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The Rotting Volk

Lunch In Orania

by Max Barashenkov / Images by Luke Daniel / 22.09.2011

“Watdoenjy?!” Rina Wiid snarls from behind the wheel of her BMW, “Geen fotos van my nie!” We freeze on the backseat, me mid-question, Ricochet Daniel with the camera in his paws. She proceeds, in rabid and venomous Afrikaans, to tell us that all photographic material acquired at the Doornbult concentration camp must be cleared with her before publication. Later, she will make us sign forms, swear fealty to the old South African flag and take a picture of us, for “archival” purposes, but, for now, I feign respect and Ricochet hisses “teef” under his breath. We are 30km away from Orania and knee-deep in Afrikaaner history. Or what’s left of it.


I pity her, the bent yet frisky Rina Wiid. The no-where historian, clutching onto tatters of nationalism, writing in-depth brochures – stacks of ring-bound A4 sheets, littered with pixilated pictures and extensive lists of Boer lineage, that she calls “books” – and whoring them off for R250 to the trickle of German tourists that pass by her farm. To the Fritz this place is a physical acquittal, a geo-historical ‘we-didn’t-do-it-first’, but, for two Cape Town boys, the site of one of the largest British concentration camps during the Boer War is nothing more than rusting shit scattered over the veldt. Rina guides us through the suffering of Afrikaner women, pointing out a horseshoe here, an empty Lee-Metford cartridge there. Ricochet and I, we stumble through this historic debris, painfully trying to tap into the passion with which she spits out incomprehensible fact after incomprehensible fact and, in that moment, I’m overcome with irrational hatred.

I hate Rina for the colonial dress of her maid, the cap and apron devil white against her black skin. I hate her for the refusal to speak English to us, despite her proficiency in it being clear from several of her “books”. I hate her for this wasted history, for her steam-train-like delivery of facts to deaf ears. I hate her culture and upbringing that made her see us as just two more rooineks, here to exploit the soul of her people. I hate her in-limbo existence, surrounded by the broken and beaten will of Afrikaans nationalism, seething with hate of her own and no way to move past it. I hate all of these tins and all of these bullets, the medicine vials and china that look way too new to have spent over a hundred years under the Karoo sun. But also, I hate her reserved politeness, her quiet determination, her carving of shelter for a time-that-has-been – a time that, in the New South Africa, will not be remembered. So when we shake hands, departing onwards to the town that racism built, the hate has abided and pity returned. We leave her there, amid the bones ground up into dust, to dig up more pride, to nurse a history that’s rotting away.

Welcome To Orania

“You’re going where? Orania?!” The two petrol attendants in Hopetown exchange looks and laugh in our faces. Even at only 50km away, Orania is shrouded by a sort of mystique, a murky socio-cultural perversion of the post-94 era. We’re told we’ll be hated; we’re told we’ll be welcome; our asses are sure to get beaten; we will experience the famed Afrikaner hospitality. They tell us about the siren that goes off at any sign of trouble and of the Boers emerging from their simple, one-storey houses, rifles slung over their backs. We hear of convicted Afrikaans youth doing their community service there, a mechanism to keep Orania black-labour-free, a form of white slavery. From the older folk we learn about the new, eighteen million rand farm just bought by Orania, about the town’s expansion, the flourishing of the volkstad. The younger crowd tells us about the boredom of Orania, about the burning desire to flee, to leave behind the old ideals and hatreds. Each person we speak to tells us something different and, thus, we enter the little Northern Cape town prepared for anything – Ricochet holstering a carving knife, me practicing my goeiemore’s and tasing myself to test the strength of our “Paralyser”.

We are greeted with an idyllic scene, an oasis on the banks of the Orange River, the kind of place that would clean up any Apartheid-era ‘Town Of the Year’ competition. Serenely quiet and clean, unlike the filth-ridden Hopetown just up the road, Orania does not scream danger, does not reek of overt racism. We encounter no guards, no fences or gates, being waved at and greeted instead. Pigment, that treacherous dog of evolution, is on our side here. We see sturdy men mending houses, tending small vegetable gardens, we see tired life, slowly shuffling foot after foot. The beast turned out to be tame, its fangs bared only in the stern gaze the woman at the Information Centrum levels at us and her insistent suggestion that we get a guide to show us around. We politely refuse and go to eat at Afsaal Op Orania, a quaint, world-class hotel/restaurant where, we are proudly told, the owner works the bar and his wife cooks and cleans the rooms herself. Say what you will about white-supremacists, about their failed piece of the old days (“In my heart I agree with them,” says Johan, our new friend and sheriff of the municipality that includes Orania, Hopetown, Prieska and several other small towns in the area, “but it can never work. There simply isn’t enough people.”), about their front of grit and self-sustained labour, about the trap of a town they’ve built around themselves, but they sure can make a decent burger.

