groupies. What does that mean?

None of the guys that wear the shirts are groupies, they are all my close mates. Like if I do a creative project with someone them I give it to them and the whole point of I Am Paul Ward is like when I work with someone in a sense they become a part of me. Giving them a T-shirt means that they have somehow affected me and that they are part of Paul Ward.

So did everyone on Sharp Shooter get a Paul Ward Tshirt?

No, they are very select. At the moment it is just close people that have affected me personally.

On Sharp Shooter, you seemed to know the least but you always seemed to go like, fuck it I can do this. That seems to be your attitude. How much do you think that attitude over your technical ability got you into the final three?

The thing about Sharp Shooter is every week is a different type of photography like there were these guys that were amazing at wedding photography but they get thrown into journalism and they don’t know how to shoot that stuff. So I think the fact that almost every task was like this scary new thing for me, helped. The other guys were comfortable in the first few weeks and then they get thrown into something that weren’t used to and they get flustered. With me, whether it was shooting cars or underwater, it doesn’t matter, it’s just shooting. I was just worried about getting a nice shot. Sharp Shooter wasn’t like this hectic photography competition, there were like a lot of other things that made it intense. I don’t think the photography was too technically hectic.

If you had to choose between photography and marketing, if someone came to you and said we want to hire you to do marketing but we are going to hire another photographer.

No, that’s not me. I’ll step away from that. I’m a photographer if you buy me as a creative. I wouldn’t be a brand strategist for a campaign. If they want to create a Paul Ward thing then that’s ok, but I’m not a marketer as such.

So for you the process is more about the making than the marketing?

I’m quite fixed on marketing myself hoping that it will lead the better things. But I’m not going to be a 45 year old going to parties and shooting Diary Of Ward. It’s a fun, nice thing to do now when I’m young and I’m going to parties and hopefully make some money while I’m still struggling to become famous.

Do you shoot Diary Of Ward every weekend?

I basically stopped drinking for three months and I said let’s take a camera out because it’ll give me something to do while everyone gets drunk. Then I started taking photos and I was really loving what I was getting. It was never an idea that I’m going to start a photo blog, I never saw a niche in the market, it just happened. The main thing is it’s my diary so it’s what Paul Ward wants to do. So if it’s on the diary it’s things that I think are cool.

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  1. Claire says:

    Awesome interview dude! There are too many different opinions in the world so you will never get everyone to dig your vibes but as long as you doing what you love that is all that counts!!
    Your work is an inspiration!

    Cant wait to see your stuff at Design Indaba!

    Huge respect!!!!

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  2. Dago says:

    Can’t believe that you didn’t ask him about that hairstyle?

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  3. forest whitaker's lazy eye says:

    Used to be that if someone spoke of themselves in the third person, then they immediately qualified for douchedom. Now folks would have you believe that if they are marketing themselves as a “brand” that this no longer applies. I think not.

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  4. PAUL WARD says:

    Claire thanks very much for the comment!!!

    Ya aslong as I’m enjoying what I’m making, then I’m happy.
    “create & inspire”, even if I’m only inspiring myself at least I’m
    keeping me going… 🙂

    But ya I’m part of a big exhibition project running along side
    the design indaba, not at the design indaba as such, but you’ll
    hear lots about it soon, some very cool people are involved.

    Thanks again*

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  5. Jason says:

    Gotta give this oke a nod for trying – he’s on here which means it’s working.

    Sharp Shooter – can’t say anything nice about that.

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  6. P says:

    That’s depressing.

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  7. Lizzy says:

    went to look at the website. the photography is pretty good, but would be interested to see pictures that are not paul ward’s nightlife. i get the feeling that substance is somewhat lacking. maybe time will develop that aspect, however, i remain sceptical.

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  8. Anonymous says:

    No itegrity.
    Just fashion and trend and branding and marketing and st5upid hats and plastic girls and jock guys.
    He admits when he’s got his camera, he’s the ‘persona’ paul ward. Artists that require personas are trying to cover something up. It’s a social documentary site. There is no soul. Not one of the photos would move me emotionally, unless I was subjectively relating to the party the night before.

