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Empty Your Pockets

by Montle Moorosi, illustration by Nolan Dennis / 14.01.2011

“I want you to do a story about racism in Cape Town clubs.” Said my editor.
“Not much of a story there, every kaffir in Cape Town knows they aint shit.”
“But white people don’t.” He implored. Six years ago when I was living in Cape Town I became accustomed to having my feet stepped on and being told, “fuck you, why don’t you grow smaller feet you fucking black ape.” But hey, if it makes a good read and brings up a lot of dark memories then why not. Bitch, I’m the Kunta Kinte of this art fag shit. I got this.

So I called up my two favourite half breed friends (coloureds) Dmitri and his girlfriend Yana who are an aspiring Barrack and Michelle Obama, both studying law and all sorts of other philanthropic communist shit. We drank wine like coloureds usually do and then we went off to Long Street and started at Zula, where we stayed for most of the night. The bouncers were friendly wet backs, fresh off the boat, and they even gave us a discount on the cover charge which was great because it left space for cocaine money. Yes I know, there’s a whole group of uneducated, angry, cat owning, child molesting, menthol cigarette smoking, tampon recycling, Yaris driving, Neil Diamond listening, bird shit skin complexion having, wicker furniture owning, bitch ass, petri dish licking people on the internet who say I’m a small penis re-enactment of Hunter S. Thompson…

I got sidetracked, so I’m in Zula, having a good time trying my best to fit in by doing stuff like lying about my political beliefs (I have none) and making jokes about how the name “Zula” sounds like “Zulu” yet they don’t allow pangas inside. That was a real hit. I’m back, I’m finally back. I’ve got money, I’ve got friends, I get Facebook groupies and drugs and drinks. Usually a man only has all of this when he eventually takes the eternal dirt nap and somehow bullshits his way through the pearly gates and gets to suck the greatest white man’s cock ever, that good old boy Jesus and his highly debated olive-toned dick. There’s something about the air in Cape Town that makes one become preoccupied with penis even though your quest is for vagina.

As I’m walking back onto the dance floor, after a quick bathroom intermission, I catch sight of a fairly attractive white woman, I’m assuming she was American because she actually fucking wore sandals to the club. More pertinently, she was being Chris Browned by a black man with a very dark complexion and dreadlocks, who I’m going to assume was a Shona Zimbo because they are very likely to pull off such brave stunts in a public place, and in Cape Town for that matter. Rhodesians. He pulled her by the hair and attempted to break dance on her face, something inside of me, like cocaine, made me intervene and I said something like: “That’s not how you treat a woman!” Although I think I meant to say “white woman”. The Zimbo flared up and so did his accomplice, Yana tried to intervene and got caught in the melée. Now a coloured woman had been Chris Browned too. “Nooit bru”.

Yana told me not to get involved with it, she was right, because I was morbidly terrified and like I said earlier, I’m just keeping up appearances. I’m getting by and living the good life in pure fear. Or maybe a part of me was saying, “fuck it, they can have the white woman, she won’t have sex with me no matter how much I like sushi and Annie Lennox.” Nothing made sense, nothing ever has. I tried to save a white woman and I almost lost my life to some savages and whitey even told me to stay out of it.

I sniff more cocaine and drink some more and try forget about the scene with the cannibals trying to boil the white woman alive. Then I spot this blonde-haired blue-eyed dude with a jaundice tainted tan, dressed in an old surfing t-shirt and some sif jeans, and he’s just staring at me with his sinister Aryan eyes. After a few seconds he comes up to me and says: “Hi, can I please check your pockets? I just lost my phone.”
“Excuse me?!” I heard him all right, I heard him loud and clear.
“Can I check your pockets please, my phone has been stolen.”
“So why the fuck are you asking me? I don’t see you asking anyone else?!”
“I am… I…” He stammered.
“No, you haven’t you little cock sucking racist cunt, I’ve been watching you staring at me… what the fuck are you trying to say huh? Fuck you!”
I storm off to look for the troops, I find Dmitri by the bar talking about the modern approach of Marxism and Socialism to a contemporary society and how that relates to Rihanna’s tits.
“Dee, some white mother fucker is saying I stole his phone and disrespecting me. I’m going to go handle this, and I need you to watch my back.”
“No wait, let me go talk to him.” Dmitri intervened. I led him to the blonde fucker, but as we got to him I let off a barrage of “fuck you and dies”. Dmitri stopped me and told me to stand aside while he talked to him. Their conversation didn’t last long, but by the time they were done talking I was totally out of it, I just didn’t care anymore. My mind wandered to the time I once went to Teazers with some white friends and the bouncers told me the cover charge was R100 for my friends and R500 for me. It was time to go home.

