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Jou Ma Se Fan

Jou Ma Se Fan

by Andy Davis / 14.05.2010

So you remember Die Antwoord right? They’ve exploded all over the interweb, signed a major record deal, played Coachella and are scheduled to play with MIA and NERD in LA in July this year. They’re international superstars, and they’re freaking out fans around the world. This dude with the tattoo is Daphyd Sens. He posted a picture of his fresh chop on Die Antwoord’s Facebook page. And since Ninja no longer returns our calls, we take what we can get our hands on. Like what would make a seemingly nice young man from the Netherlands decide to get the Afrikaans for, “your mother’s cunt in a fishpaste jar” permanently inked on his skin?

Daphyd: Oke nice… uuh, the questions..

Mahala: Where are you from?

I am From Eindhoven, the Netherlands

What do you do for a living?

I work in a Cafe/Bar (the Altstadt) in Eindhoven. Its an alternative pub, with live acts also.

How did you come across Die Antwoord?

Someone told me a bit about the track “Beat Boy” . I liked it very much when I heard the song. So I decided to look over the “interweb” for more things… and thats the way I got the answer… “die antwoord”.

What do you think of them?

I think of them in a very good way, I like their style… it’s realy like a U.F.O. Like they say… Its totally new shit. And the language cuz they’re using some Dutch in it… I really like that.

What do you think of South Africa?

It’s Fucking awesome… Me and a friend of mine, who is a rapper also, decided to visit South Africa soon. Maybe this year, maybe next… but soon.

Why did you decide to tattoo the words “your mother’s cunt in a fishpaste jar” on on your arm?

Cuz it makes no sense what is almost my last name too (Sens). I really like Yolandi Visser’s attitude.

Why a tattoo?

Cuz when you write it with a marker, and when it rains or in the shower it will disappear.

Do you know you got the “se” and “s’n” mixed up?

Yeah, I did it cuz I didn’t want to copy it letterly and it says the same.

Are you gonna fix it?

Fix it? Its on purpose. Haha.

Die Antwoord are playing at the 3 Arts in Cape Town on Saturday 5 June. Check it here.

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  1. filipa says:

    ahahahahah!!! thats POES funny!

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  2. Sean says:

    I’m pretty sure this was Waddy’s plan all along. That’s too awesome.

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  3. nissim says:

    that’s the problem with sensi – you land up having to have another one to forget the stupid things you did after the last one

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  4. Silwer Poes says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong – and it it may have been Daphyd’s intention – but doesn’t his translation mean ‘Your mother is a cunt in a fishpaste jar’?

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  5. Dog says:

    shame. either way. shame.

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  6. D sens says:

    @ Silwer Poes

    Thats a Good one!

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  7. Genny says:

    What a frikken chop!

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  8. arnaud says:

    Well I s’pose that’s worthy of making the CULTURE pages in SA: a waiter from Holland puts a tattoo on his arm.

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  9. the idiot says:

    Pathetic! Get over Die Antwoord and all the pointless peripheral crap that surrounds them and find some real cultural issues.


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  10. illem says:

    big up to my man daphyd! dope piece, respect the mans choices, bless

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  11. Sean says:

    @arnaud and the idiot,

    Isn’t there a Barry Ronge book or something you should be reading instead of ragging on coverage of the biggest thing to come out of S.A. right now? Shame. And the idiot, did you really say fail? Really? What are you, twelve?

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  12. Realism Puh-leez says:

    Wakey Wakey Sean. There’s a H-U-G-E difference between RELEVANT coverage of a local band making it big and a waste of space about some arb moron who tattoos himself with derivative vulgarity that he doesn’t even understand.

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  13. Sean says:

    True, but Die Antwoord have flipped the idea of what’s normal and “relevant” on it’s head and this is the result. I’m pretty sure Waddy would laugh at this cat if he saw this, but this is the monster he’s created. Very relevant I’d say. Carry on Mahala.

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  14. Roger Young says:

    @Realism Puh-leez

    Define RELEVANT.

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  15. Realism Puh-leez says:

    Pronunciation: ‘re-l&-v&nt
    Function: adjective
    1 : tending logically to prove or disprove a fact of consequence or to make the fact more or less probable and thereby aiding the trier of fact in making a decision relevant>; also : having a bearing on or reasonably calculated to lead to a matter that bears on any issue in a case for purposes of pretrial discovery —see also relevant

    here’s another one
    pe·dan·tic (pə-dān’tĭk)
    adj. Characterized by a narrow, often ostentatious concern for book learning and formal rules: a pedantic attention to details.
    pe·dan’ti·cal·ly adv.

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  16. Roger Young says:

    Did you just argue against yourself?