“Go to Orania, go, you will find your story there,” were the words of John, the black bartender at the only pub in Hopetown, the evening before Ricochet and I made our pilgrimage to the crippled volkstad. But he was wrong, Orania is hollow, fucked empty of real meaning, full of desperate people who, like their history, are slowly decomposing. He was wrong, because the real story was right there, under his nose, in Hopetown itself.


*For an in-depth look at poverty, decay, racism and hopelessness in rural South Africa, read The Kings Of Hopetown in the upcoming Mahala 4 print magazine. And if you haven’t already, subscribe here… free.

**All images © Luke Daniel.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    “..the hate has abided..” do you not mean ‘abated’ there?

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  2. Andy says:

    the dude abides

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Until lions have their historians, tales of the hunt shall always glorify the hunters.

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  4. Anonymous says:

    “…knee-deep in Afrikaaner history. Or what’s left of it.”

    Why are you so disrespectful towards Afrikaaner’s and their history?

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  5. sallyveldt says:

    maybe because it’s a history largely defined by disrespect…

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  6. Anonymous says:

    How can you “KAK” a fair question?

    To clarify my position, I am not at all concerned with the folk of Oranje. As far as I’m concerned they should be left to their own devices and forgotten. It’s not like they are going to rise like Nazi Germany and reclaim the country. They have chosen to live the way they are living and, in the greater scheme of things, it is quite insignificant. So why not let them carry on in obscurity instead of making a big brew ha ha?

    You seem to be trying to make these people the epitomy of Afrikaanerdom. That is quite a cheap shot and a blatant misrepresentation of a population group.

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  7. Anonymous says:

    sallyveldt says:
    September 22, 2011 at 9:49 am
    maybe because it’s a history largely defined by disrespect…

    And the history of English and Zulu’s is not…?

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  8. Barry Bonds says:

    Ya really think this is making ‘a big brew’?

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  9. Mitch says:

    ’’To the Fritz this place is a physical acquittal, a geo-historical ‘we-didn’t-do-it-first’’
    Silly Ivan,
    the Brits and the Fritz did it at,roughly,the same time.1900-1904+-
    Nazi Germany wasn’t the first time Germany got its hands dirty.
    Interesting read though:)

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  10. just me. says:

    i’m afrikaans and i think this article is GREAT!!
    but the comments are gonna get stupid and stale very quick…

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  11. Ugh says:

    This is terribly written and extremely offensive, what is a photographer without some sort of respect or compassion for those he photographs? The writer just alienates and denigrates his subjects, the photographs are hidders.

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  12. Anonymous says:

    pity. what an opportunity missed.

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  13. oy vey says:

    hate begets hate. the roots of apartheid lies baking in that field, under the hot karoo sun. by discrediting these people’s stories, you are sweeping a massive piece of south african history under the carpet max. a history which effects every single last one of us living in these borders right up to this very second. dont be so bladdy ignorant

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  14. Andy says:

    just me called it! Ugh, Anon and Oy Vey fell for it…

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  15. oy vey says:

    this is about as edgy as blunt magazine circa 99 andy…

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  16. Luke says:

    how are people not getting this article? the opportunity missed in fucking orania?

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  17. Luke says:

    good to see oy vey keeping the flag flying high for how much certain afrikaans people have, and always will, love revisionist history.

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  18. raimondo says:

    No matter what we have respect. that’s why I’m proud to be from Mzansi, the past has been chequered but hey, that’s life. Lessons to learn from. Let’s not demonize each other otherwise we’ll spend all our energy poisoning the future and what for?? Live, love, let go dudes!

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  19. Kurt says:

    Instagram should have an “apartheid” render

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  20. Nadine says:

    Best comment ever Kurt. Love the photos.