Image © Nolan Dennis.

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  1. creepy steve says:

    Rhodesians. He pulled her by the hair and attempted to break dance on her face….maybe she owed him a farm or something

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  2. Anonymous says:

    what ever this is shit

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  3. dwight says:

    “Can I check your pockets please, my phone has been stolen.”

    In Cape Town that’s a pick up line. He obviously thought you were hot and wanted to fuck.

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  4. Jason says:

    Trying too hard.

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  5. dudie says:

    i like this style of writing – nothing like thompson; so dont worry, you have much to learn still. and if you wanna write about racism, dont bother with ct – go to a bush pub in the free state and then write your story. pretoria works just as well.

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  6. PAT RIOT says:

    Lmao! This article makes less sense than Rihanna’s here-today-gone-tomorrow tits, but it’s HILARIOUS! There were some cool jokes. But that’s where the thermometer stops dropping. Otherwise, I have NO idea what the point was here.

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  7. ling-ling says:

    “Yes I know, there’s a whole group of uneducated, angry, cat owning, child molesting, menthol cigarette smoking, tampon recycling, Yaris driving, Neil Diamond listening, bird shit skin complexion having, wicker furniture owning, bitch ass, petri dish licking people on the internet who say I’m a small penis re-enactment of Hunter S. Thompson…”

    I’m totally in love with you, will you call me?

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  8. Bridget says:

    The people at the Cape Town Ad Agency that I used to work at don’t even know who Kagiso Lediga is.

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  9. Dom says:

    Made me laugh!!
    What more can my weary soul ask for

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  10. Moorosi says:

    ling ling…if only all my readers were like you..i dont care about literary analysis or what the point is of what i write..i just want to buy you a champagne dinner.

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  11. kleh says:

    this shit is so important. but ur clever insights into racism are worth fuck all when they’re smeared in sexist homophobic bullshit. but i don’t suppose u can even see that, just like blue eyed fucker couldn’t see what a racist asshole he was. sadly, u’re exactly the same as him.

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  12. Moorosi says:

    hell yeah kaffir

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  13. big spacez says:

    nolan is the bizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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  14. Natalie says:

    Great piece. From a Capetonian, now living in Jozi, this hits the nail on the head. I can’t stand the racism in CPT…one of these days I’m gonna expose these peeps.

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  15. uncle salie says:


    Has ‘kaffir’ now been appropriated as some ironic cool term for local blacks, in the same vein as nigger? Montle Moorosi “kaffirs” quite a lot in his writing. Can I say it too? Do I have to black? Can I say ‘cracker’ and get all up in the face of any black person who calls me a ‘crackler?

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  16. muerte says:

    You can do whatever you like uncle.

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  17. Cinekal Dlamini says:

    ya, mildly amusing, but what makes anyone at mahala think anyone wants to read this kind of content? what are you saying about your readership?

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  18. DrumstepSTD - GoogleMe says:

    i pressed kif because it was entertaining, didnt read everything though… way too high.

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  19. Stalking mopeli says:

    dlamini…it says that mahala readers are kaffirs themselves…that includes you..kaffir.

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  20. Copy Cat Rat A Tat Tat says:

    Cunt fuck moist vagina yeasty crap stretched bitch dirty ass wet and shitty article anal fisting golden shower cleaveland steamer bukkake bullshit guess any ass licking teabagging expletive expletive argh cunt cunt cunt crackwhore cunt can write and be dirk long diggler mofo niggers gangbanging skinny big tit pale settler gash no means fuck me yes ho’s snuff rules cool. Expletive. Jesus fuck me yeah.

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  21. Anonymous says:

    Totally over the top/Really does happen.
    Not as bad as is rumoured, but wish the prehistorians would wake the fuck up or leave for Perth.
    PS: I really must take you to meet my mom some day.

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  22. E.B. White says:

    I’m genuinely curious to know if anybody employed at Mahala does any actual editing or proof-reading of articles submitted for publication. By that I mean a person who puts all the commas, periods and capital letters in the right places, and not somebody who tweaks the style of the piece. Or do the writers just upload their stories themselves?