    He’s marketing himself as a product, and good for him. But as someone who might consider myself an artist, one day, I take offense by any association with his creative output. Branded clothing, caps, stamps, it’s about being seen and not in the good way.
    It IS thunder.com, it IS we are awesome. But with higher resolution uploads and a fancier camera.

    “Maybe it’s because I’m cool”.
    Uh huh.

    Also if you’re going to be a love / hate ‘personality’ then you should at least be polarizing in your appeal, not a luke warm, average safe target market jock.

    It’s your attitude that speaks first, and your creative output comes way after that. It’s become about you and not your role as the organic bit behind the camera that goes ‘click’.

    ‘I was never an artist. I consider myself a creator’.
    Uh huh.

    If after 2 months you cant even define your own pictures when someone else takes them… ugh.

    Listen, I guess the point is one paul ward wouldn’t argue: he is a product. He creativity has no integrity. He will probably make much more money than people who are at all concerned with art.

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  9. Anonymous says:

    put it like this: you got this interview cause of the Tshirts, not the photos.

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  10. albert says:

    whatever, atleast this guy is honest about himself and his intentions, unlike alot of cape town’s ultra-rad, 90’s throwback, trust-funding, tit-flashing, nouveau-poor, boring hipster set

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  11. Claire says:

    @Anonymous –
    “Artists that require personas are trying to cover something up”

    Dude your name is Anonymous?

    And honestly, if you dont dig it that much why do you even spend your time putting up a comment that has no constructive criticism! Good for you for having a strong opinion but rather go put that energy into your “art” and maybe one day you will have an interview too where people discuss your work – just an idea!

    If its not for you then fine – but really dude, why the hate?

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  12. HGH says:

    Good answers guy. Haters gonna hate. Just keep doing whatever it is that you do 🙂

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  13. Anonymous says:

    Claire, is this my art, that I need to sign it?
    It’s a stupid message board.
    ANd really, it’s takes someone special to argue an annonymous tag is a persona.

    And the hate is important. Everyone cant be a smiley glad hand or our creative output wont evolve. art trend are only exciting when you catch them on a cusp, but all of this work falls into the same old and seen it before, plastic bland category.
    And people NEED to be cfritical of art, just as we need to be critical of bad music.
    Paul Ward is the Kei$ha of the photography world.

    and as for the work hard comment: i have international representation, and most of my monthly income is earned in euros, where i also have a bit of a profile and get interviewed now and then too, gasp.

    And albert: paul ward is every one of those things you described. just cause he’s honest about it doesn’t make his work any better or attitude suddenly bearable.
    ‘Hey man, we really bonded there, now these are only for a special chosen few here, but i feel we really made a connection. Here, have a Tshirt’.

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  14. Anonymous says:

    in the first picture, from right to left:
    Paul Ward, two hot bitches and their mom.

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  15. Anonymous says:

    i think the problem I’d have with Paul Ward is that on reading he has no soul or integrity in his work, his thought process would be ‘Well, maybe I should take more more obscure photos with lens flares, or one of an african child weeping’.

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  16. forest whitaker's lazy eye says:

    Careful with that caps lock there Paul. Do you only shout out your name, just like your photos?

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  17. Jason says:

    Looks like a young Rocky Balboa before he gets moered proper.

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  18. Bruce Springsteen says:

    So, Paul, you are a king.
    Mahala, nice first question, lank professional. Talk about taking an optimistic standpoint on Cape Town creatives.
    Paul, good going. Stick it to the man.

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  19. I am paul. Word. says:

    “Once people talk to me and I explain that it’s like a brand, a trade persona, it’s not necessarily my personal persona… But when your name is your brand, I don’t know, it’s not the same thing. I’m not going out there promoting myself, it’s my creative persona and a lot of people are loving it.”

