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by Mooketsi Nthite / 01.01.2015

Originally published on 22 September 2014

The Dagga Party could have made progress toward the legalisation of weed in SA had it competed in the 2014 National Elections. Unfortunately the party didn’t register because it couldn’t deposit the 200 grand required from each political party by the March deadline. After that, newspapers had a field day creating ambiguous headlines about how DP’s high hopes went up in smoke; dismissing the party as nothing serious and re-assuring conservatives that cannabis legalisation in SA will forever be a ‘pipe dream’… but, was the party really stubbed out?

One glance at their Facebook page; Iqela Lentsango: The Dagga Party of South Africa, which is at 33 000 Likes and has brazen comments like ‘legalise dagga for all!’ on its wall, suggests otherwise. And party leader Jeremy Acton, who’s been fervantly leading the DP since its formation in 2009, says shit is only getting started.

Mooketsi Nthite: Why couldn’t the Dagga Party make the IEC registration deadline?

Jeremy Acton: After asking the public for donations so we could contest, we only got an R8 550 donation from Canada and a R4 000 donation from the South African movement towards the R200 000 needed. So we did not have enough time to raise the R188 000 still needed before the 24 March deadline.

Why didn’t you sell some weed to raise the remaining amount?

Of course I considered that the cultivation of cannabis might fund the Dagga Party, but R188 000 is a lot of weed to sell! We also didn’t have the time to grow it or ask for donations when we realised our donor was not able to assist with such a huge amount. Before anyone gets upset about the notion of growing weed to fund a political cause, because that would be against the law, I will simply ask the question – whose law? The Illicit Drugs and Trafficking Act has never been open to public participation in its formulation, and was simply retained from the apartheid era legislation that was in force.

So are you blaming apartheid for the persecution of weed smokers today?

Yes, apartheid and SA’s British colonisers. Prohibition stems from the original racist views of the British Crown towards indigenous people, and has since been pushed by the global money elite to ensure their control of markets, to promote a fascist war on people and to prevent people’s access to this resource. On the other hand, opinion polls in South Africa average about 55% for the legalisation of cannabis for recreational use, and a further 25% say it should be for medicinal use only, while about 20% do not think it should be legal. If democracy was applied on the dagga issue, it would be legal and regulated. So I ask again – whose law?

If the criminalisation of weed is an apartheid legacy, then why hasn’t the ANC legalised marijuana yet?

I’d also like to ask the ANC why, when it took power, did it turn the apartheid police, helicopters and dogs back onto their own people who had grown dagga for them during the struggle? The answer is: because it sold out to the money powers that control all governments. It is noted in a thesis by C. Paterson that the struggle movement in South Africa grew weed in the homelands to help overthrow Apartheid (Prohibition & Resistance: A Socio-Political Exploration of the Changing Dynamics of the Southern African Cannabis Trade, c. 1850 – the present). If the ANC and friends could use dagga to overthrow their oppressors, the Dagga Party should do the same.

Who are these “money powers that control all governments” you refer to?

Governments are controlled by corporate and banking powers that don’t want to see cannabis made legal. These corporations include the fossil carbon, pharmaceutical, biotech, forestry, synthetic fibre, cotton, alcohol, tobacco, and banking sectors. I wrote an article called “Cannabis Vs Vested Interests” which explains how and why the valuable characteristics of the Cannabis plant would, if legalised, impact upon the markets, social control and profits of these corporations.

Are you talking about the Illuminati?

They have many names, but they are the global banking elite who own the United States Federal Reserve Bank and most of the reserve banks and commercial banks around the world, including our own Reserve Bank. This elite cabal, known also as the New World Order is controlled at its heart by the Rothschild family, which has directly controlled ALL of South African politics since the days of Cecil John Rhodes. Today the ANC implements NWO goals, and the prohibition of dagga is one of their methods of enforcing NWO rule.

What would happen to users in trouble with police if DP was in parliament?

All pending cases would be dropped. All existing prisoners in jail for weed would be released. All citizens with previous dagga convictions would have their criminal records for dagga wiped clean from the SAP and Department of Justice databases. We also insist on reparations where citizens had rights violated or where citizens were assaulted or killed in the drug war against dagga.