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  21. oy vey says:

    All I guess i was trying to say was that I think that the story of the attempted genocide of the Afrikaaner people by the English at the beginning of the 20th century should not be left out of our countries history. Maybe thats not what Max was trying to say at all. Perhaps I took it incorrectly. But I do think there is insight to be gained from these people and their stories, no matter how fucked / bizarre / irrational they see,

    In the story of our country (largely defined by apartheid, it (the camp system) is pretty much the starting point – where things started to go totally pear-shaped). Its an interesting nugget of white on white, which turned into white on black and in turn gives us insight into todays attitude of black on white as perpetrated by the likes of malema and co. i get what those dudes are mad about. I can sympathise. And I’m sure on some sort of a level, the afrikaaner of 1902, with wife and child starving in a camp, would get malema’s sentiments too. bizarre as that seems. its not a pc sentiment but a sentiment none the less.

    I dont give a damn about flying any flags for anyone but i do think that by ignorning that piece of history (told from an objective standpoint – not from that crazy lady in the story) or any piece of history (morals aside) we are doing no one any favours.
    but maybe thats not what max and co intended at all. perhaps thats just what i took from it. who knows

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  22. oy vey says:

    Here is a link to photo-journalist’s take on the same subject.



    I really wish I didn’t have to include this disclaimer, but I feel I have to, for the sake of peace and order on this comment board. I am not trying to deride the mahala piece with the above link at all, I am simply sharing another take on the same subject, for interest’s sake.

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  23. Max says:

    Dear oy vey
    Thank you for you comments, I understand where you are coming from, but in light of them I also want to clarify some things.

    It was never the aim of this article to provide a comprehensive review/engagement with the people of Orania or Afrikaans history – we stopped there for, literally, for a lunch, because it was so close to our real objective – Hopetown. That’s where the REAL history is unfolding.

    I am in no way saying that Afrikaans history, the Boer war, etc., needs to be ‘swept under the carpet’. the thing is, Rina – the historian, made that history inaccessible to us by repeatedly refusing to talk english to us. She, herself, alienates us (as, in a way, representatives of ‘modern’ SA) from that history.

    As to the notion of “a cheap shot and a blatant misrepresentation of a population group” – the people in and around Orania paint THEMSELVES as the epitome of Afrikaans people. Obviously they are wrong, did that not come through? 🙂

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  24. BabelFish says:

    As an expat in SA I find it very sad that there are people who still believe apartheid was right. I’m afraid I can only treat them with utter disdain.

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  25. oy vey says:

    I agree man. Those people do that specific piece of history the most injustice. They actually do the most damage. With regards to Rina though, as retarded as her sentiments are, I can still on some fucked up super deep down level at least understand (not justify) her actions. Her refusal to speak english on the grounds of english concentration camp obviously has some sort of deep significance to her. I can see how she see’s that as means of paying respect to the dead, but yeah, unfortunately that sort of a mindset and attitude is even more disrespectful in the sense that it denies those stories to be told

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  26. oy vey says:

    treating someone with utter disdain doesn’t change anything man. its the easy way out.
    trying to understand someone and humanise them, in light of their un-human ideas, is much more challenging, interesting and ultimately rewarding. With that, i am speaking about this case in specific – as these people are hardly a danger / threat to anyone – seriously – these people are about as harmless as flies – they are not trying to over throw anything or anyone – they are just a little sad / backwards

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  27. dudie says:

    i think max is too dramatic in this piece. where’s the comedy, max? i think these people cannot be taken too seriously, no matter what they believe.

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  28. BabelFish says:

    “A little sad” is not how I regard a bunch of failed white supremacists, whatever their situation.
    Disdain may be an easy way out , but I’m comfortable with it as far as these wankers are concerned.

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  29. at Luke says:

    “opportunity missed” – actually refers to the kak quality of your photographs, my dear.

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  30. Anonymous says:

    Hopetown, tannie Rina, hehehe

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  31. YsterHart says:

    Follow up piece on Hopetown?

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  32. Anonymous says:

    Being from that area I have to say it is easy for you guys to just judge – I don’t agree with the people there (imagine being gay, part English & growing up there sweetie), but at the end of the day you forget that even these people have a good side to them too. Unfortunately these areas are ruled by ‘peer pressure’ – people hardly question anything they were taught by their parents. The rugged landscape is beautiful, the fossils, the crystals, you missed out on the best parts, but then again you went there for all the wrong reasons… I think you’re cunts for being so judgemental as ousiders & that makes you NO BETTER THAN ANYBODY LIVING THERE… XXXX

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  33. PileoBile says:

