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Jou Ma Se Fan

by Andy Davis / 14.05.2010

So you remember Die Antwoord right? They’ve exploded all over the interweb, signed a major record deal, played Coachella and are scheduled to play with MIA and NERD in LA in July this year. They’re international superstars, and they’re freaking out fans around the world. This dude with the tattoo is Daphyd Sens. He posted a picture of his fresh chop on Die Antwoord’s Facebook page. And since Ninja no longer returns our calls, we take what we can get our hands on. Like what would make a seemingly nice young man from the Netherlands decide to get the Afrikaans for, “your mother’s cunt in a fishpaste jar” permanently inked on his skin?

Daphyd: Oke nice… uuh, the questions..

Mahala: Where are you from?

I am From Eindhoven, the Netherlands

What do you do for a living?

I work in a Cafe/Bar (the Altstadt) in Eindhoven. Its an alternative pub, with live acts also.

How did you come across Die Antwoord?

Someone told me a bit about the track “Beat Boy” . I liked it very much when I heard the song. So I decided to look over the “interweb” for more things… and thats the way I got the answer… “die antwoord”.

What do you think of them?

I think of them in a very good way, I like their style… it’s realy like a U.F.O. Like they say… Its totally new shit. And the language cuz they’re using some Dutch in it… I really like that.

What do you think of South Africa?

It’s Fucking awesome… Me and a friend of mine, who is a rapper also, decided to visit South Africa soon. Maybe this year, maybe next… but soon.

Why did you decide to tattoo the words “your mother’s cunt in a fishpaste jar” on on your arm?

Cuz it makes no sense what is almost my last name too (Sens). I really like Yolandi Visser’s attitude.

Why a tattoo?

Cuz when you write it with a marker, and when it rains or in the shower it will disappear.

Do you know you got the “se” and “s’n” mixed up?

Yeah, I did it cuz I didn’t want to copy it letterly and it says the same.

Are you gonna fix it?

Fix it? Its on purpose. Haha.

Die Antwoord are playing at the 3 Arts in Cape Town on Saturday 5 June. Check it here.

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