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Eddie Is It?

Eddie Is It?

by David Chislett / 03.02.2010

If you haven’t been a long time fan of Eddie Izzard, the Lego animation of his Death Star Canteen routine has converted you by now. The man is pure genius. If you’ve seen the videos, the clips, the highlights, the packages, then you’re in for a treat. Live, it’s totally different. Totally… nuts.

Izzard seems to teeter between totally losing the plot, the audience and his mind, and spewing a constant stream of linguistic gems. If he would just slow down a little, you think to yourself, you are pretty sure you could find some form of word play in just about every sentence he utters. It’s manic, deviant and utterly offensive. Note to religious people: Don’t go!

Allegedly everything he does its totally scripted. Having just spent 3 hours in a theatre seat watching him, I find that very hard to believe. He sputters from tangent to tangent in an engagingly absent minded, manic, childlike way, spewing word plays, points of interest, vicious broadsides and scathing observations as he goes. It’s a glorious, furious noise that most engagingly seems to have no point at all. No, none at all. And it’s fucking hilarious.

After a while half the audience is just laughing AT Eddie Izzard, not his jokes or his lack of trademark dress and heels, just at him as he skips, leaps, minces and swoops around the stage uttering semi words, flailing hands and feet and generally letting go in the most engaging, hilarious and intriguing manner.

After spending a few minutes wondering where all of this japing around is going, the mind drifts into this inter-connected parallel Izzard universe and you just laugh and laugh. Well unless, you’re a bit uptight and don’t like jokes about god, Nazis, animals, the stupidity of humans and other such light hearted subjects!

Go catch Izzard, you’ll be bluddy gutted if you don’t.

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