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Lolly Pop

by Brandon Edmonds, illustration by Rico / 01.10.2010

Here, in the absence of Hayibo!, we continue our list of 12 Local Satires just dying to be made.

Lolly Pop!
We are dropped into the mind of fugitive George Louca in this taut psychological thriller. He’s on the run for murdering Lolly Michaels – the owner of a chain of waxing salons called Tweezers. Louca, disguised as a Viagra wholesaler, haunts coastal resorts where he picks up divorcee’s with the promise of cut-rate depilation. The killer is driven to confess when visited by Lolly’s ghost who taunts him, “I’m not Jesus, Georgie, I’ll never forgive you!” Phillip Seymour Hoffman as Lolly’s ghost?

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**Illustration © Rico.

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