    Well, mr ward, why should certain qualities be ok for a brand, but not a person? Is it ok for a brand to be a douche, but not a person? And also how can you seperate the two in your case? That’s like Hitler saying, “Dont judge me on the basis of my Nazi-ism”. While i’m by no means suggesting you’re some sort of fascist, what I am saying is how can you separate out the way that Paul Ward The Brand and Paul Ward The Man interact, behave, are percieved etc if they are one in the same and the former is borne of the latter?

    Secondly, assuming there is tangible difference (above that which is percieved), why do you think it’s OK to have a “brand” that is unlikeable or seen as ‘douchey’ just because of the implication that underneath it all youre just a nice guy trying to build something beautiful? Sounds like shady business acumen to me. Richard branson is Virgin because he puts himself out there and claims it. Paul Ward is Paul Ward because, hey You Are Paul Ward. Did you ever consider that you’re your so called Brand’s worst enemy? Does it not bother you that you may be damaging your brand?

    Also, did you ever consider that people just find your whole schtick a bit faggy and lame? Justify it as you may with talk of brands and marketing strategy…. The matching caps n tees. The matching warpaint on the face. The shameless setting up of shots (Ive seen it with my own eyes) and constructed spontaneity…. in a realm and a scene where all everyone is worrying about is whether or not they are cool enough… did it ever occur to you that Paul Ward is simply un-bladdy-cool?

    Lastly, may I say that I find your photography creepy. It/s like you’re spying on a scene you’re not a part of (and, if you were perhaps a bit older or smarter would realise there’s no merit in being apart of anyway). Has a kind of Hipster Peeping Tom vibe to it. Creeeepazoid!

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  20. Anonymous says:

    Guys maybe it’s cause he’s cool.
    Didn’t you hear?

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  21. info says:



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  22. the brand manager says:

    i do think some credit should be given to the midget minion who takes all the photographs. yes, yes, last friday. “here little guy, take my camera while i get shamefully pissed. i’ll just slap my “logo” on them later. you know, after i’ve finished batching the shots with the identical filter.”. but i guess we can’t blame him for needing his rest – douching can be very hard work indeed.

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  23. Anonymous says:


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  24. the brand manager says:

    “These photographs were taken with the brand in mind, but they are not commissioned by, nor used by these brand.” yes, i assumed as much.

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  25. creepy steve says:

    hey dude how’s a shirt ?

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  26. blab says:

    So, you’re aware that a lot of people think you’re a massive douche? because of how I dress and where I go, you say it’s 80s, but a lot of people on the scene see me as like a jock or this arrogant douche cause I don’t wear skinny jeans and stuff and then they hate me used to be that if someone spoke of themselves in the third person, then they immediately qualified for douchedom is it ok for a brand to be a douche, but not a person? why do you think it’s OK to have a “brand” that is unlikeable or seen as ‘douchey’ just because of the implication that underneath it all youre just a nice guy trying to build something beautiful?

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  27. Sibongile says:

    Ai ! I thought you were the short coloured homosexual that follows his master around with a camera.

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  28. Dbag says:


    Party photography dies:2007

    Paul Ward: bringing you boring, tackless, masturbatory, old trends since 2011

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  29. EGOR says:

    Lense for master. Egor must find a lense for master.

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  30. Somnambulist says:

    People are primarily hating on Terry Richardson because he’s alleged to be sexually inappropriate, to the point of sexual abuse, with the women he’s photographing. To say you aspire to be on par with him is so fucking asinine it’s mind boggling.

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  31. Style says:

    Whether or not you like Paul’s photography or think he is cool, you have to admit he is doing his own fucking thing and sticking to it.

    It may not be your ideal style but you don’t have to attack his personality, as you don’t seem to have any or you wouldn’t comment as “Anonymous”.

    If you don’t like his site, don’t visit it.
    And thats fine because there are 125 000 hits proving a lot of people do.

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  32. albert says:

    Crabs in a bucket eh

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  33. Patient says:

    This guy knows how to mix business with pleasure. Everyone wants a WARD profile picture. and those that have one think the are and often are cool individuals.

