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Fear Rules

Fear Rules

by Brandon Edmonds / 16.04.2010

Incredibly male, is how things feel lately. Violent, moody and aggressive is how the media is framing the country. Feels like the stone cold quiet in a good western – that intake of breath a town takes before shooting commences. This is what free-flowing wild talk does, as Goebbels banked on, as Fox News perpetuates, as the Daily Mail knows, as the current Youth League executive assumes, it turns up the heat of a media cycle and makes society seem threatening, divided and about to blow. Rhetoric, like loose talk of “race war” and scurrilous struggle songs ripped out of context, puts us all in the hurt locker of imagined fears. Ideological fantasy makes us antsy. How real is it?

Apprehension and dismay are not exactly good for business – and with the World Cup approaching, we would have to conclude that the apocalyptic mood behind all the wild talk is organic, since nobody but the basest Afro-pessimists, the default World Cup naysayers, benefits. It is not engineered. It isn’t a plot. There are genuine wells of social disquiet. South African society really is adrift. Is the narrative of togetherness fraying? Does the founding “myth” of non-racial harmony finally have the transparency of dragon fly wings – can we all, thanks to the lies and loathing, the graft and greed, see through it?

Dirty Harry’s gloss-take on that mid-90s blip of seeming transitional unity, the shallow commonality of stadium diversity, Invictus, a Victorian poem no less, reveals the hollowness now cast by hindsight perfectly. We now know where that goodwill was heading.

To Ministers berating genuine protesters during a Sharpeville rally! To a ruling party securing a World Bank loan to burn more coal – a deal said to flood its own coffers with billions of dollars. To batshit Aids policy, murderous xenophobia and an arms deal tracking kaka in great thick smears across the carpets of power. Knowing what we now know qualifies hagiography. We want answers not fawning. Freeman’s Mandela is a liberal saint, a deific new age aphorist, warmly dispensing hushed homilies, as if smashing rocks on an island for 27 years is the key to enlightenment. He isn’t the man we know. The one who really did affirm us. Throw your guns in the sea and walk with me. Freeman may get the voice right, but he doesn’t get the Voice right. The film’s slick emptiness returns us to the lack of genuine engagement and transformation at the time. (Is there anything more uselessly evanescent than a rainbow?) We live the consequences of that missed opportunity presently.

Deepening inequality since “liberation” – crippling unemployment – the bite of global recession – the lack of genuine mass social advancement – spells trouble. Plain and simple. Ours is the most unequal society in the world. Surpassing Brazil in this while being governed by a supposedly progressive ruling party. The sordid rural slaying of a paroled God-fearing fascist is nothing, a blip, in relation to the dismaying governmental turn rightwards. Many expected, and loyally struggled for, socialism; instead we got the eternal deferral of the 2-stage theory of national democratic revolution – which stokes the appetite of the middle class while drip-feeding the masses. History will be far more inclined to dwell on that grievous strategic error, the bourgeois fallacy of the ANC, than whatever else passes for news lately.

How does the “new South Africa” (and really that “new” feels increasingly about as valid and vital as a Christmas tree still crowding the lounge in June) operate?

Technocratic neo-liberal book balancing pleases international capital, everyone’s face lights up in Bonn and Rome and Helsinki when Trevor Manuel walks in. While the “developmental” State at home, building houses, issuing grants (up to around 13 million citizens by now), morphs daily into a top-down parasitic entity, secreting patronage to insiders, and managing the poor at the door with the vulgar arriviste arrogance, indifference and disdain of the newly wealthy.

As Frantz Fanon, the great ethical scold of post-liberation breakdown, memorably has it: “national consciousness, instead of being the all-embracing crystallization of the innermost hopes of the whole people, instead of being the immediate and most obvious result of the mobilization of the people, will be an empty shell, a crude and fragile travesty of what it might have been.” Go, Frantz!

What might have been?

Nobody knows. But entertaining utopian alternatives re-charges our social optimism. Rouses rationality. We may even see past the Tri-partite alliance, the ruling party, past the limitations of representative democracy, with its limited access, to different formats of power and control. To new ways of assigning value and reward. To re-negotiate combinations of ownership and participation, more socially and environmentally sound. What might yet be?

