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Hog Hoggidy Hog

Let’s get Fucked

by Max Barashenkov, images by Camilla Rose / 28.09.2010

Fuck TV, fuck newspapers, fuck radio, fuck online publications, fuck producers, fuck editors, fuck the whole media machine that cares not for the craft – be it music, be it photography, be it writing, be it any form of creation. Fuck the Sex Pistols, fuck the Ramones, fuck the Misfits and fuck punk rock. Fuck Trainspotting, fuck Bukowski, fuck Thompson, fuck this cynical post-modern world where every original emotion is reduced to a pre-packaged derivative of every original past thought. Fuck ideals, fuck belief, fuck the Jam Sandwich and fuck Mahala.

It is only halfway through the Hog Hoggidy Hog tour, at the camera crammed farce of a show for the SABC, that I finally understand what ‘punk’ actually means – it’s believing in something so hard that you don’t give a fuck about much else. You just do it, without support, without respect, without even hope, you just do it because you can’t not. You do it because it tears out of you and if you don’t release it, you will die as a human being. Punk can be anything – Lenin was punk, changing an entire society; Bill Gates is punk, with his drive for the ultra-rich to give up their wealth; the whole social media movement is punk because it is showing the business world a clever middle finger. Punk is stripped raw, beaten honest, flogged off pretentiousness and, sadly, goes hand in hand with near-constant disappointment. I realize this now, faced with unfortunate editorial retardation, but then I look at the sour faces of the Hogs as they mill about the utterly empty Bassline hall with the TV vultures flapping about them, trying to squeeze out scraps of coverage, to be cut, de-contextualized and perverted later. When did they realize what punk means? Surely it was at some early point of their 16 yearlong career? Then how are they still doing it? How are they not letting the weight of disillusionment sink them into their graves? That is the story I want to write, despite the ‘who gives a fuck’ snorts from around the office, and the Jam Sandwich affair confirmed that it is a story worth telling, even if just to myself.

Hog Hoggidy Hog

As with most things, the initial idea is great – pit two bands of totally conflicting styles and make them record a song together, videograph the whole process, supposedly look into their souls and broadcast as an hour-long program on national TV. And, by God, if the people producing it actually cared about music, it would have been magnificent – the mash-up track by the Hogs and the Terrible Twins, an ex-gangster Afrikaans rap duo from PE, is fucking amazing. If they cared about music, they would not put the bands through the humiliation of having to play a fake non-show to an empty hall, with day-time fill-lighting, for their ‘live performance’ shots. It is clear that the producer, whose beady eyes and wicked little smile inspires no trust, has never been to a rock show, all she is concerned with is putting the bands in compromising situations, pushing controversial topics down their throats. Add to that miles of bureaucratic red-tape, over-the-top secrecy about everything, lack of any real organizational skills and you will be vomiting at the mere sight of any television set you come into contact with. The cogs are turning, the machine is churning, but the Hogs are optimistic about not being crushed in the general sick of it all.

At one point, Lee Lips tells me that Mahala ‘are the punk rockers of the journalism world’ and, from him, that is the highest praise possible. Right now im not so sure if Mahala is really that punk, but let’s hope I’m wrong. Lets hope I’m very, very wrong.

*All images © Camilla Rose.

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  1. Pissed-Postmodernism says:

    Punk is Dead. Has been for a long time. Move on Max.

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  2. TVR says:

    It’s sick how the media manipulate us through our emotions and our evolutionary drive to fit in with the group just to make a quick buck; the ultimate tool of the machine to keep us in line.

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  3. If punk is dead, why are there so many punk rockers? The face of punk my have changed, but it sure as fuck isn’t dead.

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  4. Pissed-Postmodernism says:

    Oh dear, I am going to have to explain for those who don’t get it. I’m talking about punk as a force of musical innovation and social change. That age has come and gone. It’s a bit like saying that because there are many smooth-jazz performers around today that this has a significant influence on how we think about our place in society and the forces that shape it.