    Anonymous: cry me a river, why don’t you put your money where your mouth is and paste a link to your work below, I’m dieing to see what a creative persons work actually looks like

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  34. MMK says:

    There seems to be a lot of jealousy out there. I love the ‘in your face’ arritude. Will get you anywhere and everywhere!

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  35. Patient says:


    “No itegrity”
    “And people NEED to be cfritical of art, just as we need to be critical of bad music.”

    Uh huh

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  36. Woe & Behold says:

    Funny how people take to the anonymity, treat it like a license to be a twat.

    Grow up, you spineless brats. I think I liked it more when the page was printed and your spiteful little taunts passed unknown.

    So the guy takes pics, he’s mining a seam of marketing. Good on him, I say.

    He’s the one with the article, you’re the ones with insignificant black & white bitching.

    Paul Ward 1
    Sarky laaities 0

    p.s.@I.am.paul.Word: Branson? Everything Branson ever did or made was through shady-as-fuck maneuvres. You think he’s a hero of marketing? He’s a lecherous ponce who takes scam to another level through cold manipulation. Read the (un)authorised biography, shiteyes.

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  37. wok says:

    this owe is a fucken tool

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  38. Ryan says:

    well done pauly! you are making all the ppl that actually know you proud..
    trolls on these sort sites will always hate just for the sake of hating…. just some kak “artist” who wanks too much cause they have nothing better to do!
    keep it up boy!

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  39. rob says:

    Some of you need a long country walk, an asprin, a dry martini and some time to yourself

    You are reading way too much into this. Paul’s taking photos of the city knows and finding a way to get to know the people in it.

    He’s created a platform to do it with Paul Ward because a personal life is just that – personal. I shudder to think what it would’ve been like if he’d put himself out there in front of you people with no identity.

    Didnt your mommy ever teach you that if you dont have anything constructive to say just keep quiet.

    Mahala – You managed find two of the least interesting photos in a blog filled with 100s of good ones. nice one. This article is written to inspire negativity and manages to slither past any positive characteristics of Wards’ experiment. Roger Young will be a wonderful South African journalist when he grows up.

    You are a coward and i wish you a year of severe dihorrea and misfortune. Your body is wasted with your soul.

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  40. Style says:

    @ Rob.

    Very true. Mahala is known for writing articles that tempt assholes to write rude comments. This article on Paul is a perfect example of this.

    They did not show any of Pauls amazing photography work. Bad Mahala!

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  41. Luke D says:

    To Rob and Style:

    They linked the readers to his photo blog.
    What more do you want?

    It’s up to Paul, to show his ‘amazing photography work’ – that’s not Mahala’s responsibility.

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  42. Kate says:

    It is true that Mahala is guilty of posting articles born from a mocking negativity. While he is certainly a culprit, it is not wholly Roger Young’s fault, it is probably the tone of this site that steers him in that direction.

    While I don’t know Paul personally, I can honestly say that I have trailed his site a number of times. The photos he takes are interesting, not as contrived as they seem and if you’re crying about Paul Ward in this measly comment section on an article you didn’t HAVE to read if you hate him so much, I can guarantee that you have probably wanked to more than one of the hot hipster bitches on his site. And probably more than once.

    Either that or you’re crying and bitching because your acne/backne/huge face means he WON’T take a photo of you. In which case, spending all your time bitching on here is not helping you get better looking so you can actually be in a photo. You should probably get some sun/medication/better genes for that acne and stop hitting that 24 hour McDonald’s religiously.

    Lastly, it should be an automatic rule on this site that posting under ‘Anonymous’ shouldnt be allowed.

    Although the who would post a comment right?

    Yeah, thought so.

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  43. Anonymous says:

    GQ’s commentary of Dairy of Ward…

    dont click the link if you a hater


    nicely done Mr Ward

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  44. Lover says:

    I just saw the GQ right up!
    GO WARD!

