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Faces of J-Bay

by Craig Jarvis / 11.07.2012

Wayne Louw

Cape Town’s Wayne Louw almost didn’t make it to the contest after a bizarre surfing accident left him floating face down in the water at Outer Pool at Mossel Bay, totally paralyzed and unable to breath. Wayne had suffered vertebra injury in the past and a minor wipeout left him totally paralyzed and seriously holding his breath. “A wave rolled me over and I got a breath of air, before I was face down again,” said Wayne of his accident. “Eventually a wave rolled my onto my back, and I got washed in but I was lucky. No one saw me. It was a very close and uncomfortable call.” Wayne was watching the early morning boomers coming through at Supers.

Duncan Laurenson

When Royden Bryson went down yesterday and broke his leg at Supers, it just happened to be surfing doc Duncan Laurenson on the beach, who got to him first. “He was in a lot of pain,” said Duncan. “We fixed him up and stabilised him, and eventually braced his leg with a cricket bat.”

Dane Patterson

An alternate in the event, Patto finally got a slot into a heat and had to clamber over the rocks with one minute before the heat start. “I got caught inside by a set while paddling out, and everyone in the heat caught waves,” said Patto of his performance. “Then I got caught behind on a few waves, and I don’t think I’ll be surfing too many more heats in the future. It was
great fun to get wet and have a surf though…’

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