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Oh Brother

Oh Brother

by Mahala High Five Brigade / 07.03.2013

If you needed proof that South African radio is failing the nation and disappearing up it’s own ass (and taking us all along with it), look no further than Tumi, Youngsta and Reason’s track ‘What Have You Done, My Brother’, released and distributed for free in April last year. Hands down the most crucial joint to come out of the Red Bull Studio in 2012, and (as far as we can tell) almost entirely ignored by the radio. This song features three of South Africa’s most credible and respected emcees. Tumi is the undisputed heavyweight of South African hip hop, Youngsta was chosen to open for Lil Wayne and Reason is the next big thing, the song is a fresh slice of brilliance, catchy, relevant and rolled into a 3 minute hit format; and yet the prima donna cultural ‘tastemakers’ who decide what the nation gets to listen to at stations like Metro, 5FM, Highveld, East Coast, KFM and even YFM, slept. And they’re still sleeping. A massive shrug and WTF from the Mahala High Five Brigade. Time to collectively pull your fingers out your asses (pop!) or do us all a favour and hand those propaganda machines over to someone who gives a fuck.

Click below for the whole song:




*All images © Rowan Pybus / Red Bull.

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  1. DJ PuffTone says:

    I agree 100% then again, we being forced to listen to the junk that the world consumes. I miss originality or at least really good music period. Hence I don’t listen to radio. I load my mixes and music to jam in my car in traffic. I want to to start my own station but afraid it might go down like YFM – fake a$$ presenters with kiddie voices and no clear agenda’s – if you ever start a Red Bull radio, count me in as presenter or anything……..

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