    So much bile so much hatred. I wonder how deep the hatred of English speaking South African for Afrikaner penetrates into middle class white society? Sometimes more than between any other ethnic or cultural group in the country I think. These Orania people are judged for non-conformity, really, for turning their backs on the Afro-funk of the Rainbow nation with its rapes, murders, seething hatred, cultural and moral entropy – our progressive collective nightmare posing as a wet dream that’s just about to pull its humanist mask off and set in on fire. I wonder, Max, if you’d put so much bile into an article about an African tribal village in Limpopo, where the chief might hold onto the traditions of what he perceives to be his people. Probably you’d hear the same stories ‘they’ll kill you/you’ll get Afrikaner hospitality’, and maybe a good goat stew. This loathing for ethnic/cultural group, for the ‘other’ constructed any way you choose, is is the problem in this country, not the ‘others’ painstakingly sniffed out for having the disrespect to do their own thing – without regard to the pitiful, unoriginal political sentiments of lost souls who want so badly to be exceptional by route of thoughtless conformity to a political fad that is right now digging a very deep grave for its admirers. Perhaps the people in Orania aren’t the only ones wasting opportunities.

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  34. Sarah Dee says:

    I found the piece interesting, personal and . It’s more fond pity than condemnation. It has an almost affection at times, in a way that edges close to being inappropriate post-1994. Which I think is brave. I’m not sure what function it serves, but the knife you’re using to cut open this weird anachronistic shard of an exceptionally complex national history has an honest and irregular edge, free of the tired old serrations of much cultural commentary in SA.

    The mother of all problems we face in trying to exist as South Africans has been and still is our delusional faith in untruthful grand narratives. Pre- AND post-’94. White and black. The only way we can ever hope to find our way to a healthy society is if we try to see things as they are – in the present – through our very own eyes, and through our interactions with each other in the smallest, most perfunctory or innocuous interactions. Because reality dwells in these moments rather than in the mythology infused spaces Rina fences herself into or, for that matter, Luthuli House. Reality is so much more gritty, discontinuous and fleeting. And I think this piece really gets that.

    I really liked this, Max. Look forward to the print edition for more.

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  35. Sarah Dee says:

    Slot a “particular” into that gap in the first line.

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  36. Sarah Dee says:

    I just reread what I wrote, and I think maybe I mean piteous and tragic, more than fond – but there’s itself a kind of fondness in that. There’s a willingness to confront the humanity of the tragedy that is how fucked humans can be.

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  37. Sarah Dee says:

    And I think that its really the only way forward:

    “Humans are fucked. Humans suck. But they are fucked because they are humans and humans suck, and because I’m human, on some level, I kinda get what’s going on with them.”

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  38. Sarah Dee says:

    But maybe its just me reading into the desperately tragic description of a landscape that come across more melancholic than vitriolic to me. You gave them space and colour.

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  39. Frikkie Meiring se spook says:

    At least the people there are simple & straight forward unlike you shallow, superficial, pretentious CUNTS

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  40. YsterHart says:

    Frikkie, I like vloeking as much as the next guy, but it damages your stance when you go there before any other option. And why cunt? Cunt is such a lovely round moist word, its wasted on almost any other use besides talking filthy when fucking, especially wasted as an insult.

    That aside, I doubt think the people of Orania consider themselves simple.

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  41. Boerania says:

    Max would you have been more impressed if the Boer concentration camp had been furnished with some gas ovens, some gallows, a few open graves with Boer skeletons? In the day it was barbed wire around an encampment of women, children and the elderly who were allowed to perish in the elements, from disease and starvation because some farmers with good aim had had the balls to stand up to the English empire. Sorry that the scene of an attempted genocide didn’t have the right props for you. And that daft old woman maybe carries the memories passed down by her grandparents, so maybe she doesn’t speak in English because to her English is representative of the genocide of her people. You’d understand this for any other cultural group, wouldn’t you Max. But right now it’s SO cool to be anti-Afrikaner. So from your position of superiority you give them your pity and compliment them on their burgers. That says more about you than it does about them.

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  42. Pleasehatemeitstrendy says:

    Ja-nee Boerania, sure is trendy right now to vilify Afrikaners. I mean how could we allow this? Quiet, clean, no fences, no guards, no gates, people cleaning up after themselves… who the hell do they think they are!?

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  43. South African says:

    //“…for two Cape Town boys, the site of one of the largest British concentration camps during the Boer War is nothing more than rusting shit scattered over the veldt”.//

    //“I hate her for this wasted history…”//

    It seems contemporary, peace-peddling Cape Town boys such as yourselves also harbour a few misplaced hate-issues, Max and Luke.

