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Gingers Love Synergy

Gingers Love Synergy

by Andy Davis and Bianca Fernandes / 24.11.2010

Hating on Gingers is pretty much the only acceptable avenue of racism left open to the modern world… and thanks to the good people at an organisation called Heart Gingers, that door is being slammed. Soon you won’t be able to use terms like ginger ninja, ranga or red Elvis without being hauled before the Human Rights Commission. In the spirit of loving the fireheads the good people at Heart Gingers have teemed up with Synergy and are literally dishing out 60 free tickets to redheads. All you have to do is send us a pic of your pubes! Nah only kidding.

All you really have to do is send your contact details to heartgingers@gmail.com, along with a photo of your beautiful ginger-self.

We spoke to Heart Gingers founder and anti-redhead activist Dean ?

How did this come about?

Well recently in the public there’s has been a lot of negativity surrounding Gingers particularly from Gareth Cliff and the online world. As Gingers we thought enough is enough.

Why did you start Heart Gingers?

HeartGingers came from the thought that we could put a positive spin on all this negativity. Let’s change this hatred and discrimination towards gingers and get people behind gingers, cheering them along. Gingers are people too and they do have feelings. We try our best not to be too serious, while still staying strong to the Ginger cause.

Why Synergy particularly?

We tried other festivals but Synergy were extremely accommodating and just seemed like a perfect fit. Thousands of rockers being exposed to the power of the ginger. I mean what more could we want. They would also have been exposed to the recent negativity from Gareth on 5fm. So what a perfect opportunity to change their perceptions and opinions.

Something Extra?

We have been on 5fm and HeartFM promoting the movement and creating awareness about ginger discrimination. We’ve recorded a ginger song (check it out on our Facebook page) and Stimorol has donated 40 000 orange mint gums to the cause.


And in case you’ve forgotten Synergy Live is like a huge live festival mixing live and electronic music in the picturesque surrounds of Boschendal Wine Farm. What we’re wondering is whether hippies and trance-heads can pull off a big rock festival. Basically it’s 3 days, bands, booze and carnies. The usual. But what does Synergy have to offer above the other Cape Town music festivals. Well say hello to the Techno stage and Electro dome that have to up the ante and be better than last years blowout. Especially after this year’s Red Bull Peanut at Rocking The Daisies. Then there’s a wide variety of music on offer; from all the local heroes to the headline UK pop punk mainstreamers, Feeder. The LMG stage will deliver the more underground Capetonian bands. Then there’s a fairground – always fun to reminisce your childhood while drunk. Synergy is really a rock festival who hooked up with a trancey chick from Hout Bay. There’s just one day to go.

If you’re not a ginger but still want free tickets, we at Mahala don’t discriminate. Just hit us up here and say please.

*Go to Synergylive.co.za for all the info.
** Get your ticket at Webtickets.

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  1. matthew says:

    Guys just sent you a email asking pretty please i need tickets. All my favourite bands are playing ive got to go.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Gingers unite!!

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  3. Marc says:

    If ultrasounds could pick up haircolour we’d have far more Ranga abortions!

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  4. Eric the Red hater says:

    Please tell me this is a plan to lure those redheads into a concentration camp situation and have them systematically removed.

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  5. ranga banga says:

    i heart gingers! so does bruce springsteen, listen to ‘red-headed woman’

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  6. joe says:

    Boring – are Gingers actually uniting to become part of the mundane, mediocre politically correct majority? Is this some kind of Ginger swan song or am I too brunette to get the intricacies of ginger mentality??

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  7. brendon says:

    Why do the vast majority of Gingers continually choose soft pastel greens, baby pooh yellows and mushy turd brown garments in their colour choice of wardrobe? It is almost as if they are genetically wired to further enhance the raging bonfires on the heads.

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  8. toots says:

    when it comes to getting the dirty job done…it take a red headed woman…

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  9. Ginger KID says:

    when will the winners be announced for the tickets ?

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  10. creepy steve says:

    I HATE GINGERS……but not as much as i hate durban

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  11. wayne rooney says:

    don’t make me beat you like a red-headed step child!

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  12. Alet says:

    People with Red Hair – Strawberry blonds

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  13. ginger hate says:

    Well looks like no one won the fucking tickets. Hope the mahala staff enjoy the festival as u guys probably took the tickets for yourself.

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  14. Andy says:

    Dear Ginger Hate, Ginger Kid and Matthew we had hundreds of entries… you just weren’t chosen. Harden up!

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  15. […] made beautiful ginger, blonde or brunette kiddies, we’d bring them up well enough not to join these clowns (quite honestly I think they’re capable of doing more harm for ginger folk than Pride has […]

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  16. red roof says:

    Red roof, damp basement

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  17. bla says:

    This is an Ogilvy campaign for a gum.

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  18. Andy says:

    you’re kidding… we gonna follow up on this…

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  19. Anonymous says:

    The only reason why hundreds of people didn’t go to synergy is because of freaking ugly gingers everywhere!!!!! (Your loss!)

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  20. towhomitmayconcern says:

    Dear mahala, FUCK YOU for not giving me a free ticket. that is all.

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  21. Vino says:

    niks verkeerd met ‘n bietjie rooi bos

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  22. Anonymous says:

    Wow, didn’t know so many people still hated “gingers”.

    @ all those nasty comments from Red Hater and the rest: go fuck yourselves you insecure pieces of shit, you are the scum that gives SA a bad name. You must feel so insignificant about your own pathetic existence to want too post such hateful comments.

    Also I wouldn’t join the ginger movement, I don’t need to, just like I wouldn’t join the AWB just because I’m white, the comments on here is the first time I have come across such utter BS and I am astounded at the immaturity of some of you clowns.

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  23. Shaun says:

    Is there seriously a “Heart Gingers” foundation/campaign? What a load of shit! As a ginger I really think people should lighten the fuck up. I highly doubt there is a movement to marginalise people based on hair colour any more than there is a movement to marginalise people based on star signs. Gareth Cliff may be a c**t, but his banter with Sias du Plessis is good natured and generally harmless.

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  24. Rachel Briant says:

    Hahaha! He’s a ginger! Seriously, ginger racism should stop 😉

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