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Make Noise, the TV said

by Sean O'Toole / 11.06.2010

So, around lunchtime I was returning from a gallery walkabout to the office when I heard a commotion on the street.
Oh, I thought, perhaps a football team is driving by.
It was the vuvuzelas that planted the idea.
I peeped through a window onto the street.
The cooks from across the road were all screaming.
Some white gal was dancing in the street.
A taxi driver smiled.
“What’s all the fuss about?” I asked the building superintendent.
“The TV said we must make noise,” he replied.
Downstairs, I asked someone else what’s what.
It’s true, the TV did say we had to make a big noise at noon.
The nation responded.
It was kief.
Still, it’s weird to think how easy it is to float adrift of ordinary life just because you don’t watch TV.
Or read the newspapers.
I feel ashamed.
I think I even blushed while standing on the pavement.
I have a Holland vs Cameroon ticket.
I won’t forget.

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