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  45. Paul Ward Disco Dives on Dicks! says:

    Paul Ward Disco Dives on Dicks and comes back for more every week

    May all the self congratulatory Paul Ward defenders that hate the haters go and have a large can of shut the fuck-up for being pent up little genital warts – the very itchy rancid kind

    Will you lily white shite ever learn that we can all be heard – just say what you have to say and stop attacking other people for fucksakes
    Or maybe your picture is on his blog and you are so terribly afraid of being exposed as the vulnerable needy little fuckers you actually are , I AM PAUL WARD is like a secret valium for your soul.

    If Paul Ward is that good he will weather this storm and come out with the rainbows , shining.

    Or a lighting bolt will strike him dead.
    Or a lighting bolt will strike him dead.


    (’cause da big G.O.D she rolls like dat)

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  46. Dee R says:

    Was psyched this dude was gonna be SA’s own MR. BRAINWASH.


    He has the makings of one. The Paul Ward persona, could have been so intriguing, but alas, he’s being all the way through sincere. First rule of being an artist this side of the millennium is to curb sincerity and toy with identity. I actually don’t understand how he could be employing a persona and not be doing this. This seems 50% complete.

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  47. Kate says:

    @ Paul Ward Disco Dives on Dicks!

    You are exactly the kind of person I was referring to.

    Point proven. (thanks).

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  48. Warden says:

    To be honest , I thought the whole Paul Ward thing was as retarded as jamming your tits off drunk on apple sourz with a thousand other lumo-sticker-faced idiots in Clifton tans and designer wife-beaters . But alas I met the guy and he seems genuine and passionate , which is all I really ask for .

    Converted .

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  49. putty says:

    paul, i salute you. i’ve seen how hard you work, how gentle and considerate you are, how much you have done for someone so young. never arrogant, always open to criticism, generous to a fault.

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  50. Kate Konichiwa says:

    @Kate – Who the fuck is Kate?
    That’s about as anonymous as anonymous you dumb fuck.
    Maybe put your full name and address then we’ll know who “Kate” actually is.
    Oh wait I can call myself John and in Kates fragile and narrow mind I will no longer be anonymous
    Kate our dearest reader , we love you baby – But please stop walking into trees

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  51. Dom says:

    I think what Mahala is seeking to subtly highlight is the Paul Ward Machine’s artless/heartless pursuit of attention & greed. Paul did plainly say that is what this whole thing is about.
    He’s just a corporate gang-banger albeit still in the junior leagues and why do we want that prick sullying our precious jol time with his lecherous lens.
    He’s not an artist , He’s just a pimp aiming for the bright lights
    Do we want to be one of his whore’s?

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  52. Kate Konichiwa says:

    Didn’t mean that.

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  53. Stuart Andrew Ziegler says:

    Dear people on their computers- not outside or in the sea.

    It is sad when an expression of source is criticized for being creative.

    Remember- we are made from the same star-dust. One Blood.

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  54. charl says:

    wow, such diverging opinions.

    to the haters, stop being jealous, it’s a simple idea, and it’s worked thus far, and you never thought of it! or maybe you did, but you never had the charisma to follow through with it, the personality to walk up to a complete stranger and ask them to stand for your camera.

    to the lovers, yes it’s become something like a paparazzi to Hollywood fairytale story, and it’s nice to imagine it could happen to anyone, but really this is such a lame thing to do, why would you want to be doing it. if you look overseas somewhere you will probably find that there is a similar site with a similar idea which Paul Ward is mimicking.

    is it really cool?

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  55. Jess says:

    Ive never met this guy or seen him out (JHB based) but on review of his site it seams
    quite beautiful, cant really see what all the fuss is about? So he wears his name
    on his t-shirt? who cares, and why do you guys care so much?

