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Lolly Pop

Lolly Pop

by Brandon Edmonds, illustration by Rico / 01.10.2010

Here, in the absence of Hayibo!, we continue our list of 12 Local Satires just dying to be made.

Lolly Pop!
We are dropped into the mind of fugitive George Louca in this taut psychological thriller. He’s on the run for murdering Lolly Michaels – the owner of a chain of waxing salons called Tweezers. Louca, disguised as a Viagra wholesaler, haunts coastal resorts where he picks up divorcee’s with the promise of cut-rate depilation. The killer is driven to confess when visited by Lolly’s ghost who taunts him, “I’m not Jesus, Georgie, I’ll never forgive you!” Phillip Seymour Hoffman as Lolly’s ghost?

*Get involved! Use the comments section below as a script development workshop.

**Illustration © Rico.

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  1. creepy steve says:

    inividulanti security consultants from phoenix csi were alerted to the distubance on the bridge across from melrose arch the made it to the scene from shallcross in thier souped up 318i in under 10 minutes only to arrive after some fat fag had vreeted in the front seat of his merc. with nothing for them to do really they scooped the poor deceased fellows mags and tuned thier mate faizel from lenasia to came way and tow the bloody wreck

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  2. Anonymous says:

    This is me using the comment section as script-development workshop:

    Scrap the script altogether and do a remake of ‘There’s a Zulu on my Stoep!’. Might make you enough money to quit this job and start afresh.

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  3. j-boy says:

    i agree with anon.
    it should be a blouetjie: “there’s a zulu in my poes’; special appearance by Leon

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