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Goodbye Dylan Geldenhuys

by Roger Young / 25.10.2010

The last time I spoke to Dylan, we fought. He had just shot a job for Mahala and had approached it typical Dyl style, chasing tangents, breezing through smiling and generally putting a spin on it that was outside of my preconceived idea of the pictures. After that I never saw him again. I left a message on his FB wall for his birthday, referencing our rift, Dyl shrugged it off, like it had never happened, forgiveness was automatic for him; I knew that the next time we saw each other we would be back to how it always was; Riding around in cars, to beaches, to mountains, talking about the universe, psychedelics, photography and the tricky nature of girls. Except I never saw him again. Sometime last week, Dylan was beamed up.

He was at Kunal Pathari, near Dharamsala in India, on a spiritual retreat, he was interested in a deeper form of meditation, from the reports it seems that Dylan went outside, into his beloved mountains, to meditate and sometime, while doing so, passed away. The police report says he died of exposure but knowing Dylan, the truth is more likely that he just meditated the fuck out of here.

Dylan was many things to many people but there was always one constant, even in the darkest of times, he was smiling, a wise fool, treating earthly existence some beautiful, lovely joke. Looking back at the way he communicated with everyone in his last few weeks, it now seems that Dylan was preparing to leave, maybe this is just our way of dealing with this, but even in photographs it seems his vibrations were increasing. Anyway this is not about us, or even about anything composed of matter, or even about anything inside of our perceptions really. Dylan Geldenhuys will be missed, sure, but he filled us up with so much while he was here that we can have nothing but gratitude for his time with us. Dylan spread light and then he became light.

You can check out some of Dylan’s work for Mahala below:
Cubicle Hardcore.
Yoav to do Better.

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