Could large corporations benefit from dagga legalisation?

The legalisation of cannabis can go very wrong if it is not legalised correctly into the present corporate paradigm, where corporations and the state might only allow certain growers to grow on a mega scale, while the average person is limited to a few plants in his yard. If legalised into today’s seed law paradigm, the dagga genetics will be acquired by the corporations, and they will modify it and claim it as their own patent. Dagga genetics must be legally placed into the hands of the local communities. Legislation therefore has to be carefully crafted by the people, the very dagga culture itself, to ensure this.


Most cool kids hate calling weed ‘dagga’. Couldn’t you have settled for a better name?

The word dagga originally comes from the ancient Khoi word ‘dacha’ which was used for the plant. The San also have a word ‘taxa’ which means high or intoxicated. The ‘ga’ sound is what gives the word its ‘derogatory’ Afrikaner effect. We incorporated dagga into the party name because it takes the oppressors’ word and uses it against them. By calling ourselves the Dagga Party we have forced society to wake up to the reasons for the very existence of the party, which is that dagga is also cannabis, which can be used to treat cancer. We must all say it very loud, “DAGGA!”

So, where to from here?

We continue with forming our groups at ward level in preparation for the 2016 local elections, where we hope to gain some council seats in the municipalities we contest in. We also continue the fight in the courts and in assisting citizens facing charges to apply for a stay of their prosecutions and to summon the state to justify the law, thus building a mass action through the courts as well as at the ballots. We are gearing up now for the big hearings in the various High Courts around the country.

How can interested citizens contribute to the movement?

They can contact us for links to brochures that can be downloaded and printed and shared with their friends. We need to spread awareness and support of the Dagga Party to a tipping point for the change WE want to see. We ask that local members of the Dagga Culture get together and form Dagga Party Ward groups, and let us know about their group. We also need volunteers to translate our brochures into indigenous languages, and to join www.facebook.com/DaggaParty to stay in contact with the network.


Jeremy Acton’s Dagga Story
Just like his allies The Dagga Couple, Jeremy is a respectable middle-aged South African, and has his own ‘Dagga Story’ to tell involving the usual police harassment and jail time. His story began in 1986 in the army barracks of the old PW Botha government, when military conscription for white males in SA was mandatory.

“My first joint was in 1987 in the army when I had a puff on one going around the bungalow. It made me thoughtful and introverted but I did not sense a narcotic effect.

I started puffing after leaving the army and at the time was reading The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge by Carlos Castaneda, who explains the shamanic use of plants as personal ‘allies’. Dagga gradually became my Ally Plant. I met so many amazing South Africans of all cultures and backgrounds through using dagga, that I gradually became convinced that we in our diversity are a culture centred around this great plant cannabis sativa, and that we the Daggarookers, AmaDaggaDagga are such a huge group that SA cannot be called a free nation until the dagga culture is free.

I wasn’t arrested for weed until 3 January 2011 in Montagu. The arrest was for a tablespoon of dagga pips. I refused to pay the R50 fine and embarked on a quest to stay my prosecution in the Cape Town High Court, just as the Dagga Couple had done in Gauteng. The DP got registered in the Langeberg Municipality of the Western Cape, and further visits by the police led to three more arrests.

The High Court application in the Western Cape failed, but fortunately the charges were provisionally withdrawn in 2012 for administrative reasons. The reinstatement of one charge took me back to the High Court and on 18 March 2014 I succeeded in getting a stay of prosecution, but failed to make it an order that granted everyone a similar nationwide stay, based on the principle of the Section 9 Equal Rights of All Before the Law in the Bill Of Rights. By gaining this experience in the court (without the use of lawyers) I have since helped others to file similar papers and also to summons the State to justify the law before they are prosecuted. The High Courts in the Eastern Cape, KZN, Western Cape and South Gauteng now all have cases pending, and more are on the way.

I am not in the clear however. The Montagu police have recently called me to appear in Montagu Magistrate’s Court to face the another three charges that they provisionally withdrew. It seems they want to consecutively apply the charges I had against me to mess me around as much as possible. I have written to the Montagu prosecutor and magistrate about the issue, and have not heard from anyone since.”

The struggle for dagga legalisation continues… Amandla!

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