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by David Chislett / 10.11.2010

Do music lovers buy books? Biographies? Road histories, encyclopaedias? The train spotters amongst us do. But if you are just a music fan, there is anew book out you should be getting you hands on. It’s called MUSIC and it’s by Andrew Zuckerman.

This is a monster of a coffee table book that you will find piled up in Exclusive Books around the country. It’s a massive photo coffee table book with unique insider stories told by the artists photographed. And it documents their thought in life, who they are and how they got to be what they are. In short, it’s a flabbergasting, humbling, exciting read. Of course it’s packed with great photographs as well!

The collection cuts across musical history and genre to feature people as diverse as Laurie Anderson, Bully Corgan, Common, Soweto Gospel Choir, Dizzee Rascal, Henry Rollins, Yoko Ono and Dave Burbeck, to name but a few.

As you may have noticed, it has a big South African connection. In fact it is released here in SA by local publisher Wild Dog Press. But the connection goes deeper than that. The book is presented in collaboration with Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Five percent of the originating publisher’s revenue from the sale of book will be donated to a Music royalty pool that will be distributed evenly among charities nominated by the artists featured in the book.

Andrew Zuckerman Music

A really, really cool additional feature is that each book comes with a unique access code which gets you into a special area on the book’s website. Here you can view exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of the shoots and see all sorts of crazy stuff.

The best thing about Music though, is that it is a serious look at how music and key musicians have influenced culture over the last fifty years and how many, even in our homogenised, format radio world, still manage to do that. In a world where most music is seen as a disposable commodity it’s a relief to engage with some material that still deals with the art that lies at the heart of popular music.

Just plain music lover, train-spotters and collectors alike will drool over this books for months and months. It’s a must have for your collection, or a great way to start it!

*Music by Andrew Zuckerman, R395.00. Available at all good book stores, countrywide.

Andrew Zuckerman Music

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  1. Etienne says:

    Rad, I have to get one!

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  2. Don Dada says:

    definitely on my xmas list.

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  3. julia roberts' dentist says:

    Not a review but an advert. I thought mahala was above such nonesense.

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  4. Andy says:

    so what if you’re not critical and you actually dig something, you shouldn’t tell people about it? Very cynical of you dentist

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  5. depressing says:

    I heard somewhere that dentists have the highest suicide rate of any profession. Can’t blame them for being a bit crabby I guess.

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  6. Somnambulist says:

    Bully Corgan is my favourite typo thus far.

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  7. Disillusioned says:

    Sell it long and hard there Dave!

    Shameless ek se. I got your back Dentist!

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  8. isolation says:

    Bully Corgan, Ha Ha

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  9. Andy says:

    fuck have you ever listened to any Smashing Pumpkins… that’s a typo, but it’s pretty spot on! I’m not changing it.

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  10. friktion says:

    Oh yes, David Chislett. The man has rented himself out for so much promotional copy that he’s totally lost touch with what it means to be a journalist.

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  11. David Chislett says:

    ahhh, the Mahala haters are out again I see. Oh well, Whatever. Its a great boook. I like it,. Sue me!

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  12. Anonymous says:

    Dave Burbeck LOL

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  13. el says:

    Got to love your bully

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  14. Free Dementian says:

    Great, great book.

    Fucking shocking writing, Chislett.

    I wouldn’t pay for this graveyard of typo slackery.

    Call yourself a writer?


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  15. Anonymous says:

    yeah basically what I think happened here is Dave walked pased an office at Wild Dog distribution and saw the book there and paged through it and was like, ‘fuck i want this’ and convinced them he would write some PR fluff for them in return, cause he’s like, ‘so connected’ and shit.
    This article was an insult to mahala. Lets hope it’s not a paved road here. Or at least get some kick back from Dave as well. Andy, did he convince you by saying he has multiple published books and managed influential bands? And then you get this out of the guy?

    i’m disappointed really.
    strike one, mahala, strike one.

    I like Mahala cause the comment section sorta covers that ‘who criticizes the ciritic’ question of life.

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  16. Noelene Noone says:

    Best Rock book ever written by a South African ..Record Collector gave it a 4star review

    600 pages history of Blues / Surf Guitar/ British Invasion / Rock n’ Roll // Psychedelia/ Prog Rock etc ‘Seekers Guide To The Rhythm Of Yesteryear’ by Shiloh Noone

    Just Google Shiloh Noone ..for credibility….global but sadly not achnowledged in his own country , assited Brad Pitt on his Nick Drake BBC documentary , courted by the Rolling Stones
    Nobody will argue

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  17. Shiloh Noone says:

    Well nice compliment from the above that uses my surname, do I know her ? last month it did get a 4star review from Rolling Stone Magasine but beware my book is only for the discerning music lovers who know there music , if you wank off to Ozzie Osbourne I doubt whether you will make liftoff……’Deep reaches unto deep’ , but if you can understand Nick Cave , hate Jack Parow and DE Antwoord you may well be on the pathway to the Holy Grail ….!!!

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