There’s a new Tiger Woods commercial for a ubiquitous running shoe company that somewhat captures the downbeat, soul-searching “national consciousness” we seem to be passing through. Woods, before being unmasked as a philandering “sexter” with an amped up libido, re-made golf in his own image. Everyone wants to hit further now and approach with caution-defying flair. He is the richest living athlete. His race is really marginal to who he is. If anyone seems post-racial its Woods. In a lot of ways, he’s, even with the adultery, which, really, is his business, and his alone, a kind of best-case projection of non-racial possibility. A global phenomenon. Invited everywhere, lauded, heralded, supported and paid. The ‘new South Africa’ once had a similar currency globally. We represented a ‘negotiated settlement’. We talked our way home. This moved and inspired people everywhere. We meant an alternative to violence. We came to occupy the place marked “democratic success story” in the world’s imaginary. It was a very powerful moral position. We even had a guy in place at the time who was more than up to the challenge of embodying that spirit. Then, like Woods, the mask fell away. Now listen to Wood’s dead father’s voice. He’s talking as much to us as his son. He’s looking for answers. That Tiger can so easily stand in for everyone, no matter his race, is moving proof in these divisive times, of the emotive power of non-racialism.

Watch it below (thanks to Hannes below).

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  1. Anonymous says:

    “The true law of the race is progress and development. Whenever civilization pauses in the march of conquest, it is overthrown by the barbarian.”

    William Gilmore Simms

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  2. get real says:

    Perhaps the most sanguine of Brandon’s remarks above is “We talked our way home”.

    And what is contemporary social commentary without irony? Well, this time the irony is a little too biting and close to home. Once again Brandon offers lashings of quaint and manipulative juxtaposition, proving beyond doubt that in the realm of language there are very few that are his match (although I would like to see him go one-on-one with Chris Roper). Yes, the irony is too close to home because I strongly suspect that the literacy in one realm overcompensates for a fundamental lack of experience in another. Brandon’s critiques are striking in their absence of practical insight and the ability to distill a complex dilemma down to a fundamental action plan. In the absence of this one is inclined to view these critiques as nothing more than the outpourings of an idealistic hypocrite who relies on buzz-phrases such as “entertaining utopian alternatives re-charges our social optimism”. I suspect that Brandon is actually better equipped than that and that his intentions run much deeper…

    …but where do we start Brandon… where and how??

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  3. Anonymous says:

    “Socialism is nothing but the capitalism of the lower classes”

    “What is truth? For the multitude, that which it continually reads and hears.”

    “The press today is an army with carefully organized weapons, the journalists its officers, the readers its soldiers. But, as in every army, the soldier obeys blindly, and the war aims and operating plans change without his knowledge. The reader neither knows nor is supposed to know the purposes for which he is used and the role he is to play. There is no more appalling caricature of freedom of thought. Formerly no one was allowed to think freely; now it is permitted, but no one is capable of it any more. Now people want to think only what they are supposed to want to think, and this they consider freedom.”

    “Already the danger is so great, for every individual, every class, every people, that to cherish any illusion whatever is deplorable. Time does not suffer itself to be halted; there is no question of prudent retreat or wise renunciation. Only dreamers believe that there is a way out. Optimism is cowardice.
    We are born into this time and must bravely follow the path to the destined end. There is no other way. Our duty is to hold on to the lost position, without hope, without rescue, like that Roman soldier whose bones were found in front of a door in Pompeii, who, during the eruption of Vesuvius, died at his post because they forgot to relieve him. That is greatness. That is what it means to be a thoroughbred. The honorable end is the one thing that can not be taken from a man.”

    Oswald Spengler

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  4. Anonymous says:

    the reality is that if malema is going to be involved in politics in SA for the next 40 years, and if he epitomizes the caliber of future politicians, sa is fucked….fact. no amount of writing about it or intellectualizing it is going to change that….but then again, us english speaking whiteys are so good at that, i mean look how effective our bleating was in getting rid of apartheid. not.