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  23. Sara says:

    Don’t flatter yourself, Thompson actually had a vocabulary that extended beyond what teenagers scrawl on the backseat of a bus with a compass.

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  24. fobias tunke says:

    I’d just ilke to jump in here and side with Sara for a second. What is with all these self-congratulatory Hunter S. Thompson references on Mahala? When I was eighteen years old and an aspirant journalist, HST was the coolest writer ever – he was anti-establishment, broke the rules of journalistic convention, embedded his psychotic drunken consciousness into his stories, had cool and cynical commentary and one-liners… I understand that he influenced thousands of deadbeat journalists who realised, “hey, I don’t care about objectivity; I don’t “play by the rules” and goddamn I’m drunk every other day too – HST, you’re my role model!”

    This piece isn’t HST. There’s a reason this piece is on what amounts to a blog.

    And while I’m here, can I just say that Montle Moorosi is one-trick pony and he’s all jumped out.

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  25. ignANT BLck guy says:

    I SAY IT ONCE AND I’LL KEEP SAYING IT…IF YOU DONT WANT TO READ ANYTHING DIFFERENT OR WRITTEN IN A DIFFERENT STYLE THEN STAY AWAY FROM MAHALA AND GO FUCKING READ MAIL AND GUARDIAN…thats the intellextual paper right? you guys that read these articles are soooooooointelleigent….wow! and like most intellectuals are better at critiquing than they are at actually creating something….funny thing is the inttellectual uct cum wad critics are mostly white…they barely got past their discourse course and now they feel like the sole judges of “ART”……THEY SAID THE SAME SHIT ABOUT BASQUIAT FOR years untill Warhol decided to suck his cock..then boom..every white art fag thinks he’s a genius…


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  26. dwight says:

    IgnANT BLck guy – It would appear that, compared to you and your infantile ranting, every white art fag is a genius.

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  27. Anonymous says:

    The bouncers @ zula have no input or control on the door or price paid by patrons.
    They do not even stand where money is exchanged. An independent door person is always employed for events. So with the first part of the story already blatantly exagerated, it makes me question the content of the rest.
    Writing to get a reaction is so passe, unless a reaction is required.

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  28. Max says:

    Montle, you are a sexual being.

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  29. kzamats says:

    Thanks man for the article, you made my day! That’s the Cape Town i know, never disappoints.

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  30. tigerlily says:

    Montle Moorosi Crash Course in Journalism:

    Good morning students. If you would like to be a successful journalist:

    1. Repeatedly use the word ‘kaffir’, entrenching practices of racism.
    2. Make several sexist/misogynistic remarks.
    3. Veer off on tangential personal anecdotes that are obviously fabricated/enlarged
    4. A few vulgar sexual references = comedy gold.
    5. Provoke provoke provoke! even without purpose to your provocation.
    6. Repeat the above for every article you write, showing off a lack of imagination and inability to evolve ideas.

    Oh – and don’t forget to call yourself gonzo! that elevates your writing to the status of immediate hipster art.

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  31. montle says:

    god i hate journalism…im sitting here with a bleck eye reading this and all i can think is how much i hate journalism…is gonzo the only term people know? god…i’m just a writer..i write what ever i want…tough titties….

    not much space for creativity in this medium….so let me treat you guys once and for all do something for you that i should have done ages ago… I QUIT…welll, journalism that is…i will still irritate you with all sorts of other writing though…and trust me, it only gets worse…but then again the worse it gets the more you want to read…come, on you guys love to see a depraved person falling apart at the seams…makes for great fcuking stories. my despair is your entertainment…cheering up and conforming to certain writing standards is just going to suck all the despair from my life..and i cant fucntion when i’m not being tormented…especially by the critics sitting behind their desks at some accounting firm or advertising agency…WHEN YOURE AN ONLINE WRITER, MOST OF YOUR CRITICS DONT WEAR TWEED JACKETS, SMOKE PIPES AND TEACH ENGLISH LIT. MY CRITICS WEAR SKINNY JEANS AND DRINK BLACK LABELS..ITS SOMETHING I HAVE TO LIVE WITH. I thought not having the guy in a tweed coat read my shit was good..i saw myself as the common man hero writer…but fuck that…i want that tweed coat and i want to drink ceylon fucking tea before i fuck a woman. There is no place for me in the common world..i’m too retarded…and most retard end up in the history books and your english curriculum. shakespeare is well retarded..with the exception of hamlet..but what a fucking bore the man is…but yet we love him no? or do we just say he’s great because its the “literary” thing to say? who gives a shit really?me maybe.

    journalism? what the fuck is objectivity?balance? these are things that do not exist in my daily reality..hence i find it hard to write about them…i’m a young black man who’s a borderline alcaholic, i cant get pussy, i had a shitty upbringing, i love women, i like dogs more..so, i guess thats all i’m going to write about in the forseeable future.

    it takes a brave cunt to write, and from where i’m sitting i see alot of people who have been castrated. no gut no glory hole.

