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'n Lekker Snor

Guns, Suits and a lekker Snor

by Brandon Edmonds / 16.08.2009

Hollywood’s take on the apartheid heyday of boere masculinity. Stander, circa 2003. American hunk, Thomas Jane, currently playing a man-whore in the new HBO series
Hung, does okay work here. The accent orbits believable throughout. What he really gets right is that Afrikaans men are men. Manne. So chicks have their place on the totem pole just south of fast cars and drinking. But he plays Stander with sensibility enough to shake traditional roles. He’s mostly kind to his woman, good to his gang, courteous to the public and spurred on by a dream of liberty. Albeit a regressive, island in the sun type liberty. This Stander is a blank slate really, a clotheshorse, a role Model. Jane treats 70’s Afrikaaner masculinity, in its pomp back then, its heyday, as nothing more than a series of vaguely fascist homo-social signs: guns, suits, a lekker snor, one way shades and a feathery blonde perm. Dangerous and shallow – what more can you say?

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