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For The Love Of Ganja

by Tseliso Monaheng / 30.04.2014

The Dagga Couple, Below The Lion and Friends of The Herb (some of the biggest, most sorted pro-reefer organisations) organised a 420 street party in Jozi’s Maboneng Precinct in observance of the worldwide magic number of cannabis culture. The event was attended by hardcore ganja heads, part-time smokers, inevitable Rastas and some who just came to mack on the second hand smoke or celebrate the many real benefits of the healing herb, or to just find out about the progress that’s been made in legalizing the herb in Mzansi. We were  there to pass the dutchie ‘pon the left hand side…

d day peeps
Jah’s legions stare down paranoia and engage in some stoner banter.

hot box
Plastic hotbox induced herbal meditations.

Rebel Rebel.

Morpheus’ younger brother was able to make time slow down, just like in the Matrix!

herb children
Children of the herb.

Blaze and amaze.

dagga couple
The irie Dagga Couple got a warm welcome. Souljahs!

The Brother Moves On kept the spirits high.

Different generations representing.

Khulu says yo!

Graf writers making magic… in shades of green.

lovers It’s all for the love.

Rastas and rebels.

Madiba, keeping an eye on things as always. Fighting for peace, love and unity!

*All images © Tseliso Monaheng

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