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  5. the cause says:

    how many farmers treat their workers with respect…….not many ….theres the fuel for malema …..

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  6. Sword of Damocles says:

    “Men are respectable only as they respect”

    Ralph Waldo Emerson

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  7. hannes says:

    You can watch it here. Ja the article works a bit better if you do.


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  8. raymond says:

    to :the cause says:
    April 16, 2010 at 10:39 am
    how many farmers treat their workers with respect…….not many ….theres the fuel for malema ….. so that justifies killing…and how many farms have you worked on…and you don’t have to help …………..him he will find his own fuel………….i had a Zulu boss who constantly told me i must go back to europe as a white man………. he is still my friend today because i build bridges….hope i can build a bridge to your cause….peace,love……tolerance THE EAGLE WITH A LEFT AND RIGHT WING

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  9. brandon edmonds says:

    You seem to think you know me ah Get Real. Perhaps you do. Perhaps we slept together before my gender-reassignment epiphany. But you got me. I’m not sure a writer needs acres of ‘practical insight’ frankly. I can’t locate a gasket or whittle Justin Bieber’s profile out of oak. I’m flippant in defense. Forgive me. A writer ought to be able to write. Which is hard enough in itself.
    As for ‘a fundamental action plan’ – huh? What am I, the bald brains behind the XMen? Condoleeza Rice? I’m just an unemployed dude with a nice turn of phrase.

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  10. judy says:

    Oswald Spengler…nice. Who next? Hitler? An excerpt from Dick Chaney’s diary? Pol Pot. There are some freaks out there. Yoh.

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  11. Sword of Damocles says:

    @Judy. A sadly typical response dear. Have you actually read any of Spengler’s work or do you blindly believe all that the mass media feeds you?
    Maybe try actually reading views from both sides of the fence before making any rash decisions.
    I have previously mentioned Spengler & Stoddard and Andy retorted with some Wiki words. Very scary. It reminds me of the picture of that little dog sitting in front of the gramaphone (His Masters Voice)

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  12. Sword of Damocles says:

    Just to emphasise the point.

    “What is truth? For the multitude, that which it continually reads and hears.”

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  13. get real says:

    Maybe a writer doesn’t always need a healthy amount of practical insight, but an unashamed critic certainly does.

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  14. Tom Wood says:

    Jesus, Tiger Woods is all you could come up with? A great article until you started holding Woods up as some kind of post-racial emblem.

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  15. Doctor L. says:

    i like Brandon Edmonds, but im a better writer than him. and Chris Roper. . .but then again im a black South African so it figures.

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  16. Doctor L. says:

    Just kidding. Mahala is shaping up, yo! I like it.

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  17. Snore says:

    What figures, Dr L? That you’ll use race as an excuse for being too lazy?
    Because you’re not up to doing the hard work it requires to be taken seriously as a writer?

    I’d say stop posting when you’re pissed/goofed, and get up off your arse and do something worth bragging about.

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  18. is the doctor guy for real? says:

    Am I also allowed to post racist anecdotes from a white perspective and them claim that I’m just kidding? Do us whiteys get the same amount of latitude or should we expect less for reasons of historical correction?

    Not kidding, but just wondering y’all.

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  19. artofkawaii says:

    wow, so we fight racial allusions with more racism and racially charged generalizations. He says he’s black so he must be lazy pissed/goofed…unlike “US” who know the meaning of hard work…look at what we’ve achieved with it *marvels at white ingenuity*

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  20. artofkawaii says:

    and yes, the world is not a place of balance… we should keep in mind that we are not looking for balance. So sad and unfair as it may seem that a white person cant join in the fun and be all the racist they can be, yes, blacks have more latitude. as women have more latitude in talking shit about men …as black people (again) have more latitude to have organisations like the Black Management Forum. and it would be much to the horror of the world were there a White Management forum… because frankly , white professionals dont need one. Sorry to break it to you but issues of power play into these things…and white power is such that it would be incongruent and viewed with much disdain if a white person tried to do the same thing Dr. L just did…as you will notice with my comment to Snore above… whose utterances one would not be faulted to think are borne of the notion of white self-importance and supremacy. Im afraid for a white person to do what Dr. L did does not have quite the same ring… if one thinks they can extrapolate from that basis, not taking into account active power relations that frame the world and South Africa in particular; they are oversimplifying things and are asking to be labelled. Not so say one is not welcome to find Dr. L whiny… but could he be right …since the one line he wrote seems to have struck a raw nerve and defensive rage? Again it is not a world of balance.