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  17. King Mob says:

    Fuckin hell, some of you birdies take yourselves way too seriously, this is fine, not the most epic thing ive seen all morning, yawn, but really, theres room on the internet for all kinds of minutia, if you want institutionally professional journalism, or higher-brow culture, DONT COME TO MAHALA, i mean, you can, there’s no harm reading a simple comment by a self-important prick,
    but really, learn your lessons, move along, love yourself, and all that shit.
    This dude, fuck, i don’t know, i wouldn’t get that tattoo, but it is kind of funny and ridiculous, so props to him for doing it. Welcome to the age of senseless preoccupation, now that some of us really have nothing better to do, and no concept thereof.

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  18. backatcha says:

    @King Mob


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  19. BM says:

    jsus are there really no other South Africans making it big out there?
    I’m really looking forward to watching Brendon Moeller perform at Berghain in Berlin. Why not google him.

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  20. Sean says:

    Ok BM, googled Brendon Moeller and found one of about a billion house produders/djs living on the planet. He also no longer lives in SA and produces music that is in no way relevant to our country, unlike the group that’s got dudes in Europe tattooing themselves with stupid shit. So the answer to your question is no, there are no other SA artists out there making it big. For now. Who knows what kind of doors Die Antwoord are opening up all over the world?

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  21. BM says:

    “He also no longer lives in SA and produces music that is in no way relevant to our country,”
    because you’ve really listened to his output enough to form your expert opinion.

    Actually playing clubs like Berghain and Fabric, running an independent record label in New York and managing another one with one of the greatest dance production legends of the last 20 years is making it big in my book, but you may differ, given the ten minutes it took for Die Antwoord’s YouTube career to take off. I guess similarly Bodycode, a dude from the (actual) Cape Flats now playing major festivals all over the world and releasing albums on highly prestigious US and European labels is also making culturally irrelevant (read 4/4, house, techno or whatever your particular prejudice is) music. If only he took out his front teeth, got some mates to draw some chops on him and vloeked a lot, he’s at least be putting us on the map, and paying tribute to his Cape Flats roots while making us all laugh. Culoe de Song? Spoek Mathambo? DJ Mujava? If only they could come up with a gimmick that really worked. Thank god they don’t give a toss what the hipsters think and continue to express themselves through quality music rather than a new concept every 6 months.

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  22. backatcha says:

    BM, you speak my language.

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  23. Silwer Poes says:

    Re: Sean’s quote: “He also no longer lives in SA and produces music that is in no way relevant to our country,”

    Sheesh Dude!

    What exactly is ‘music relevant to our country’ – I’d be really interested to hear what you’re gonna tell us…

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  24. Roger Young says:

    Here’s a thought, off the very top of my head.

    Just because someone is South African and doing well, doesn’t mean they’re making interesting music.

    Just because a South African is making interesting music doesn’t mean it has to be about South Africa.

    It just has to be interesting. If it’s generic house music, i don’t find it interesting. That’s just my opinion of course.

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  25. Sean says:

    Re: Silwer Poes

    Music relevant to our country would be music that has a particular flavour that cannot be found anywhere else in the world, a flavour that is uniquely Seff Efrican. In this particular case it’s music that’s making people go “woah, where the fuck are these cats from?”, which, despite all the “cultured” haters, is exactly what Die Antwoord are doing. And don’t you think there might be one or two A&R guys, or producers, or record heads or whoever in the States or Europe who might think to themselves “Gee, these Die Ant-Word guys are pretty interesting. Where’re they from? Oh, South Africa you say? I wonder what else I might discover if I turn my attention that way?”

    As good as any generic house dj/producer may be, they’re just another house dj/producer in a very very big pot of house dj/producers. And Roger’s right, just because someone’s South African and doing well doesn’t mean they’re making interesting music (take Arno Carstens for example) and we all have to sing their praises from the rooftops, but Die Antwoord are drawing major international attention to our music industry and that can’t be a bad thing.

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  26. Sliwer Poes says:

    This is the thing. What is it to be uniquely South African and why are we all so determined to stamp some sort-of identity on something as sacred as music? I realise this discussion is centred around popular music but I get the feeling that too often the reasons we like some things are loaded and one forgets that you either like it or not.

    The magic of music is that it is the only language / art (ever…) that requires no previous knowledge to be understood – where being uniquely South African fits into that I’m not sure – for sure you’re a sum of your influences but we live in a time when people can be influenced by Ukranian folk music and live in Ventersdorp. Now would someone making Ukranian folk music in Ventersdorp that impressed even the Ukranian Folk Maestro’s, be something that does not belong as part of our heritage? The Rolling Stones are a British group who rose to fame making music that sounded like old African American blues. Does that make them any less British?
    Being South African myself and a musician, I often scrabble for some sort-of definition to being South African. Music however, frees me from everything – my cultural heritage, my social standing or even the way I felt when I got up in the morning. It’s all absolutely meaningless when you’re in music’s rapture, whether making it or listening to it.