    ” the only time a writer recieves his due reward is when someone comes to him burning with this flame which he fanned in a moment of solitude. honest criticism means nothing: what one wants is unrestrained passion, fire for fire”- Henry Miller

    it was not fun while it lasted.

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  32. JM Koet$ee says:

    This supposed to be edgy? It’s blunt as a bucket of pig shit hoping to make it to the sea…

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  33. nolan says:

    montle runs where all you sad critics cant walk.

    All these critiques are irrelevant, you are trying to engage with a world which you cannot fathom. You are looking past the substance, this shit is fire and you are unable to feel the flames, you are blinded by the smoke and cough out endless insignificant judgements – and no one cares. all these posts about commas and ‘Journalism’? really? is that your criticism?

    people actually like this shit. they will keep reading, montle will keep writing, and you will become more and more irrelevant.

    but imagine if you got it.

    this strange tendency to refer to false standards and imaginary ideals reminds me of this dude i was once talking to
    he said ‘you know people call them highways? – they’re actually called motorways’.
    ‘what?’ i responded.
    he said ‘in south africa we use british english and so we supposed to call them motorways’…

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  34. Grumpy Pants says:

    Interesting how Mahala draws the foul stench from the suppurating pustules who need a platform for their diseased thoughts

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  35. Andy says:

    Nolan – Kudos. “Imagine if you got it”. Gold.

    Montel, don’t let these invisible pricks get you down. What Grumpy Pants so aptly calls the “suppurating pustules”. The magic starts (and generally finishes) above the Kif or Kak signs, not below.

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  36. Naipul says:

    “Imagine if you got it.” I love that logic. Essentially, it means that criticism amounts to nothing because the critics ‘don’t get it’. It’s a get out of jail free card. Face the criticisms. Take them like a man. Grow, etc.

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  37. JM Koet$ee says:

    Nolan: “He said ‘in south africa we use british english and so we supposed to call them motorways’.

    LOL. You have amazing insight, only, in SA we use whatever English is available. A British base yes, but for the past 60 years more and more American.

    The Montle piece is good and interesting, but over-wrought. Basically, its pornographic because it revels in its own obsessive ‘focus’. It’s trying too hard. Pull back a bit and let it breathe.

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  38. Dylan says:

    Wow this dude really cares about what people in the comment section of a village blog think of his writing? To the point where he wants to give up journalism?

    Good luck to you my friend.

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  39. Daneelsh says:

    Im not getting this. What the fuck just happened here? A totally over-the-top piece, granted- and not within a 100-mile radius of HST- but brave, a fun read, something unSuburban. I enjoyed it. Then I ventured below the Kiff and Fuck-You signs, and met a whole new kind of FuckNut.
    Who are you pseudo-intellectual fuck-faces?? Have YOU ever been published before? Have YOU ever had the balls to lay your intestines on a table while dozens, hundreds or even millions of under-qualified critiquing losers violate and study every blood-spatter with spotlights and instruments – pulling apart your guts from your glory?! WTF man? The guy’s a good writer, he’s not Hunter, but how unhappy can you possibly be at home to be spending your time pulling this dude apart?
    Fuck HST, he was the epitome, and not everyone can be him- but there were Kerouacs too….give this guy some constructive headbanging, for fuck sakes.

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  40. muerte says:

    Hey Hunter S “booh hoo I can’t write anymore so I’m going to blow my own head off (for my loving patient family to clean up) with one of my many dumb hick guns” Thomson never tried to piss on the Jan Smuts statue outside parliament. Then make imaginary snow angels on the pavement. In front of bewildered cops. Montel did. I was there.

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  41. Naipul says:

    Who’s this Montel everyone’s talking about? Montel Williams?

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  42. nolan says:

    Montel Jordan – RnB singer songwriter

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  43. montle says:

    hahahaha…rthis just cheered me up….montel jordan…totally forgot about the snow angels..jan smuts…god.

