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Fun in Lousy Times

Fun in Lousy Times


As you know, Laugh It Off are one of the most relevant, irreverent and amusing forces in South African satire and social commentary. Along with Zapiro they’re heavyweights on the South African satire scene. And now they’re pulling together content for the Laugh It Off Annual Volume 4, they’re scouring the backstreets for creative South Africans to contribute. The Laugh It Off Annual is a yearly compendium of South African youth culture. Kind of like a time capsule encasing the zeitgeist of mzanzi right now, and preserving it for posterity in a beautiful, hard cover collector’s edition, that is distributed all over the country – just in time for Christmas. Here’s a real opportunity for you to floss your creative steez.

The Annual includes everything from words, pictures, short stories, illustration, design, photography and cartooning. Most importantly it’s relevent to the South African experience. Heavy weights like Hagen Engler, Kgafela Oa Magogodi, Corne and Twakkie and Mahala’s own Andy Davis are regular contributors.

This from the guys at LIO…
“We encourage all young South Africans bursting to be heard to send us their creative stuff for inclusion in what will be a wonderful showcase of South African youth culture.

From Adolescence to Zuma, and from the economic Apocalypse to ZA’s zeitgeist, Laugh it Off Annual Volume 4 will be covering everything from A to Z in South African Youth Culture. Now is your chance to contribute to the making of one of SA’s most relevant, youth-orientated books by submitting your creative masterpiece for inclusion.

Laugh it Off aims to capture the spirit of our young democracy at this point in time by publishing a full-colour A4 book filled with the feelings, thoughts, and ideas of young South Africans. Contributions can be in the graphic or written form: everything from final year art pieces to personal photos, and from short
stories to poetry, will be gratefully received.”

To download Laugh it Off Annuals 1, 2, and 3, please visit:

All submissions can be e-mailed to: annual@laughitoff.co.za

While there is no monetary reward for contributing to the Laugh It Off Annual, it is one of the finest platforms for free thinking and unrestricted communication in South Africa. In other words, it’s a sweet place to showcase your skills and prove to everyone in creative South Africa what a relevant, on point, genius mother fucker you are!

Laugh It Off

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  1. girl says:

    what is the deadline?

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  2. Andy says:

    ASAP… I know they’re in production at the moment. But I reckon you’ve probably got another week or two to get your stuff together.

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  3. Michelle Willmers says:

    Hi guys. Final deadline for LiO Annual submissions is next Friday (18 September). If you have any ideas for content you’d like to run by us before you go ahead and write/shoot, please feel free to email us at with a concept/synopsis and we’ll let you know if you’re batting in the right direction.

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  4. Mike Miller (USA) says:

    How would an expatriate subscribe to this volume? There’s a lot to be learned by laughter! email me at mikemiller66@gmail.com

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  5. Mike Miller (USA) says:

    How would an expatriate subscribe to this volume? A lot’s to be learned from laughter.

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