    What else could you possibly need?
    If music is from your heart, people will understand – all else will follow.

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  27. Sean says:

    I completely agree. I too am a musician and pretty much only play the blues, no South African cultural influences in there whatsoever. But this thread isn’t discussing how much we all love music, it was reaction to some knob (actually two knobs) complaining about the Die Antwoord taking up space on “cultural” pages when they’re pretty much blowing up worldwide. I’ve just been in Germany and met a cat who asked me if I knew them, and this was in a small town in the countryside and not Berlin. When that kind of stuff happens you can’t help but be proud to be Saffa, that’s all.

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  28. backatcha says:

    Whooah, Sean – let’s not make convenient generalisations here. This “knob” is questioning whether coverage about the personal habits of some arbitrary DA fan overseas is worthwhile. That’s a fair diistance from complaining about the amount of first-hand coverage that the band gets.

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  29. BM says:

    This ‘knob’ is trying to suggest that the landscape of ‘South Effricans making it big overseas’ may not be as desolate as Sean thinks it is and that perhaps some column width could be given to others who are making their (interesting) contribution instead of another article on an act that has received overwhelming coverage on this website already and whom we are all well aware is ‘blowing up worldwide’.

    To quote you Sean ‘I wonder what else I might discover if I turn my attention that way?”

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  30. DJ Mujava says:


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  31. DJ Mujava says:


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  32. Cat says:

    Heish. The “s’n” in his tattoo should be “se”.


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  33. Kitt says:

    He should be on we.are.wankers.com

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  34. Terminator says:

    Hey, moronic or artistic, each one’s tattoo choice remains his/her own.
    Here’s some interesting SA music you probably never heard:

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  35. wholosttheplot says:

    Jy dink jy’s zeffer as ekke

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  36. Frankie says:

    Sure got everyone talking! And quickly!

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  37. Roger Young says:

    Yo! Cat, did you even read the article?

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  38. arnaud says:

    @ Sean , you know, this cultured knob never mentioned Die Antwoord. He was merely reacting to a Dutch waiter having a tatto on his arm, and wondering in what way this is relevant to a culture page. He was not deriding the universal cultural upheaval and revolution that Die Antwoord have unleashed in China, Mongolia, Moscow, New York, the Pitcairn Islands and small villages south of (wow! ) Berlin.
    Pity the group you admire and adore no longer returns your calls. Which makes it a little more difficult to hop onto the gravy train of international music industry you hope will be rolling over SA, in search of more “Whoah fucking awesome shit, man”. So you (mahala)have to take what you can , as you say. Nothing worse than not beeing hip and missing out on the big issues.
    Thanks Davyd Sens and Mahala for making clear once more that our cultural horizon is a stuffy provincial spookhouse on the far end of the world, where every fart becomes a opera.

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  39. Sean says:

    @ arnaud,

    Is it lonely up there on your high horse?

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  40. scat-o-logic says:

    The only thing kakker than a kak article on mahala is the kak comment that comes after.

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  41. Sliwer Poes says:

    Ahem… Scat-0-logic… Given your name, is that a compliment or an insult?

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  42. arnaud says:

    @ Sean,
    it tends to be lonely when you don’t fall in with the crowd who thinks “mothers cunt in a fishpaste jar” is funny or civilized.

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  43. arnaud says:

    Last night on “Maas op Maandag” i heard some die Antwoord, after that Deon played more obscure Afrikaans hip hop stuff from Franschoek and PE and the Flats. THOSE are the guys I want to hear more about, relevant, hard hitting social commentary, imaginative and clever compositions and rhythms. Very abrasive and very much South African NOW. Maybe they don’t have a platform because the opinionmakers will rather wallow in the alledged fame of those who have left our shores, maybe they don’t have a platform because they are just to good and true to lie. Next week at nine on RSG will be Deons last show, it promises to be a cracker.

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  44. Jayt says:

    irriot! <3

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  45. the bear's woods says:

    hey DJ Mujava, you got some decent props in the latest Wire’s review of the Ayobaness compilation of SA house.

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  46. the bear's woods says:

    BTW doesnt ‘ma se poes’ mean ‘mother’s cat’ in dutch?

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  47. Daphyd says:

    No, it means mothers cunt in dutch…Moeders kut, poes, vagina..etc.!


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