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by Carlos Amato / 11.05.2009

Zapiro is a genius and a shark in the duck-pond of South African satire. He doesn’t trade in ambiguities, and nor should he. But it’s probably time he retired his stock representation of JZ with a shower head sprouting from that voluptuous cranium.

I’m not suggesting self-censorship or capitulation to JZ’s laughable lawsuits – just a tactical withdrawal. Of course it’s Zapiro’s job to seize on an inspired image and extract every last drop of comic blood from it — but in this case, the dripping has stopped.

Now, with Mshowalozi preparing to customise the plumbing at Mahlambandlovu, Zapiro has to find new and more substantive lines of attack that are based on the man’s current exploits in office, not on the past exploits of his cock.

Zuma’s sexual stupidities are far from unusual, especially among powerful people. And many believe that such behaviour makes him unfit for office. But he was acquitted of rape, and if the rule of law is as sacred as the media says it is, then commentators like Zapiro can’t keep banging on (symbolically or literally) about that fateful night in Forest Town.

Tragically, we are a sexually stupid nation, and hysterically fixating on one famous instance of our pervasive stupidity takes us nowhere. So we have a promiscuous man at the helm of a nation full of promiscuous people. That shouldn’t shock us.

Defeating HIV/AIDS will require a profound, organic shift in SA’s sexual culture – not something that Zuma (or any other individual) can effect or prevent.

And as any honest HIV doctor will tell you off the record, if you’re stupid enough to have unsafe sex, then taking a shower afterwards IS a wise move.

Picture Caption: Zapiro pre-empted Carlos with this latest cartoon reproduced courtesy of Zapiro and the Sunday Times.

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  1. z0id says:

    unfortunate that the article was written at such an inopportune time.
    i had actually wondered when Zapiro would get rid of the shower, if only just because Zuma looks ridiculous enough already.

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  2. boyd says:

    Really cool site. Thanks. Let Zapiro do what he is best at and decide how he wants to portay Zuma. Even SA deaf people use the shower sign to represent Zuma. You can’t ask the school bullies to give you another nickname. You have to earn it. Zuma has so much kak under his khaya roof. Maybe people should not be allowed to forget that. Leopards don’t change their spots.

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  3. Jo says:

    Zapiro was widely reported in the press a couple of weeks ago saying he had decided “to retire the shower head”. There was a much reproduced cartoon in the national press this week recording the momentous occasion. As ever, he is ahead of the curve!

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  4. tiisetso says:

    i agree with Carlos.the shower thing was funny the first three times…but now i think its sell-by-date has passed.

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  5. MJ FAN says:

    i agree raelly true nice buddy 🙂

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