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The Saint

It’s not Magic

by Brandon Edmonds / 15.08.2009

The Saint, circa 1997. This one flopped hard. It made about $26 all told and exiled Val Kilmer to the Hollywood wilderness with nothing but a Slavic supermodel and a cocktail shaker for company. What killed it was the eponymous hero was meant to be a master of disguise. Except the makeup department was shit and Val Kilmer just looked like Val Kilmer in a joke beard and Elton John sunglasses. So what? Well, amazingly, one of his disguises turned out to be a Capetonian slacker with a stoner accent and Eddie Vedder hair. He reclines in a shaft of sunlight, sketching a nude in a gallery, going on about, you know, moods, colours and feelings. It’s fucking hilarious.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I liked the film a lot. I don’t see why it was that bad of a movie. It was a lot better than the old Black and White Saint Movies (boring). I am more into the action thrillers myself. The acencts where not bad (could you make them?).

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