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Last Sunday

Images by Jacques Snow / 06.11.2011

Last Sunday, 13H55, Cape Town

Last Sunday - Oh shit!
Last Sunday - Misfits
Last Sunday - Bloody Fedoras
Last Sunday - Rockabilly  is Dead
Last Sunday - Nourishment
Last Sunday - Zipperface
Last Sunday - Undead MC
Last Sunday - Zombie Brain
Last Sunday - It's Hard Being A Municipal Worker
Last Sunday - WTF
Last Sunday - Braaaaaaa
Last Sunday - One-eyed Crazy
Last Sunday - Ketchup?
Last Sunday - Hangover Sunday

*All images © Jacques Snow

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  1. argento says:

    Yawn of the dead

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  2. georgie says:

    Looks like fun but it would be nice to know what is going on here?

    Is it just the thrill of dressing up that got these folks to convene on the streets, or are was there free food and beer involved too?

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  3. georgie says:

    Er, since we speak correct English at Mahala please remove the extra “are” in the sentence above!

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  4. Anonymous says:

    @Georgie: So far as Im aware it was to raise funds for a charity that helps abandoned and abused animals.

    Most folks just did it for shits and giggles, though.

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  5. georgie says:

    @Anonymous Ah, that’s nice to hear (the charity and the shits and gigs).

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  6. polony says:

    another all white party?

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  7. where's wally says:


    2nd photo, vertically centered, one fifth from the left.

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  8. polony says:

    @where’s wally:
    well spotted, 5 points…

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  9. Anonymous says:

    i was there and yes it was a mostly white party but it’s an open invitation so maybe it’s just white folk that wish to be re-animated dead. as for why – mostly, why not? and yes there was a charity element (http://www.luckylucy.org/). a deal was made with Mitchel’s brewery at the v&a waterfront for 10% of the night’s take to go to the charity.

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  10. Diva says:

    Actually NOT an all white party. I was there with a few of my friends and last I checked only 1 of us are white… Check some more pics here: http://amandacooper.co.za/2011/11/01/zombie-walk-cape-town-2011/#more-654

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  11. Poor Whites says:

    If they have fun together it has to be a charity event.

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  12. humz says:

    They should do this for black tuesday! Maybe it will scare govt into behaving

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