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Monde Walks

Monde Walks


Monde Sitole is one of the most inspirational people we know. But the Khayelitsha based explorer needs to raise a whopping R40 000 expedition fee to summit Mount Denali in Alaska. Once up there, his sponsors have assured him that they will provide the funds he needs to get him to the top of Everest, no bones about it.

So, if you’ve got some extra loot kicking around in your account, this would be a great way to spend it.

Details below:
Rotary Club of Pinelands
Nedbank Pinelands
Branch Code: 104709
Acc Number: 1005 603219
Reference: Monde Sitole

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  1. good luck bra says:

    Thats the amount that Harry Openheimer and Patrice Motsepe spend on shots of whiskey at the cape grace youd think that they would …..ah nevermind

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  2. cnut says:

    I must have missed it in a previous article… but what is Monde’s cause or charity he is doing this for?

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  3. Clare James says:

    Wishing you all the best Monde, don’t stop believing, you are a difference maker.

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  4. Enoch says:

    @cnut, I’ve known the guy for more than 5 years now, and though I wouldn’t claim to represent his views on his cause, I know how passionate he is about the upliftment of the township youth. He’s all about encouraging other youngsters to dare and strive for excellence, whatever their dreams, whether in sports, academics or arts. He remains an inspiration to many children in Green Point, Khayelitsha.

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