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Kola Boof and her Boobs

by Lindokuhle Nkosi / 16.01.2012

Kola Boof, infamously immortalised in a documentary as “the whore of Africa”, has been linked to a long chain of controversial public persons. Muammar Ghaddafi (untrue, she says), Osama bin Laden (her story vascillates between being kept as a sex slave against her will, and admitting to being his mistress), Benjamin Netanyahu (she denies this), Sudanese opposition leader Hassan al-Turabi, Bobby Mugabe (just friends) and most recently our very own dancing president, the right honourable Jacob Zuma.

On Monday, the 2nd of January, Ms. Boof tweeted that Jacob Zuma had once sent her roses and invited her to South Africa to spend the weekend with him, after complimenting her on her, “huge, natural boobs”.

And then followed up with: “But “I am NOT flying to South Africa to be fucked for an entire weekend by a president who might have Aids.” This after sending a tweet request to rich men who want to bed her, so she can afford to move into a new house.

Mr Loverman?

Apparently, Zuma “fell in love” after watching her being interviewed about her relationship with Osama Bin Laden. He contacted her asking to meet. She declined. Later, he somehow managed intercept naked pictures of her that were meant to end up in the pipe-smoking palms of her then presidential crush, Thabo Mbeki. After incessantly calling her, she changed her phone number, but the big G, Mzansi’s James Bond, managed to get hold of her on that number as well.

In a statement released on her website, Kola Boof says she believes that her story is being used as a political smear campaign against the president.

“There is nothing sexual and never has been between myself and Jacob Zuma – nor any of the other leaders that I am friends with, Prime Minister Netanyahu, Robert Mugabe to name the ones I’ve visited more than once… Those who have read my autobiography are well aware of the details of the “hostess jobs” I held in the mid-1990’s working for these men.”

I did not have sexual relations with that woman

The South African response to her allegations has been impassioned and varied. While she claims that Mac Maharaj, (or “Maharaji” as Boof calls him), called her and insulted her; everyday South Africans have taken to the social media networks to air their views. A few scattered patriots felt the need to defend their president, saying that her claims are false, that their dear president, with his many wives, would never have any interest in her. Some called her a cheap whore and a prostitute, others lauded her courage and bravery, while many felt that her unsubstantiated claims were a desperate cry for attention.

Kola Boof has published, to mild success, an autobiography. No stranger to controversy, she’s been known to hold some pretty contentious views on interracial dating, mixed-raced persons, race and sexuality. As a child, she underwent vaginal infibulation and while an outspoken “womanist”, she has openly condemned the practice, she still boasts that her “pin-hole” vagina is the reason that she is able to attract such high-profile men.

Love a man in Uniform

It wasn't me

You must be joking?

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