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  5. chief says:

    starts out trying to say a lot and then fizzles out, too short to have any great impact, heavily subjective and largely unsubstantiated. wank wank wank.

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  6. Righard says:

    Jam Sandwich is also a straight ripoff of the earlier show Headwrap, just with higher profile artists, diluted ideas and bigger budgets. In one episode of headwrap,, James webb collaborated with a dance group from some one horse town in the platteland somewhere, their collaboration ended up with the dancers walking over a carpet of broken bottles in front of the liquor store, all the town alcoholics looking on in grim amazement.

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  7. Mick Jagger says:

    What Max no good Photos to back up your Drivel this time?

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  8. ARG says:

    Wow, this is drivel. what is your point here? it seems you are trying to scare someone into doing something beneficial for you…thats not how the world works. greed, money and sloth. the world revolves around these things…not how “punk” our image is. people have lives to live and being the same person you were as a teeneager is not one of those things. disappointing.

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  9. that guy from locnville with the squinty eyes. says:



    argie, ruskie and a pole. FTW.
    i liked this short piece.
    mahala is not a place for 'punk', 'punk' is accepting and without judgement, an ideology that lets you be yourself. nothing to do with the genre or fashion or lifestyle. it's just a way of thinking about things and being considerate towards those around you. it's about not selling yourself short but living for the moment instead of worrying about the future. the dont give a fuck attitude is just a means reevaluate ones ideals and ethics, always asking why, always ready for an adventure.
    humility, respect, consideration, integrity and pride = 'punk'
    i fucking hate the word punk, it hardly describes what it really means.

    ramblerramble ramble on andonand ononandonrfuerhiulerbvbvbjrhvbejhvbjbberjnvcjerjhberjhbejrhbjehbrjberjberjhbvjehbvjebrvbrvbejhvbhebvjhbevbejvberv.
    who cares anyway.
    the internet will kill us all.

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  10. Mr Brian Green says:

    Childish vitriol. Meh, Max, meh!

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  11. Pissed-Postmodernism says:

    Hear what the master had to say many years back and then tell us what the word “punk” should mean today..

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  12. Bob says:

    UP DA PUNX!!!!

    Had to.

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  13. Don’t see how you can say that punk is not an instigator of social change, and I don’t see why it has to be. Its like saying the ANC doesn’t exist because the aren’t sticking to their former principles. Movements change, what once had catalytic impact now stands for a way of life. It will always have impact on social consciousness if people are listening to it, even if its just so you know that someone out there holds the same opinions that you do.

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  14. Bloem Crust says:

    fuck me, most of the people that read this website are inbred retards, because they clearly can’t READ. from what I gather, in this piece, ‘punk’ has very little to do with the music (punk rock), sure the dude uses the Hogs as an example but they are just the foil – he is talking about their SPIRIT. and those dumb fucks that are going on about ‘growing up’ and ‘moving on’, did you not read the sentence about Lenin, Gates and social media? Those are prime examples of moving on and growing up. Jesus, Gates started out as a monopolist capitalist and has turned his game 180 degrees…that’s fucking PUNK.

    people like you, multiple anon cunts, should be castrated and banished into the wastelands

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  15. Nick Frost says:

    These comments are punk.

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  16. Anonymous says:

    punk rock in a new face and fresh content is deeply appreciated.

    the punk rock people like cami are defending, the weekend warriors, to whom it’s a social fashion trend, is dead.
    Punk rock relied on originality and pushing the envelope. Decades later we got shitty south african based bands pushing the same ideals, mohawks, pleather jackets and drawing pins from too long ago, and hoping it’s still relevant. But that is not the definition of originality, or being an individual. It’s a sheep in other clothing, maybe a whole herd of black sheep, but still a herd and still sheep.
    where is the new, the fresh, the boundary pushing, envelope bending change making music? i’m not talking about cami’s dirty suburban friends who pretend they got it tough and import ideals from their international bands to rage against. I’m talking about real honest positive change. From the music to the scene. the BEST the JHB punk scene can do, it would seem, to prove they are punk rock, are hold punk rock gigs where they gather together and convince each other how punk rock they are. I hear now they are, gasp, going to take over the Edenvale skate park and have a show. Thats so punk rock. They’re picturing riots if anyone except some bored policemen care, cause they’re working on a ‘bail’ fund. The other fund is the ‘beer’ fund. THIS IS PUNK ROCK! GETTING DRUNK AND POSSIBLY ARRESTED! RAH RAH. And arrested for drinking in public or possibly some kind of noise violation. Wow thats effecting real change! Taking one back for the punk rockers!!!