    Why is the Afrikaner (note the spelling – it’s ‘Afrikaner’, not ‘Afrikaaner’) denied his entire history altogether based on 33 years of racist Nationalism and despotism? Why are they refused the right to remember the rest of their past, commended even, perhaps, for their adventurous spirit and independence, or their stoicism amidst great suffering imposed upon them, such as the South African War, a remnant of one you’re referring to as “shit scattered over the veld?

    The black people of this country are enjoying their right to bemoan the injustices committed against their ancestors, and rightfully so. Don’t you think Afrikaners should at least be able to retain some fragments of their culture – the one you describe as “rotting away”? Should they not in fact be paid a smidgeon of respect for not blaming the Imperialists (of whom you might be descendant, Luke) for the genocide committed against them a century ago?

    I know some South Africans who are obsessed with blaming Imperialism.

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  44. Anonymous says:

    All Afrikaners were not politicians or soldiers. Apartheid does not only belong to Afrikaners, but to ALL SOUTH AFRICANS who enjoyed the priviledges of the system, and who voted. Barashenkov is a Slavic surname – surely your parents, or your parents’ parents, found the situation in South Africa agreeable – enough to come and to stay?

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  45. Anonymous says:

    HOPETOWN has degenerated over the years, do you really know why? Did you even bother to spend a night there to look at the stars? Did you notice the interesting plants that grow close to the ground in the veld? Will the print article be based on FACTS or OPINIONS?

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  46. Anonymous says:

    Kak photos. Rightly put, opportunity missed. Not even pushing up the clarity and contrast in RAW and punting the red colour balance in the midtones (for that dirty Afrikaner look) could save them from utter mediocrity.

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  47. sallyveldt says:

    all you boers need to SHUT THE FUCK UP

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  48. Anonymous says:

    Wat seg jy Sally Veldt ek verstaan nie die taal?

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  49. Kian says:

    The English just practiced a more sophisticated racism than the Afrikaner and still does. It is just so convenient to blame the Afrikaner for it all isn’t it? It is also just so convenient to create this wonderful stereotype of the Afrikaner isn’t it? Its just so user friendly when you English.

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  50. you fucking hipster piece of shit says:

    Max graduated from the University Of Cape Town with Bachelor of Arts in Film and Media Production and an Honours First Class in Film Theory. He currently spends his time hustling the streets for material, befriending unwanted elements of society

    – (unwanted elements of society includes racists does it not?) –

    and practicing the art of Gonzo. He freelances for Student Life (SL) Magazine, One Small Seed Magazine, Chew Magazine and Vice Magazine South Africa.

    Unfortunately he is too shallow to see the beauty in the platteland & has tunnels that will someday leave 2 giant holes in his earlobes when removed. Fucking hardcore – WOW wow wow wow

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  51. Luke says:

    yo! i’m not luke daniel (so you can quit with the petty photobashing) just another soutie/rooinek/khaki having a laugh at all you butthurt afrikaners crying about being marginalised and mistreated and making preposterous claims that british concentration camps were the main roots of aparthied. we’ll just forget about the 19th and early 20th century and all the laws around restricting black unskilled workers education, movement and rights, easy shit.

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  52. Anonymous says:

    Maxie stick to reviewing films, since you studied that. You can’t write a review of a town (& why Hopetown?) after spending a day or two there, it requires a bit more concentration than even a 3 hour film. You can’t speak to 20 people and think you know enough to pass judgement. Real life is much more complicated than film & has too many sub plots.

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  53. sallyveldt says:

    @hipster ‘the beauty in the platteland’ you fucking idiot. he went to Orania. where’s the beauty in orania. it’s a vile reactionary shithole that anyone whoever suffered under apartheid ought to burn down. to the ground. it’s like having a nazi regalia shop just outside belsen. where they put jews in ovens and shot kids in the head for sport. it’s a place made of hate. drenched in hate. advocating hate. demeaned by hate. beauty? you’re disgusting. fuck off.

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  54. Anonymous says:

    @Sally: You can’t judge the Northern Cape if you haven’t lived there for at least a year, even Orania…. You’d be surprised if you knew about some of the building techniques those people are using, & the projects they’re running, it is a pity they exclude so many, because I am sure many types of ‘white’ áfrikaans’ people are also not welcome there, but they aren’t PURE EVIL, or else you should worry about that comment you posted because they also have some clued up IT people….. maybe tonight they send someone for you?