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  44. montle says:

    kerouc…im not a big fan, but i cant say he didnt make a significant literary contribution…i’m a miller man…Tropic of cancer and sexus changed my life.

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  45. based gawd says:

    Celine > Miller

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  46. muerte says:

    Apolliniaire > Celine

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  47. Naipul says:

    Sex > Apollinaire

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  48. huh? says:

    montle moorosi = a ‘kaffir’ (to use his language) who has read Henry Miller? Wow, apartheid has really ended.

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  49. montle says:

    apartheid isnt over…read all the cooments here and tell me if you see any fucking unity and happiness…if you want to be lied to..go read koontz or danielle steel

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  50. Anonymous says:

    If you think the biggest display of a lack of unity was expressed in the comment section and not the article, you’re confused.
    The aqrticle instigated a confused response, because the article had no conclusion or specific point, it left everything hanging. It said, ‘Yes, this mjan is clearly sexist and yet is willing to fight someone if he interprets the slightest slight against him’. What point is actually being made?

    It’s just rambling. It’s not defined enough. It’s just a mess in controversial colours that some people feel is important.

    And dont tell us what we like! we might like human despair, but your personal despair in this context is nothing new, interesting, exciting. You had a great platform with some relevant content there, and then made a mess of it by being so vauge and flip flopping your ideals.

    Its almost5 as if cause Andy told you to write about racism, you went to go look for some. Or, since you obviously made up other aspects of the story, maybe you didn’t find any so you made some up.

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  51. Anonymous says:

    it isn’t enough to just be controversial.
    partying hard doesn’t make you some kind of revolutionary. Even if you wee on statues.

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  52. dudie says:

    the article did its job – made you all reveal you bitchiness. capetonian whores! hahaha.
    now eat shit and let people express themselves. and jesus, is montle an infantile!? mr. so called ‘journalist’, who gives a shit what people think, and how can you comment back?! you are the writer; above it all – let them rant, none of your business. a musician doesn’t make excuses for a bad song and neither should a writer. are you doing this for fame or to progress your thoughts?! recalibrate yourself dammit! and keep on writing – there aren’t enough writers in this godforsaken country. you tried something different, they weren’t ready for it, and maybe you fucked up; move on pussy! jesus, what are you 5? hahaha. and let me tell you something else – thompson was a compassionate writer. he really gave a shit about all that was good and always gave every tom, dick and harry chance. HE WAS NOT DEFINED BY HIS HABITS – he never smirked and laughed at anyones demise, except to those that were truly evil. have compassion towards those you write about buddy, they too breathe and shit just like you.

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  53. Patrick says:

    This piece would be far more interesting if there were less shit posturing about HST and cocks. So, unlike so much of the crap on Mahala which is like vapid HST rip-off, this actually has something of worth to it, pity that’s buried under laboured crap.

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  54. Doctor L. says:

    “I thought not having the guy in a tweed coat read my shit was good..i saw myself as the common man hero writer…but fuck that…i want that tweed coat and i want to drink ceylon fucking tea before i fuck a woman. There is no place for me in the common world..i’m too retarded…and most retard end up in the history books and your english curriculum.”

    This is true.

    The common man in skinny jeans, withering away in front of a desktop in an open plan office, fawning over pictures of himself on WE-ARE-AWSOME, cropping and saving the most flattering (where he’s most gaunt and ‘gauche’) as his avatar for Facebook/Tumblr, is a philistine. A fraud. He has the look and come-uppance of some kind practitioner of the arts, but his simple tastes betray a lack of refinement. A brutality in his manner. His insipid innards have no penchant for poetry. They move only with stools. He is never touched, but “understands why people would like that”. He’s in advertising. He’s in graphic design. Like Dostoevsky and Kafka’s clerks his imagination is trapped by appearance and ‘purpose’. He knows very little of experience and circumstance. Money shielded him from living. He’s undead. He’s worst actions have no conequences. What kind of a man is this? He never goes too far. He’s a moralist. A simple one. Raised by deacons and Papal bulls in ersatz cathedrals and cricket fields. He knows references. Namedrops Hunter S Thompson because he wants you to know that he’s a knowledgeable king in his own right, worldly and furious, though his throne remains the swivel chair of disposable income. His gateway to boutiques and blogs where he consumes without discrimination, taste or flair. He knows culture. He reads Henry Miller to talk you down on the internet or perhaps impress a floozy in a frock,but takes nothing else from that incredible man. Nothing else. No fire to fire. He has no fire. He loves more than anything the death of originality. He screams it from the rooftops to quell his own self-disdain at being mediocre. “Nothing’s new, anyway”. He will use another artist to play down your work because he doesn’t want to be the only one with absolutely fuck all that’s new and interesting to contribute to the world. He engages work that is honest and unashamed with a mouthful of bile because he hides himself.Audacity astounds him. He’s a liberal private school white-boy with Anglican leanings who raided a mod’s wardrobe. He was misunderstood and possibly ill-treated, but instead of pushing him towards sensitivty and intelligence, it turned him into a vain and mean being.