    I wish these people could see how much of an antithesis to punk rock they really are.
    If they went constantly riding around on high horses I wouldn’t feel the need to drag them off.
    You’re just another niche in the underground, just anither trend, and your ufashilon is as uniform as any other, and defines you more than your ideals do.

    Punk rock is about getting off your ass and doing something while everyone stands around and watches.

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  17. I'm JUST saying says:

    The comment above this is better than the article itself.

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  18. Anonymous says:

    punk rockers kill punk rock.
    There is no oither ‘scene’ that comes with so many opinions and so much arrogance, and such a big gap between the two and any actual action, in that everyone is standing around getting drunk and no one is out there being punk rock.
    Oh wait, getting punk rock means gettign dso drunk you trash something and then dont remember it right?
    Doesn’t it embarass or motivate you ‘punk rockers’ to be more? I’m not talking about hosting an edgy show where everyone gets drunk and doesn’t give a FUCK. I’m not talking about importing decades all anti establishment ideals from other countries. I’m not talking about the past at all. How about a future. A new fresh and unwritten one. One that makes changes. Is original. You know, punk rock?

    Max hinted at a better and broader definition of punk rock. It’s a pitty I’m sitting tryign to pull apart the common conception of it, but thats not my fault it mutated into something so gay.

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  19. Max says:

    @im just saying – agreed. especially the last sentence

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  20. Max says:

    punk has NOTHING to do with getting drunk. at all.

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  21. How can an outsider know what it feels like to be part of anothers society? Except by emmersing and understanding. Fighting battles by slinging words at something of which one is unfamiliar is a common response I find. But its obvious that you’re pulling off of stereotypical knowledge, and have no deeper understanding of the ethos. Are actions from your perspective may seem pointless from your narrowed point of view. But if you would like to continue to judge then feel welcome, you’re not going to change any punks opinions about themselves.

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  22. Anonymous says:

    my opinions are well founded.
    to the point that i’d like to remain annonymous. This is coming from ‘inside the ranks’.
    Dissent leads, hopefully, to revolution.

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  23. Like your definition of what punk means Max, sums up the emotion nicely, but it skips abit on the context. But the idea of no hope is a pertinent one. That feeling like nothing can be changed coz the same system keeps perpetuatng itself. From the Myans through to now, societys grow and decay. Might as well do what makes us happy.. If we’re all hedonists in the end. And if the prescriibed system doesn’t make you happy, then work outside of it. If we’re all a bunch of hedonists

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  24. So what you’re saying is the punk scene must first be dissolved before it can be revolutionized. But still implying that there is something there to be disintegrated?

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  25. You may not be pushing the envelope but I know that some of us definatley are.

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  26. Anonymous says:

    what needs to be dissolved, and quickly, are ‘punk rockers’ sprouting off lines like, ‘That feeling like nothing can be changed coz the same system keeps perpetuatng itself. From the Myans through to now’


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  27. Anonymous says:

    See I’m all opionated and acting like a dick cause I’m confident with what I have actually done, with my own two hands
    Tell me how the punk movement is effectign change? Some examples? Not even in our society, even just for themselves….? You’re immersed in the culture, you should have some easy and handy references?
    Ways that dont involve getting drunk i mean.

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  28. damndemons says:

    @anon, sorry man, but i gotta say you are the douchebag in this mix.

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  29. Donny says:

    Oh max you are so so punk and so hardcore

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  30. Punk rocker from yester year says:

    Punk = Freedom

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  31. Brett says:

    YES! Does this mean I can have your Fiend Skull belt buckle then? Gimme!

