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Grietfest Experience

Must Jol Hard

by Hugh Upsher / 09.09.2013

Something special happens when you charge people R100 for a night out. The mindset shifts into that illogical ‘MUST JOL HARD’ zone normally reserved for actual music festivals. GRIETfest at The Assembly was not a festival. It was an electro party, an electro party where the attendees tried their best to lose their minds.


My ‘plus one’ and I were a little drunk and a little high when we walked up to a half empty Assembly at 10:30PM. There were a handful of balloons and streamers through the rafters in the style of a children’s birthday party. The first person I recognised was my least favourite person from my high school, I usually use her as an indicator to whether I should be at a given event or not. Not the best of starts.


I took it easy by making conversation by the bar as the venue started to fill up. I had been there for around forty minutes before my ‘plus one’ had lunged into a girl we had been chatting to. This exact scenario happened a couple months back and I knew from this point on I had a long night ahead of me. Luckily the crowd was dense enough for me to loop around the venue endlessly without anyone noticing.


I made my first venture to the stage area to catch George Daniel. At first I struggled to get drawn into the cold thumping drone I usually associate with Rave or Trance. Thankfully he got more playful with some inventive remixes and samples that drew me in. I am a total sucker for music that somehow resembles a song. A looping guitar riff or a vocal hook will go a long way in my books, but that’s just me.


My attempts to distract ‘plus one’ from girl were all in vain. Pointing out fresh floor puke and showing them a photo I took of a dookie someone planted in the urinal had little to no effect on them. It would take nothing less than a high pressured garden hose to pry these two apart at this stage. I went back to my aimless looping.


By this stage of the night the music was in charge. You didn’t need to know much about the internationals on the line-up (TAI, Bart B More, F.O.O.L.) to get lost in their unique brand of high energy dance. Which is to say people were fucking digging their vibes. The Annex Room (functioning as a second stage for the event) however was an unfortunate victim of The Assembly not being close to capacity. Each time I meandered in there were less than two people on the dance floor.


Rudeone, who had the role of closing the evening off, was a bit too intense for my liking. He had an aggressive industrial feel to his sound that I couldn’t handle at that point of the night. Luckily ‘plus one’ had got his fill of saliva swopping and neck bruising and we were ready for a 3:30AM Steers mission.

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  1. Dave says:

    Great layout, concept and images. And actually nicely written too. But why not send someone who actually likes dance music and knows a little bit about the DJs that were playing?

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  2. Carniplex says:

    Love it. Funny and well written.

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  3. Pascal says:

    fun review. dig the scrawls

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  4. Caitlin.something says:

    Fuck, dig your words and your sketches even more so. Your posts make me kinda really want to drag all 25 years of myself back to sweating pits like uh, the Pit and Assembly. And stamp my Cons on the floor until they’ve gone from blue to black. And just ignore all the looks the 19 yr old pretty girls with crop tops slide me. Its quite an achievement to have stired such feelings in this dormant head bangin has been. Me likey

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