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  21. is the doctor guy for real? says:

    Methinks “raw nerve and defensive rage” are far more apt a description of artofkwaai’s approach and attitude when commenting on mahala in recent weeks than my response.

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  22. Jason says:


    Get a grip, good people.

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  23. is the doctor guy for real? says:

    I think Snore’s point is that it’s very easy to claim that you are “superior” at a particular craft and a lot more difficult to put in the effort to generate the results that prove this (also far more risky if your attempts are futile). The difference between the two could quite easily and justifiably be considered laziness.

    This could be fairly applied to anyone, irrespective of their racial or cultural background. Dr L brought race into the equation, NOT Snore. So therefore it’s inaccurate and presumptious to say that these “utterances one would not be faulted to think are borne of the notion of white self-importance and supremacy”. It is therefore ironic that artofkwaai is actually the person who is “oversimplifying things and are asking to be labelled”. Well, I’m not going to label you AofK, just to assert that your argument is flawed and pointless.

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  24. Snore says:

    Thanks ITDFR, that was precisely my point.

    Artofkwaai, your mealy-mouthed ((http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/mealy-mouthed)) – easy now) defense of the supposedly downtrodden is entirely lost on me. There are far too many kids out there these days who are ‘children of the revolution’. IE Well to-do, spoon fed kids who have had a very decent lifestyle, international education, every opportunity at their fingertips, yet prefer to sit on their backsides all day, watching American TV shows, perfecting their wardrobes and their accents, then continue to spout B.S. about how they were involved in the struggle and are always on the short end of the stick yadda yadda. Yes?
    Dr L may as well be J.M.

    Seems like Dr L had the ‘drunken text message syndrome’ if you ask me, hence my suggestion to lay off the sauce – remorse a day after making a public statement and pretty much summing up the attitude of young people – black, white, purple, lazy, with a skewed sense of entitlement.
    Why assume that’s a dig at race? Perhaps you’re over-sensitive and far too keen to express faux-rage on the internet than actually doing anything constructive.

    And why assume I’m white? Is it because I take umbrage at the half-baked attempt at victimhood?

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  25. Doctor. L says:



    It was a joke.

    How do you even know I’m a writer, let alone one as good as, or even envious of, Edmonds or Roper? Do you have anything else to go on re: my identity besides a typical display of anonymous internet bravado – an anonymous internet bravado put in place, no less, for shits and giggles – as admitted before your comment?

    And what’s worse is you act like you know me, too, you loving mouth-breather.

    “What figures, Dr L? That you’ll use race as an excuse for being too lazy?”

    Yes Massah!

    Just like the thousands of educated and unemployed black people who can’t find a job in this country; we should curb the excuses and be more like you! I’ll remember that the next time an esteemed journalist from Zimbabwe clears my table for me, or the next time I hear about an engineer failing job interview due to broken English.

    “Because you’re not up to doing the hard work it requires to be taken seriously as a writer?”

    Frankly, no. Who the hell would want to be ‘taken seriously as writer’? what does that even mean?

    “I’d say stop posting when you’re pissed/goofed, and get up off your arse and do something worth bragging about.”

    It seems pointless to work ‘in order to brag’ unless you feel that something severely challenges your self-esteem and need external validation in order to approve of yourself. This is not me.

    How do you know I’m “pissed/goofed”, by the way? I feel mildly amused/interested in that statement.

    And just to hit you [and the other guy] on your own extrapolated bullshit. It is a fact that white people are privileged today because of black exploitation – and that the effects of apartheid as a ‘historical moment’ are working through the present as much as they are being pushed in from the past – it’s continuous and experiential – the are people with physical scars, still, today and in the hundreds, as much there are ‘Afropolitans’ in air-conditioned Sandton offices. Those lovely well-behaved avatars people like you so eagerly point to as evidence of equal opportunity and progress – callously neglectful of the fact that it’s only because they education allows them to closely mimic your behaviour/manner of speaking that they share your corridors without pushing vacuum cleaners.