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  55. Pleasehatemeitstrendy says:

    @ Sallyveldt : You are clearly a special type of moron. The re-educated type. Anyway, I fail to see how a place without gates, without fences, without guards, that is clean and quiet, with people being as self-sustaining as possible, is a “shithole” compared to the rest of the country. It’s a place made from their own labour, not hate, they choose to not associate with the rest of the shithole country, and the last time I checked freedom of association is a basic human right. They want to be left alone, and do not want to conform to a culture of rape, murder, and plunder. And I can see how that is a problem for a re-educated libtard like yourself who has been brainwashed for decades to hate non-conformists, but still, it is their right to want to be left alone and not associate with animal-like values. Your comparison to a “nazi shop outside Belsen, where they shot kids in the head for sport” is nothing more than a limpdick attempt at appeal to emotion, and is a comparison without any justification. If you hate self-reliance, clean and safe streets so much, then just don’t go there. It is your right to rather associate with a culture of rape, murder, and plunder (obviously that is beauty to you) which obviously pleases you more with your politically correct brainwashed little marxist mindset, that justifies inciting arson and consequent murder (“ought to burn down to the ground) What a retard!

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  56. sallyveldt says:

    ‘animal-like values’! that completely justifies the nazi reference you tool. and since when did overt racist fucks become ‘self-reliant’/’non-conformist’ paragons of some regressive return to Eden?

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  57. Boerania says:

    Oh Luke, you’re so sad buddy. I’m no Afrikaner, i can just see a double standard. Let all cultural groups in this country do their own thing so long as they don’t force it down someone else’s throat – is that so hard? I see beauty in the cultural diversity of South Africa, diversity is our national treasure in a way. To fail to understand Afrikaner history before the bad old days of Apartheid is to fail to understand how Apartheid started, what sparked it, where the seclusionist isolationist tendency amongs Afrikaners comes from. Whether or not you like them they did suffer at the hands of an empire with genocidal tendencies. Whether the politics that subsequently arose from that turned out to be wrong doesn’t make that right. What happened in SA was appalling. We a nation bathed in blood. It’s just that right now it’s trendy and PC to put all your focus on the suffering under Apartheid, even though the genocide of the Boers easily eclipses how many people were killed by the Apartheid government. Shit, more Boers have been tortured and murdered on their farms since 1994 then were killed under Apartheid – but to a certain sick mindset that’s just fine. No wonder you people see an self-dependent, clean, safe place as pathological. Creepy.

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  58. Pleasehatemeitstrendy says:

    @ sallycan’targue: I didn’t say it’s a return to eden moron. I said they want to be left alone and don’t want to conform to the rest of the shithole country. You can’t even have an argument without putting words that you feel you can counter in my mouth .

    And murder, rape and plunder are not things that I associate with civilized man. And me calling those things “animal-like” in no way justify’s your nazi reference. Those are the things that made the nazi’s bad you complete idiot. You seem to think that those things are all fine though, as long as they’re not perpetrated on racial grounds. What a complete tool you are! Relative morality. Solzhenitsyn hit the nail on the head. Rape, murder, and plunder/theft, are animal-like values no matter who commits or condones those acts.

    Thumb up0   Thumb down 0

  59. Poster says:

    Nice article and pictures.

    Are black people ‘not allowed’ in Orania? Like, for real?

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  60. Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry, but do any of you people defending the Afrikaans name remember why the war started with the english?
    I mean, comments like this are ignorant: “because some farmers with good aim had had the balls to stand up to the English empire.”

    You are fucking stupid. What were they standing up for exactly? Why did the ‘great trek’ kick off? Cause Afrikaaners refused to give up their slaves at British insistence.

    Forget that part, did you?

    You had a war cause you’re stupid, dont complain about your losses.

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  61. Boerania says:

    Anonymous are you feeling a bit confused there son.

    Yes the Boers had slaves. At that point pretty much everyone in the world had slaves, humanity was just starting to get out of the habit. African tribes sold each other into slavery, used each other as slaves. Slavery sucks, yes. Afrikaners were not the first, only, or last, slaveholders. Does this mean they deserved to be wiped out? Feeling quite Old Testament there son?

    Your slavery argument is also quite reductive. Boers were moving into the Binneland long before they had issues with the British, some of them had wanderlust, some didn’t want to kowtow to British regulation and taxes, some just didn’t like the British, some just wanted to be (gasp) independent.

