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Oppikoppi | Feel that Buzzing?

by Nechama Brodie / 07.08.2011

Text #1, 14:22 – Finally in Northam. Got lost in Rustenburg (embarassing). Staying at grand game lodge called something or other. They’ve run out of rooms and want to know if Karen Zoid’s band can share with us. Feels very rock n roll. Have 4 red bulls chilling in the fridge, and a Woolies sarmie. I’ll be fine, right? With love, almost-at-the-koppie.

Text #2, 17:05 – Koppi proper. At the Cuervo deck for sunset. Koppi is brown. Not the audience, natch. Just the grass. Well, Comrade Sipho is here, but he’s a coconut not a grass. PS new cashcard system is brilliant.

Text #3, 18:04 – There is no loo roll in the media toilet. Send help, urgently. PS: just made bunny ears on Comrade Sipho while he was doing an interview. PPS my friend can’t find her eyeliner and we were wondering if we could borrow some of Christina Storm’s makeup?

Text #4, 18:23 – What are they doing? Lighting incense on a tinfoil hat. Yes. Oppikoppi!

Text #5, 19:42 – We want more. Sipho Hotstix Mabuse is 60. He’s singing Oppikoppi Jive. I just heard him perform Shikisa and Burn Out. The sound is… not what it should be. But this is more than remedied by the sight of 20-somethings dancing to the soundtrack of 20-something years ago. This is what Koppi is really about. I will return to cynical form later. Yours, etc.

Burn Out, Oppikoppi

Text #6, 20:24 – Bittereinder TEARING it up. Fuck! Amazing.

Reply #1, 20:25 – Keep drinking and texting.

Text #7, 20:26 – Will do.

Reply #2, 20:27 – Are you even drunk? New brief find and take shrooms.

Text #8, 20:29 – Fuckoff. On my 4th vodka. And had tequila and whiskey. I just handle well.

Reply #3, 20:30 – I’ll believe you when I see typos. Srsly shrooms.

Text #9, 20:48 – What drives a sleigh and rhymes with Bittereinder? Zeitgeist. I’m pretending that’s an in joke. But not really. Yours in Red Bull.

Text #10, 21:34 – Do you feel that buzzing? That’s the Red Bull stage at Koppi. Just seen a boy with a mic and a cap proving, yet again, that white people cannot dance. Now in the media area where a band that shall remain unnamed are talking about mushrooms. Is six grams a lot or a little when it comes to fungi? Yours, in the dark.

Reply #4, 21:37 – 2 grams should do it. Newbie.

Text #11, 21:38 – I am NOT taking shrooms, I am eavesdropping. Bugger off. xx


Text #12, 22:05 – Listening to Not My Dog while we line up for chipstix. Apparently these wondrous things are made from the flesh of a single potato. Damn I can never remember if that has an ‘e’ on the end. The chipstix look like Vodacom signal towers (pines not palms). The length of the queue indicates either a) they are very yummy or b) people at Koppi have low standards. I am going with b. Hold me gently I have just seen a boy eating a hotdoga chipstix. May not sleep tonight.

Text #13, 23:14 – Just saw Zakes Bantwini. I want to have his babies. Felakutitomfordspiderman. Best sound, best moves. As my colleague says: he sang a lot of songs about being hot. But, he is.

Text 14, 10:05 – Saturday at Koppi in numbers: 1 (number of times I was offered Zambuk); 37 (number of times I was asked for a light); 19 (average number of minutes you can expect to queue for chipstix). Sometimes I think Koppi is on a hill, because it helps the right stuff gain momentum. Last night Zakes Bantwini made magic on the skelm stage. People were on their cell phones, calling their friends who weren’t at Koppi, to tell them how awesome Zakes was. Everyone’s commenting that this year’s audience seems more chilled (although no less drunk). It’s also noticeably more integrated. The friend of my unknown brother is my friend. Today has a full schedule of amazing: Black Hotels, Michelle Shocked, Tumi, David Kramer, Lark, and Waddy Jones’ little band. Why aren’t you here?


*ALl images sourced from the Twitter-verse.

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