    A counterfeit!

    Leave him behind!

    And come join us in our smoking jackets and pipes!

    They smell like dead men!

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  55. muerte says:

    Doc L that could be the greatest post on this ‘village blog’ ever. Abounds with gems: “the swivel chair of disposable income” / “He is never touched, but “understands why people would like that”. He’s in advertising. He’s in graphic design”. Bravo.

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  56. Andy says:

    The thing I don’t get is that Montle isn’t even vaguely inspired by HST. I mean who is these days? But whenever he produces what I believe to be some of the freshest “personal journalism” around, all these stunted intellectual clowns jump in there and claim he’s trying to be like HST. Read the text for fucksake. Then go read a whole lot more.

    Yes, I asked him to write about racism in CT. I dig the way everytime I make a suggestion he always delivers above and beyond. The guy pours his guts out in every story. There’s no cruise control with Montle. He’s always pressing the bruise, going to that soft central space and grabbing and twisting. Every piece is an anguished soulstorm of self loathing, pinpoint cultural clarity and unflinching honesty. And he flips the formula. He doesn’t just write about racism in CT, he embodies it, owns it, serves it up. That’s brave, but he won’t think so. It comes naturally.

    Those who get it. Good. Those who don’t. You’ll just pretend you did later.

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  57. Anonymous says:

    muerte says:
    January 17, 2011 at 11:00 am
    Hey Hunter S “booh hoo I can’t write anymore so I’m going to blow my own head off (for my loving patient family to clean up) with one of my many dumb hick guns” Thomson never tried to piss on the Jan Smuts statue outside parliament. Then make imaginary snow angels on the pavement. In front of bewildered cops. Montel did. I was there.

    WTF. Jan Smuts had more intelligence in his middle finger than Montle could ever dream of comprehending. For fucks sake. Einstein commended the man’s genius….I suppose the above just amplifies the inanity of this bafoons drivel…cock…insignificunt fucking cock.

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  58. Max says:

    Montle is one of the most significant new writers in SA. the rest of you can go back to reading digested, processed, bland material.

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  59. Urk says:

    there’s a whole group of uneducated, angry, cat owning, child molesting, menthol cigarette smoking, tampon recycling, Yaris driving, Neil Diamond listening, bird shit skin complexion having, wicker furniture owning, bitch ass, petri dish licking people on the internet

    that’s some funny shit man. but on a level i cannot help but scheme fuck you if that’s what you think of your readers dude. suppose i just don’t get it. but you know what, i’ll keep trying. let’s hope others, every single one of you, do too.

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  60. Urk says:

    i know fuck-all about writing, but that jumped off the page. and consider this: there’s some lively debate here. there’s some posturing and infantile name-calling too (whilst hiding behind pseodonyms, ah, the bravery), sure. ma dis fokken lekker. and if it saves just one…he to can go through the pearly gates and do what the author suggested…hahaha. it makes us talk and think and get uncomfortable. YEAH MAHALA. here’s me pretending to get it now.

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  61. Likcityspit says:

    Miller. Now that’s some fucking writing alright. Write, Montle. Write. Never mind the comments.

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  62. montle says:

    urk?? kool URK?? i really hope its not….cause that would be way too much laughter for one day.

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  63. Another Black guy says:

    nice read……really enjoyed it.

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  64. CappucinoGirl says:

    Whether it was fact or fiction I was still nonetheless entertained. Kudos Montle!

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  65. Sebi says:

    Absolutely loved this piece and some of the comments clearly show the type of bullshit Montleis talkin about vele. To judge and critique so much and not even be brave, proud, whatever enough to put your name on it jus shows uyabhora!
    Nolan and Montle Big Up Yourselves!!!

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