    Their slave habit had nothing to do with the war – if you’re proposing that you’re a neanderthal. War back then, as now, had to do with people sitting on natural resources that other people wanted. The Boers were sitting on the largest known deposit of gold in the world. I know its a complicated concept, so maybe go sit somewhere quiet and sunny and (try) think about it.

    And. This is not about defending the Afrikaner ‘name’ (is it Frik, Karel or Baksteen we’re defending here?) it is just about applying the same moral standard to all groups and recognising the dignity of each and then trying to understand their issues rather than taking the ‘I’m a right lofty cunt’ position cos your hipster friends think its lank cool hey.

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  62. Poster says:

    I don’t know, man. This shit just seems sad.

    I don’t have any beef with any population group, myself, but I really don’t think Afrikaners as a group will be getting love as far as the popular and national imaginations go–at least not anytime soon, family.

    I hate to be insensitive, but you guys just aren’t hot to any other South African group at the moment. We come together to snicker about how you should change your clothes. It’s maybe too soon. You used to take a lot of pride in being our bullies.I don’t know. History is still happening. Don’t lose heart and be hateful, though. You still have money, for one. Just kind of like, I don’t know, be cool to people and shit. Change minds on the ground level. Don’t be so angry with it on computers. Don’t hate, integrate.

    But in the end I guess you can’t make people like you, so time will tell if the nation ever embraces you. Don’t give into frustration. South Africa eventually forgives and forgets.

    But it’s Friday, now, so go out into it with peace!

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  63. Anonymous says:

    You just took what I said and tried to sell it in another context. I hope my hipster friends recognize my anonymous internet commentary and then give me that extra cool credit I apparently deserve. Maybe you’re trying to use hipster in another context, something like, ‘The rest of the world was into slavery before it was cool, those damn Hipster Afrikaans bastards just jumped on the wagon’.
    Lots of factors played into it, you are right: Things like Ordinance 50 played a big part too. You’re arguing philosophy with history. Obviously lots of factors were involved, but the medium was sold on was the racial lines, which Afrikaans people drew in the ground very early in the game.
    Obviously the British empire had ulterior motivations in Southern Africa, but I suppose I’ll ignore the counter for the Afrikaans, who were just here to make a new fresh start with all intended integrity and sincerity required.

    Fact is, Ordinance 50, the compensation for slaves, the abolishment of slavery etc, were political talking and action points and used as mechanisms to inspire the great trek in mass numbers. Sure, people had been going off on their own before, but that is irrelevant to the discussion. If you truly think it was irrelevant, you need to review documentation from the time, in which the political motivations were driven under those guises.

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  64. Boerania says:

    What the fuck does that have to do with concentration camps and the Boer Wars? This wasn’t the American Civil War – the British did not come to liberate the slaves. Seriously son, you’re not only confusing philosophy with history, you’re confusing yourself.

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  65. Anonymous says:

    Excuse me but when did the apartheid signs say SLEGS AFRIKANERS – wasn’t it SLEGS BLANKES/WHITES ONLY? What are you 100% English folk innocent? Then I’m 50% guilty & 50% not?

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  66. Quintin Diederichs says:

    Love the way you actually photoshopped the images so that they make Orania look old, faded and dead… which is soooo far from the truth! You pitch up in a town, get treated with respect and kindness, you eat good food and then you puke up such a crappy article that you had to go so far as to photoshop the pics in order to support your embarrassing and totally distorted view of Afrikaners! hahahaha that’s just SAD!!

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  67. Daniel François Malan says:

    Orania is Quintin Diederichs.

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  68. Anonymous says:

    Dude, also its ‘AFRIKANER’ not two A’s. And there is plenty of Afrikaner history, if you move beyond the borders of Cape Town CBD

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  69. US of Arseholes says:

    Seems like some of what I can only presume to be younger commentators on this thread need a history lesson.

    It wasn’t only the Afrikaaners involved in Apartheid, it was the english-speaking whites too…else Apartheid couldn’t have happened. To think otherwise smacks of trying to rewrite history or else a very poor education. English speaking whites in SA played a very similar role to that of the “majority” in pre-war Nazi Germany where there was tacit acceptance of Nazi policies regarding Jews, blacks, gypsies, etc.

    @ Anonymous, you are indeed confused. As with most wars, greed started the Boer war. The Afrikaaner republics had the diamond and gold mines and the English wanted those sources of wealth. Given British imperial history, how could you think otherwise?