    In conclusion: you try being an average black man in South Africa for a day, motherfucker, and then tell me about excuses and laziness.

    Inherit my past and my present.

    I’d gladly trade that in for your guilt, complacence and comfort.

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  26. is the doctor guy for real? says:

    Hey Dr L, are you last 4 paragraphs above also a joke or are you brushing up on your “raw nerve and defensive rage”?

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  27. Doctor L. says:

    No, the last 4 paragraphs are written in earnest.

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  28. Snore says:

    I think we’re all so collectively sick of the tiresome race excuse that nothing is really a joke any more. Especially whimpering about ‘being better than everyone else, yet not being given the proper recognition’ schtick. Are you qualified? then you don’t deserve it, do you?

    Engineer with broken English? I know a Maths PHD who can’t get a job because he’s GERMAN. Let’s not even go there on the Zimbabwean. Did he vote Zanu PF? Are his papers in order? I know thousands of people ran for their lives from the militant youth – no time to grab your passport. Did our Home Affairs dept fuck up his Visa/Work permit application?

    To be clear – I’m over the guilt, the government has made me carefree (ie I was replaced – I make a living tax free abroad because I have no room for complacency or any desire to keep enriching a gluttonous ruling party).

    Frankly, if you’re a black man in this country right now with half an idea in your head and NOT making it, you’re a fool.

    Without hard work you will never be taken seriously, and will always be considered employed exclusively by virtue of empowerment laws. Try get a job anywhere else in the world – which it might actually result in considering the fine mess our economy is heading towards.

    So thanks, I’m over being racially sensitive too – it just doesn’t add the dollars to my bottom line.

    No wait, it’s all a joke. You’re right.

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  29. Whitesploitation says:

    geddit while it’s hot!


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  30. is the doctor guy for real? says:

    There are some valid points made by the last few commenters that I’d like to emphasize and explore.

    A few months back I was listening to an SAFM talk show where the issue of employment opportunities for qualified black people was discussed. A very well-spoken black woman called in to tell her story. She was a locally-born citizen who had received tertiary education in an American university. She decided to come back home and to work in the goverment sphere in order to invest in the country’s future, explaining that she had applied for several middle-management jobs in government departments for which she was eminently qualified. Each time she was unsuccessful she was quietly told that the job in question had been reserved especially for a “struggle veteran” in recognition of their contribution to South Africa’s liberation, with no evidence given that this person was better qualified for the responsibilities at hand than she was. Nobody on air argued with her when she told her story, nobody phoned in afterwards to deny that this was happening in government.

    The day-to-day politics of opportunity and reward in South Africa actually has little to do with race and a lot more to do with tighter circles of nepotism – especially in government and the civil service. Here employment is viewed not as a social responsibility to place the best person (irrespective of race) in the best post in service of society at large, but rather as a means to acknowledge previous contributions that have little bearing on the country’s real needs going forward. We are so obsessed with compensating for our imperfect past that we’re compromising our future in the process.

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  31. Spot on says:

    “We are so obsessed with compensating for our imperfect past that we’re compromising our future in the process.”

    That hits home. I just had a few beers with a mate in finance.

    We wondered whether SARS is BEE compliant – I’m sure there’s no risk of an audit, considering that the bling mentioned in the above link is pretty much paid for/funded by SARS – a government department running on properly qualified people, that far too many of our politicians consider their personal piggy bank.

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  32. What's a mouth-breather? says:

    431 words – each one a half-assed excuse, “Dr” L.
    and Snore didn’t call you a single name, motherfucker.

    So I’ll call you knuckle-dragger. Cool?

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  33. Doctor L. says:


    You copied my comment into Word and did a word count.

    Mouth-breathe is probably what you do when you’re not gargling Snore.

    Why don’t you let it go, huh?