    His photos are nice, they not gonna change my view on the world, or make
    me feel some intense emotion, but I think its clear that they aren’t supposed
    to either? But they interesting to browse through, and he is capturing something
    I haven’t seen anywhere else…

    Keep it up, come to JHB…

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  56. Neutral says:

    diary of ward might be lame, but the fact that you care so much
    to tune some thing which you think is lame, means he must be doing
    something right

    im undecided on the topic but paul if people are hating on you so passionately
    i say keep it, atleast you creating something and gettin it out there, not just
    anonymously criticizing others

    keep the taking photos haters will hate no matter what

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  57. Hater Hater says:

    @All The Haters

    Im not sure if you realize this but the more you comment the more you
    criticize the more people are gonna discuss this the more exposure
    you are going to give him, you are just fueling his success…

    maybe you should focus more on creating and less on hating,
    and one day people might even care enough to hate on you

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  58. Oh So very serious so many are says:

    If we hate who cares – We just voicing our opinions
    As Paul Ward is
    If we give him more publicity who cares
    It aint gona stop the world spinning or oil burning or sun shinning

    Stop being so flagrantly fragile – just voice your opinion

    If mahala is to much for your genteel souls go read the diary of Paul Ward or some other “happy” web site.
    Its all good we can each choose to love or hate …. At the same time
    Eirie Mon

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  59. Skeleton Boy says:

    Do any of you pathetic motherfuckers have any lives whatsoever other than to take stabs at a stranger without prevail? Diary of Ward is sooo douchebag, uncreative and out-dated which is obviously why it’s not working for him because nobody likes making lots of bucks, getting zie bitches and most importantly EXPOSURE (no such thing as bad)
    Oh no, we should all remain a bunch of negative bastards with no ambition or aspiration in life whatsoever.

    Paulie is a good, solid, level headed guy who has experience as Creative Directing as well as Art Direction, including some exhibits.
    So what if he’s a brand, it’s a fucking good idea in my opinion as noted above. Seems this thread is nothing more than a bunch of his jealous,fellow Cape Town creatives who’ve lost the game at competing in the scene.

    @ “Euro earning” Anonymous,
    Fuck you’re so cool!
    oh my soul! You creative you, you make us so proud with your lameass fuck comments and your would be competitive streak. I suppose all this coverage is making you fume since your escapades aren’t earning you the same amount of popularity as before? It’s people like you that give the creatives of Cape town that so called “douchebag persona”.
    so in future, please be so kind as to not overshadow Paul Ward when you sit crying in the corner.

    P.S. I’ve taken the liberty of buying you some tampons (you seemed to be bitching excessively) , please be kind enough to share it with “Brand manager” and “Paul.word” along with their homosexual innuendo’s, low class jabs, and idiot logic, which hold far too little evidence concerning matters in which all of you are absolutely clueless about.

    It takes a douche to know a douche.

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  60. Anonymous says:

    ^ this guy hehe

    who the fuck says someone is “solid”

    log off my mans

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  61. short coloured homosexual says:

    @sibongile, come say Hi tonight at EVOL

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  62. Im gonna get you says:

    This site is so biased what the eff? Talk about leading the interview. Its retarded.
    People are definitely entitled to their opinions but why not just attack Pauls creativity (which is what you’re allowed to critic) instead of his character and his friends. His sight may be thunda, or we-are-awesome or whatever but what theres no doubting that it depicts exactly what the party scene in cape town is like. Without any words I can go on there and figure out exactly what happened last night.
    Paul is a great guy, very down to earth and rather shy. He is far from a douche. His friends support him thats why they wear his t-shirts and caps you losers.
    By the way to the fucker who insulted Pauls best friend I am gonna find you and knock you out loser!

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  63. Narcissism at best says:

    His biggest mistake was using a name as his brand. If he chose something like “Cancer Ward”(hypothetical) he would have little to no comment about him being a narcissistic, arrogant, you better know im paul ward, faggot.

    Even if paul ward isnt his real name, its too close to an actual name for the public to realise. We just see and rich boy with a camera his dad bought wearing a shirt “I AM A FAGGOT, RAPE MY FACE”

    Branding fail, everyone hates you except your groupies

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  64. Friend says:

    I bet no ones diary look as good as Pauls.

    I don’t think anyone can argue that Paul is a very creative being. Just look at his work beyond “diary”
    And judging by the response to this interview, 2011 might just be the year of Ward and I personally am looking forward to seeing him develop.