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  32. Pancho s Rancho says:

    shame, i feel bad for Max, such a misreading of the piece.

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  33. Brett says:

    Oh for sure. People are now just attacking Max based on the assumption that his articles are going to be kak-stirring pieces of meanie-ness. Max is a good writer, despite being an evil Siberian man hooker.

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  34. Bob says:

    I’m so punk I don’t care if people kak my comments.
    What now mother fuckers?!
    What fucking now?!
    But seriously, good article, punk will always be more of a mindset than a trend.

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  35. joburg tom says:

    if punk is dead then its time for a resurrection of biblical proprtions. the punk i know is exactly how the actual article describes it. surely its about saying ‘fuck the rules, im gonna do it how i wanna do it’. the punk rockers killed punk because they transmuted that statement into ‘lets get drunk!!!’ that’s bullshit, it’s about making a difference.

    I agree where is the originality of music these days, everything just seems to be recycled the 70’s, now the 80’s… what the fuck what about 2010? there needs to be a new kind of punk, yeas the face is changing, but the ethics should stay the same, itsno use going back to a diluted sense of punk. move forward, but learn from the past

    Lennon was punk. Lenin was punk. Jesus was punk (for the sake of punk dont get offended by that). Punk is a way of life, but come on, fuck trainspotting???

    Oi! Oi! Oi!

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  36. Does being punk mean we have to affect social change? I don’t think so, I agree that its a mindset. And we work to perpetuate it and the lifestyle that we want to live. Don’t have to go force our moral or ideals on other people. I think that is in essence what effecting social change would be, shoving your opinions down the throats of others. And that definatly isn’t a necessary condition of being punk.

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  37. Andrew says:

    Horrible Pics!!!!

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  38. mike says:

    I think u should have stopped after the first paragraph. That was good. The rest – kind of like … Detrimental to the first good bit. Like, wishy-washy, yeah yeah,

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  39. Anonymous says:

    Jou ma se punk

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  40. Wit Afrikaner boer seun who loves to hate God says:

    This is fucking radical! These words sprout from something totally fucking epic and some one super fucking rad!

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  41. jizzinthegastank says:

    Psychobilly is about jerking off in a cemetery.


    Not that anyone cares – ‘cos psychobilly is so fucking retarded.

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  42. Mambo says:


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  43. Anonymous says:

    can one of you please tell me what makes the CURRENT punk rock movement in Sa relevant or special? ‘It’s a mindset’ doesn’t cut it.

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  44. Bob says:

    So Anon didn’t get it…
    Read the article again. Please.

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  45. Michael says:

    It just smells funny.

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  46. Anonymous says:

    ‘You just dont get it MAN!’
    Sure, sure. Best defence DUDES.

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  47. Jam Sandwich says:

    they played live because we needed live footage, its that simple, its sad cos bands who’ve been going for years don’t have quality stuff of themselves on stage, we invited a few folks to attend but the fact that no one came to a Free show could also be based on the hogs and twinz not punting to their fans as they had big guarantee gigs going down as well that week (we shot at those too…)

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  48. puked_on says:

    A lot of debate about something I’ve had on my mind for years. At Anonymous, Punk as it stands today is not a movement, you’re right there. It’s mostly a bunch of people who hold on to ideas more than anything else. Relevance? Isn’t personal freedom relevant? Punk wasn’t ALL about affecting social change. It was just about doing it your own way and accepting that everyone else should be able to do the same. You’re too hung up on the idea that all things punk should say or do something. If you’re “in the ranks” as you say, do something instead moaning on Mahala. Then if you really were in the ranks you should have thought of that yourself.

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  49. nicolaas a.K.a pReSiDeNt says:

    Fuck punk his dunk because the terrible twins ur the best:Dthey started afrikaans rap nd will finish it to not like that so called rappers from langville what ur they names wolfe doner se dom golfe….rap gud wati sin maki lmimsbp

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