    Snore and I clearly aren’t speaking from the same plane – and it’s understandable. He’s a middle-aged expat white dude with a monetary “bottom-line”, a firm belief in the “merits of hard work” within a capitalist frame, self-involved libertarian views, and the historical persepctive of having suddenly, as if by a kind of magic, appeared on Africa’s shores devoid of privilege.

    What’s there to bother about? Just go back to the article and address it.

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  34. artofkawaii says:

    oh well *shrug* meh

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  35. artofkawaii says:

    seems to me most here are interested in that cerebral orgasm that is winning an argument so anything said here is null really. like whats the point? oh and cyber stalking others around mahala to make conclusions about who or what they are… hyper creepy. but you dont have to listen to me… I have no regard for grammar and have a poor command of the her majesty the Queen’s language…such that while I can surf the internet unassisted, speak 8 other languages, I do not know the meaning of mealy-mouthed… in such a way that I am a dissappointment to Master Snore, who is ENTITLED to be understood by his underlings, in the language of his ancestors.

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  36. Sword of Damocles says:

    @ artofkawaii & Doctor L.
    Cry me a river.
    The “struggle” bred the only culture of entitlement in this country and mark my words it will be her downfall (and no, I’m no soothsayer…I just look at the state of this potentially fertile continent of ours and see what has gone before…History…she is the best teacher).
    Why are the cities teeming with the unemployable? Why aren’t they living off the land? (and hush hush to your tired scream that the pale man has taken everything. They indeed have good land but the main difference is that something is being done with it) Why are the rural areas lying fallow? Why are these rural areas and townships in such a mess? Why aren’t people doing it for themselves? Why do they continue to breed at such a rate? Why don’t they organise themselves and actually work food gardens, create refuse management, rudimentary roads and drainage? Surely after living so close to “civilisation” for over 350 years something would have been learnt?
    Must be apartheids fault?
    Those evil whites?
    Fuck you I say.
    I am so sick and tired of the whining. Europe dragged herself from the dark ages, the settlers carved nations from bush, The Trekkers thrived after almost being decimated on their journey, America rebuilt after civil war, The Boers did the same, Germany recovered after nearly being wiped out in two world wars, The Jews prospered quite well out of that deal…etc etc.
    Why the fuck can’t black africans get off their knees?
    The chains are long gone and big bad boer hasn’t got his boot on their neck.
    (Oh, sorry, their minds are still in chains and the way people pale people stare…”Inherit my past and my present”…I say “Men are respectable only as they respect”)

    It is a dog eat dog world…always has been and always will be…no matter what the bleeding hearts may cry…Nothing for mahala (At least that is what I was taught from day one)
    That said. There are black people who are getting on with it. Making the most of their lives. They realise that they are the masters of their own destinies. They have embraced the ways of the world. Discarded the archaic aspects of their culture and maintained the more reasonable beliefs. They have educated themselves and have formed their own opinions instead of accepting the tainted spoon of past revolutions. They don’t make excuses for every failure. They get up, dust themselves off and try, try again. They have realised that they are South Africans and, if they play the game by the rules (which no matter what the commies cry, are as fair as this world will allow) they will be rewarded.
    There are indeed a few whites (a huge minority) who haven’t let go of the past and they indeed have every right to fear the “swart/rooi gevaar”…you don’t need to be rocket scientist to realise that africa was handed back to a people who were clearly not prepared for the consequences…but a vast majority were prepared to give the new democracy a chance and did what they could (I mean – really – the main goal of every man is survival. I wake up every day, do my best and try to make ends meet, anything else is a bonus. Contrary to popular belief – Not every white person can be a philanthropist).
    This land was conquered many moons ago. The multitude that lived a life of subsistence, black magic and early death were incapable of halting global progress and her companion greed. Bad things happened, Good things happened (Like on every other continent) and now we are here today. Same story…different monsters (“Be careful when you fight the monsters, lest you become one”)
    Why can’t the multitude see that their ANC is the new yolk?
    Fuck. I need coffee. I am just pissing against the wind here. I need no crystal ball. I will be labeled a bloody agent, anti-revolutionary and…ah yes…the dreaded racist.
    Facts will be denied

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  37. Bloody Agent says:

    ‘…“merits of hard work” within a capitalist frame…”

    OK, let’s try communism – or the African version, at least – you do all the work and the government you put in place will feed at the trough of your labours, til it’s all gone and you’re left with nothing. Of course, they eventually turn on you and raise taxes to ensure their inflated lifestyles are maintained, not once considering what the outcome would be of having drained the lifeblood from the very many ‘underlings’ – whom are so cowardly and subservient, to beat them like dogs isn’t half the sport the well-fed cadres were expecting.

