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Hello Nasty

by Giovanni “Montle” Valentino Moorosi, images by Justin McGee / 17.02.2010

Apparently this was the most boring party ever since the black race threw a launch party for laziness, making bush fires and not using condoms. I didn’t even go but I’m going to say nasty things about it because I have no integrity or credibility left intact now that everyone has found out that I’m actually a white Italian immigrant. Yes, I said “nigga” once or twice, but so what? I was just sniggering, can I say sniggering? What about niggardly? That’s some niggardly advice, and no apologies for Ethiopia either so let’s get involved!

“I gots two.”

I really don’t know what I’m supposed to say here without making any “derogatory” remarks.

Zuma time
I bet you if I sent this picture to the office of Jacob Zuma I would get an immediate job in government, if not as the minister of Arts and Culture then at least honorary pimp to Msholozi.

Shhh….can you hear that? That’s the sound of people ignoring you.

Who would have thought that a Jewish lumberjack would be terrified of black people? He can sue them for millions, demolish their home and open up a Kibbutz and then if it’s not a Saturday he can cut off their mythological huge penises.

Sexy time
Justin had sex with this guy. (Allegedly – Ed)

Melo yellow
Ha, ha, ha this clowns name is Melo, we love to lie to him and tell him he can join our crew if he takes a beating from us. He always say’s he’s ready for it, but we just want to kick him in his balls and laugh at him and tell him to piss off. We don’t associate ourselves with rapists with ridiculous haircuts.

“Hey fuck off, I’m going back to Australia where I can get anything I want for a toasted koala sandwich and a Fosters beer, this country is bullshit.”

It’s so cute when people find their soul mates, who would have thought two people with penises for noses would have found each other in this city? Thank God for Gumtree and Facebook.

Sometimes I wonder why God punished me and sent me to Johannesburg, the whole middle finger thing in photos is so Eminem when he still wore doo-rags and sweat pants. STOP THE PRESS! : It has come to the attention of our offices that he is actually a proctologist who just likes to show off.

Sweat Face
Sweat Face McGee, don’t hug him, watch out for those pit stains ladies, use a condom with him too, you might also want to seek some counselling afterwards and get cervical reconstruction surgery, that boy is a GOOD TIME MAFIA.

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