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  65. In Wonder says:

    I really do not GET all this vitriolic response to a name/brand, with little or no comment about the quality of Paul’s work, or about the work he does outside of his blog. Does it really matter what he calls his blog, and whether he uses his name or not? Is it his choice of name that has everyone so hating of him, or is it just that he has put himself out there and it is working for him?

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  66. Sean says:

    I vaguely know Paul. I went to primary school with him many years back and used to see him around Cape Town in the years following. I haven’t lived in Cape Town for nearly 4 years now so to see that he has become this talked about phenomenon in a scene I’d have never pinned him in is a strange thing.. But I’d have to say fair play to him.

    Listen. One thing I have noticed about Cape Town in the years since I have left is that a massive movement has started within the city where it has become “cool” to associate yourself in certain circles. I guess it has a lot to do with where people are studying and the ever growing effect European and American culture is having on the white middle class youth. I just think, in many cases, what is happening in Cape Town doesn’t exsist organically, but rather tries to mirror what is going on in cultures that exsist organically. The whole “hipster” scene (I don’t like the word because I could be considered one based on the definitions I read on this site) is out of place with South African and African identity and culture and I think that’s why a lot of people are critical of it and it fails to resonate.

    Perhaps instead of people in Cape Town looking up to what kids are doing in London and New York they should use the tools they have been given to do what Paul is doing. His photography is somewhat unoriginal but his style and the way he has chosen to market what he is doing stands out… So he may wear his name on his hat but at least that breaks him from the shackles of being just another guy sweating his ass off in the summer heat in skinny jeans and a leather jacket?

    South Africa, by nature of its past, is a negative place. People struggle to compliment and laud their own, its as if we want to pick everything apart and find the deeper meaning to peoples motives. It’s refreshing to see someone in a scene full of unoriginality truely stand out and make it against all the odds. We should applaud that, not sacrifice it!

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  67. Kiff guy kiff girl says:

    i think he’s kifff!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  68. Patient says:

    OH MY WARD… Mr WARD hits back with a bang


    Maybe its true, 2011 the year of the WARD…
    A special mention must be given to the unsung heroes i.e. The HATERS, for all their support by SPREADING THE WARD and contributing to his success. far too kind

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  69. Anonymous says:

    Art is an ideal.
    It trumps popularity, being a nice person and any of that other bullshit.
    Paul masquerades as an artist. And for this, we should burn his effigies on a pyre.
    The defenders of paul ward are coming from the herds of trendies fags who use his pictures for their facebook profiles.
    the haters are coming from people with a sense of taste or obligation to a greater ideal.

    (PS: forgive me spelling, I dont run a spellcheck, which apparently means, according to previous comments, that my opinion on integrity is less valid).

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  70. Anonymous says:

    what i’m saying is this argument is moot cause anyone with a valid opinion on what contitutes creative integrity is being shot down by vest wearing jock mentality trendy scenesters.
    IE: Paul Wards target market.

    And I feel people should stand up and say something, incase by popular belief this is considered the creative benchmark of our city / country / society.

    Its not jealousy, cause I’m not sure exactly which market paul is monopolising by taking pictures of people drinking and desperately trying to make sure they look cool doing it. I mean, apparently it gives him the opportunity to get paid to take photos at some parties?
    I’m not even a photographer mang.

    I know we got some shit hot quality ones in CT though. Paul could have been like, top photographer for thumder.com in the WHOLE CT city if his own blog hadn’t gained some interest. Just think, missed opportunities!

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  71. Anonymous says:

    Also, in case all you fans of ward forgot: for all his AWESOME marketing skills (‘Right guys, check it, got this idea: I’m going to print shirts, WITH MY NAME ON THEM. And thats not all, WE’RE DOING HATS TOO!’ ‘PAUL! YOU’RE BRILLIANT!’) – that little tv program that aired nationally might have something to do with his public profile too.
    Not that I want to take anything away from the amazing ouitside of the box approach to marketing he has going on there.

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  72. Anonymous says:

    I really dont think diaryofward has anything to do with making of art,
    I’m sure Paul would agree with me here, he seams to simply just be
    documenting his nights out, not very original in concept as previously
    mentioned, but the photographs are certainly aesthetically pleasing.