    Yes? Thought not.

    You’re proving to be a child in more ways than I originally thought.

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  38. Bloody Agent, again says:


    Do you think any rational mulit-national company will let this happen? They are already moving funds back to Europe before handing them over.
    Once the ‘veterans’ (strangely, they must all have been pre-pubescent child soldiers) have run these commandeered companies into the ground, the Chinese will buy them for a song, and hello colonialisation all over again!

    You’d better add a ninth language to your repertoire, artofkawaii.

    The fact that the poster boy for African ethics and politics-gone-wrong is still alive, kicking and allowed to forage unhindered – I can’t stomach typing his filthy, neo-Roman name (the irony, lost) – indicates the so-called enlightened masses don’t have the courage of their anti-capitalist convictions.

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  39. Doctor L. says:

    I dont believe capitalism is sustainable in South Africa. There is evidence of this. Your communism thing, on the other, is conjecture.

    You seem so frustrated and angry, but you have so much. Clearly it isnt out of concern for others. Are you mad because even though you are well-fed you are vilified?

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  40. Sword of Damocles says:

    @Doctor L

    Frustrated and angry because so much is being thrown away with ignorant smiles.
    Charity starts at home.
    Mad because the buck is constantly being passed.
    Well fed because we choose to feed ourselves (Sounds disgustingly human doesn’t it?)

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  41. Anonymous says:

    dear oh dear.

    Our government is enjoying capitalism (Chancellor House, anyone?) in the (slipping) guise of communism/liberation/freedom struggle.

    The only struggle I can think of these days is how to blow billions of tax rands in as short a time as possible. Actually JZ’s good buddy, Robert Gumede, is doing a fine job of that – 3.9 Billion Rand, and failure to deliver – and all that enable a system for SARS, that eventually their own employees actually resolved in weeks!? The hogs at the trough are actually sabotaging their own feeding mechanism!

    Conjecture? Look around you!

    I’m well-fed, and fed up, because I earn my way, with knowledge and a skill I have acquired through, wait for it – hard work. Nothing was given to me at any point in time, I never expected to get anywhere on a free ticket either – my parents were lower-middle class income bracket, so there goes your racist theory that all whities had the silver spoon.

    I’ve paid for our maid’s son’s education (the least I could do, hey, after exploiting her and her people for centuries). I’ve managed to send a Kenyan husband back to his wife and family with a bit of cash in his pocket. I paid for a local gardener’s emergency amputation – that actually saved his life. So there goes your other theory.

    I actually care – I care too much. Points of view like yours frustrate me. So much potential, yet it’s getting us nowhere.

    All a guilty liberal outlook gets you is an axe in the back of the head.

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  42. Sword of Damocles says:

    “A slave is one who waits for someone to come and free him.”
    Ezra Pound

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  43. Doctor L. says:

    Its not about waiting to be saved, its about realizing that the system in place, those that debilitated the work traditions and customs of the countrys indigineous folk, are only here to benefit privileged whites and government elites. This, what we have now, does not work for us. Its as simple as that. No amount of capitalism-lauding, do it yourself rhetoric will change that.

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  44. Anonymous says:

    agh seriously? shame. all of you, go out and see the sun. damn!

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  45. Bloody Agent, ad nauseum says:

    The indigenous people of Southern Africa are the San. Their land was taken by force in tribal military action, and subsequently colonised by Northern tribes such as the Xhosa and Zulu, who were then themselves conquered by a stronger, better armed enemy. Skip a few hundred years – it was then handed over (cities, infrastructure, economy, mineral wealth, Africa’s horn o’ plenty) without a single shot being fired, to the current administration.

