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London Calling

by Mahala High Five Brigade / 08.08.2012

The phone rings. “Allo, Mahala? Yeah this is Usain Bolt. Fancy popping over to London for a few bongs, a bit of a dance and some jerk chicken?”

“Yeah, alright.” We said.

And just like that the Mahala team were summoned to witness the tail-end of the London Olympics. That’s right folks, for the next 5 days, Mahala will be reporting live from the Jamaican capital of the London Olympics, the Puma Yard in Shoreditch. Expect more music than sport, some underground cultural muckracking, lots of Jamaican accents and a spot of hedonism. Much like that pole vaulter in the Banksy piece, we’ve finally made it over the fence!

Watch this space for our daily reports.

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