    It seams to me, that the main problem most of the “haters” have on
    Paul is that people like him, and lots people like him. you make up
    false illusions of an artist trying to force his way into a “scene”, yet
    no where does he claiming such things.

    It is sad when jealousy is caused by anothers success.
    maybe if more time was spent creating and less time
    spent criticizing others, you to would gain the success you obviously
    so dearly desire.

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  73. Patient says:

    Apparently Anonymous is an overweight chick that has no friends, or well atleast no friends she can trust. Next time you are at Evol, take the time out to meet the WARD and his minions – the midget minion coloured homosexual is actually quite a nice guy.

    what you say is true “It is sad when jealousy is caused by anothers success”. glad to hear you actually practice what you preach. you invest so much time on hating the WARD, how about investing some time on proving to everyone why your opinion is valid. or otherwise this practice is merely causing premature arthritis.

    and by the way “Anonymous” just wouldnt look right on a vest

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  74. naai says:

    this dude is still a douche.

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  75. naaice says:

    love him or hate him, he’s separated himself in a saturated market,
    and he’s certainly better off for it…

    nicely done.

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  76. Michelangelo Antonioni says:

    “We know that under the image which is revealed,
    there is another one, more faithful to reality,
    and under this other one, there is yet another,
    and on it goes.
    Right up to the image of absolute reality,
    mysterious, that no one will ever see.”

    Michelangelo Antonioni

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  77. photographer says:

    nice concept, but show some restraint. its unnecessary to have 10 photos of the exact same thing or exact same people. capture a moment rather than contrive a bunch of moments. never met the ward but this is the only judgment i can pass of his work regardless of his perceived douchery. in this day in age when one can take 1000 photos in a night, regardless of who you are, there are bound to be some good ones…(especially when you have an awesome camera with ridiculously high iso levels that lets you take a high quality photo of anything at anytime) interested in seeing where it goes, i warn, stay away from the pretentious…

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  78. constant pursuit of cool says:

    paul ward is a fake ass motherfucker.

    fresh out of sharp shooter and tinroof he shamelessly threw himself into this ‘ultra rad, 90’s throwback’ scene because he thinks that is where the cool is at.

    this makes him a massive douche.

    there is no shame in promoting yourself or your brand but don’t sell yourself out in the process. any photographic skill he may have is being wasted in a pursuit of hipster fame.

    there is no art or creativity in taking pictures of your ‘friends’ at evol.

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  79. GOD says:

    This is the 81st post, obviously people care

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  80. Anonymous says:

    I’m sure this dude came to my agency and tried to be a photographic assistant?

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  81. yeahhh says:


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  82. OH MAN says:

    not for me, no thanks warty! you buggers can go wank yourselves. this guy needn’t be mentioned. why the hell are we paying him any attention? hes a juvenile scenester at the height of his scenery, set against his own “staged” reality in a kindergarten named evol. his efforts to find himself via I AM PAUL WARD (i am, am i?) is really just insecurity/disorientation in the world of memes. see, the “scene” is a place one resort to if you are so desperate to find yourself, you’ll take some (cum)shots for it – in the face. hence its a mutual understanding between people to exchange confirmations of who they are, dressed in the consumerist spectacle and laced with gimmicks claiming to be things they’re not. (of course they will defend him, he represents them!) All in all, POOR AND UNSATISFIED SOULS JERKING EACHOTHER DRY IN DESPERATE STYLE. NOT CREATIVE. UNIMAGINITIVE. UNINFORMED. CHILDISH. sometimes the little bitches need a little smack in the face when they use TEETH and seem PROUD of it, LIKE WARTY HERE.

    this pussy is NOWHERE, and it will become more evident in time and as these “kids” learn that to reproduce you need to fill the right hole.

    good luck ‘ol WARTY. hope you realise before facing unbearable embarrassment – even in the eyes of those who once sucked you so fondly. or before you gag to death – remember, even that hardly amuses anyone these days.

    shall we leave it at that?

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