    I don’t see a single effort made to return the land to it’s rightful, historic owners. The San are now a marginalised minority with zero governmental representation. Or does that not matter, as long as the colonisers/uitlanders/elite who benefit now are black? Ruling party alliance is a prerequisite, mind you.

    You have as little claim to this land as your white friends.

    this debate can continue forever and there will be no ‘correct’ answer/winner/whatever – however your selective amnesia concerning this country and your own history has finally bored me.

    Take care.

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  46. Doctor L. says:

    I dont believe you re: San. sounds like horseshit written by a white dude. All Africans are indigenous to all corners of Africa.

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  47. Humanist says:

    By that logic I would say all humans are indigenous to all corners of planet Earth.

    You haven’t the foggiest what came before MTV, do you?

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  48. Another bloody agent says:

    “I dont believe you re: San. sounds like horseshit written by a white dude. All Africans are indigenous to all corners of Africa.”

    You’re an ignorant, filthy racist, Dr L*. True colours when you’re up against the wall, eh?

    *Livingstone was white, better change the nick.

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  49. Doctor L. says:

    @Humanist i dont understand how you extrapolated that from my statement. seems very unlikely. for further info re: my statement see Marcus Garvey, Credo Mutwa, Ayi Kwei Armah.

    @person above. how does saying that the text referenced is most likely written by a white person and questionable, racist? how is anything i said racist? i am writing in english.

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  50. judy says:

    Time to shuffle the fuck off dudes…this whole exchange is way past dull! Go glut the timeslive comment page. Go on. Off you go. On yer bikes!

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  51. artofkawaii says:

    oh and dont let the internet fool you…this, your little dominion, means nothing. I can tell you know it too. Im sure you realize that the influence of the likes of you, is waning, hence you are here gripping at straws atany semblance of superiority and relevance. Your time is up and you know it. In 300 years there will be no trace that you ever walked this soil. Your daughters will have, for a few generations, been marriying African men and had happy brown babies and all your shit will be obliterated, the evil intentions of whoever brought you here willl be obliterated by the triumph of the human spirit over imperialism, hatred and division… only beauty will remain. and all these utterances, even mine, will be of no consequence. It has been my pleasure to be an avoidance tactic for you, to keep you from engaging with issues on the article, which obviosly make your guilt complex flare up like the herpes you are probably scratching at, flaked all over your keyboard (ROFLMAO). Why are you threattenned? I mean, its just thought. Why so serious? Dom Perignon wont make the boogie man go away?

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  52. Sword of Damocles says:

    “In view of the fact that God limited the intelligence of man, it seems unfair that He did not also limit his stupidity.”

    Konrad Adenauer

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  53. Tree Hugger says:

    “In 300 years there will be no trace that you ever walked this soil. Your daughters will have, for a few generations, been marriying African men and had happy brown babies and all your shit will be obliterated, the evil intentions of whoever brought you here willl be obliterated by the triumph of the human spirit over imperialism, hatred and division… only beauty will remain. ”

    Can’t wait, artofkawaii. It’s going to be very beautiful indeed. Miscegenation is nothing more than evolution, and entirely acceptable.
    What worries me is the frantic rutting: rape and pillage will be order of the day. Population boom – too many mouths to feed, bodies to warm. Subsequent deforestation, naturally resulting in deserts. Wasted landscapes are all that await us.

    See you there!


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  54. GOD says:

    Hey Damocles and Doctor L settle down …..don’t make me come down there.

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  55. David Steynberg says:

    Backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards – damnit it’s exhausting! One minute I have an opinion and the next, woof, it’s gone! Go back to the top of the page and read the title again. Seems Mr Edmonds has it right again.
    Jesus Brandon, see the mess you made? Now give us something to swallow instead of something that can only be chewed like bubblegum never to be digested.

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  56. David Steynberg says:

    Beautiful piece by the way! Even though I didn’t feel like agreeing with some of the points, I did consider them and in my opinion, that’s the real role of a writer.
    And yes Brandon, I agree with you on one of your replies where you rightly point out how difficult it really is to write.
    Big ups big man!

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