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I’m Pregnant

by Mahala High Five Brigade / 01.11.2012

Every day we got bombarded by mindless, ineffective marketing drivel on our cellphones. SMS crapola. Spam. And no, it doesn’t make you reply YES for a quote. It generally makes you feel like you got dog shit on your shoe followed by the question: ‘How the hell did they get my number?’ Followed closely by that sinking feeling that no matter how many times you reply STOP, you’re on the spam list for life!

So when this message arrived with a buzz, it ‘cut through the clutter’ so to speak. Shit, we haven’t made anyone pregnant in years. Unlike other marketing SMSes, I even showed it to people… There was a moment of genuine dread and a quick scan of the memory banks. Is this for me. Could I have made anyone pregnant recently  Then the follow up Top TV Horror Fest SMS arrived and all was revealed. There was the usual deflation of receiving an advert on your phone. Did it make us sign up for the Top TV Horror Fest or whatever? Nope. But it sure got our attention.

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