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  70. arnaud says:

    I would appreciate another article on Orania, the desert town. One that lives up to decent journalistic standards and provides some well researched facts about origins, growth rate, projects, people, farming, community, success…. Orania seems to be a success story where folk are building something out of nothing “by the sweat of their brow” Could become a model for South Africa ‘s unemployed youngsters in all that wasteland out there.
    But then …. who wants to go into the desert to work for a living? Must be a retard….

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  71. The ghost of Dimitri Tsafendas says:

    Yeah, yeah – The article isn’t ‘nice’, and the photos are photoshopped.

    Say what you will about the ‘beauty’ and ‘strength’ of Orania – the bottom line is – the whole commnunity is based on exclusion.
    Really – in 2011, you’re excluding people from your town, based on the colour of their skin?
    And there’s so many people on this comment board, defending that with a ‘let them do whatever they want, it’s their town etc’ attitude.

    It’s still a town within South Africa.
    Let there be a strictly for “Blacks Only” town, somewhere in South Africa – see how quickly the entire comment board will turn around.

    Realistically, 90% of people commenting here (saying the article is shit, and that Orania is a great place) are white – most of them are probably Afrikaans.

    Let the voice of the masses be heard. Then we’ll see where SA stands on the topic of Orania.
    A few Boers up north, along with a few English rightists doesn’t really sum up national opinion, now does it?

    Unfortunately, you fucks have computers.
    And internet access.

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  72. You Sinners says:

    Maybe Max did Afrikaners a favour. They only have a culture when somebody threathens it.

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  73. Anonymous says:

    I personally think that if someone is not interested in being a part of this country, and making it better for all then they should go and live on their own. It’s better than having them around the rest of us and causing crap with their skewed view of the world. so I respect the orania people for that. I respect the fact that they are proud and self sustaining. I do not respect them for their hatred, but they are as much a product of apartheid as the previously disadvantaged. yes hey are racist assholes, but the only place they can live with themselves is in some camp in the northern cape shut off from the rest of the world. which is pretty sad…

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  74. Anonymous says:

    what’s that online rule about people who reference hitler/ the nazi’s? oh yes, they lose the debate!

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  75. It's hard out here for a white. says:

    So weird the people of orania get respect for being a self-sustaining town. I mean it’s fucked that in a world of greed and cpatilism fueled and perpetuated by a western ideal, within a south african context that those taking advantage of natural resources and habitat would be racist white supremacists, yes it is ironic, so why so much relish in the fact that whites have it better in orania than anyone in normal south africa? And surely that is not what this article is about, there is an almost automatic and intrisic hate within me when I am confronted with white supremacy. I would encourage any one of you orania sympathisers to tell me about a time you have been confronted with a Xhosa person who can understand and speak English yet refuses to do so.

    Fuck, this debate is so boring
    Imagine the most difficult part of my day were to try and catch out how max barashenkov might have possibly been a little too hard on afrikaans people in general as opposed to specifying that he meant just the afrikaners in orania (even though the article is called fucking lunch in orania)

    White people problems, I will never understand. Eish.

    Fuck off with your white people problems.

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  76. Anonymous says:

    Lol…. nice one Max ;p your sharp tongue strikes again

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  77. creepy steve says:

    kill the boer!!!

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  78. US of Arseholes says:

    Sorry @Anon, you don’t get to define the parameters of the debate. You’re showing your ignorance of history yet again…many afrikaaners openly supported germany during both World Wars, especially WW1, coming so soon after the Boer War and their loss to the English. Many Nazi policies were adopted by the Nats during Apartheid. The Nazis are very relevant in our recent history….as much as you may pretend otherwise….

    Simply believing the world is flat doesn’t change the fact that it’s round.

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  79. allytangclan says:

    Nice one, ous.

    Too psyched to the Hopetown print piece.

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  80. Anon says:

    I just wonder, when German and French people in there countries doesn’t want to speak English to you, it’s probably just the French or the Germans. They’re like that, but let one Afrikaans person talk to you in her language and it causes such a strong hatred. I’d say you went there with your preconcieved ideas and ended up seeing just what you wanted.

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  81. Lulz says:

    Hahaha is that a koeksister statue?!

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  82. rekkies says:

    To everybody out there the other ethnic groups where actually partaking in that war so to the people tuning afrikaans shit get your facts straight dumb asses we all were in that war together back then and if it wasnt for the afrikaners standing up we would be falling under british ruling dumbasses and you would still have been slaves so thanks to all the people that was involved in that war and to all the haters fuck you afrikaners is awsum

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