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Don't Cry for Egoli

Don’t Cry for Egoli

by Nathan Zeno / 29.08.2009

Good news often comes with the Bad. So too is the joy we feel when we hear, via DIE BURGER, that “The lights on the set of the local soapie Egoli will be switched off for the last time on Friday” tinged with a fear at the knowledge that these “lights” will “be switched on again immediately for the film which is currently only known as: Egoli – the Movie”

The first thought I have when I read this is that if it’s being cancelled surely that means no one is interested. Perhaps? But no, “according to the inner circle of Egoli actors, the final episode of the soap will apparently be so ‘open-ended’ that it will pave the way for a movie that Egoli fans will want to see.

” Okay so if it’s being cancelled, therefore having no fans, who is going to watch it? “The script writers have written the film in a way that won’t confuse people who didn’t watch Egoli regularly, or even not at all.”
All of us, is the answer. Or, at very least, the desire.

But that’s just shooting fish in a barrel. What I find interesting about this “project” is this line: “It is not yet clear whether the film will be shot on the current Egoli set.

” Weren’t we just told that the lights of the set would “be switched on again immediately”? There is also this: “Muller wasn’t able to confirm whether all the soap’s stars would also be seen in the film” So they don’t know where it will be shot or even if the cast is in it? Hang on,is this one of those, let’s-put-out-a-press-release-because-that-will -make-it-real type press releases? Meaning, please god,that there is a glimmer of hope that this won’t happen.


Ultimately, however, the terrifying thing is that, “Die Burger was also told confidentially that quite a few surprises were being planned for the film, such as actors who were on the cast many years ago, being returned to the story.” Terrifying because DIE BURGER still thinks that saying “confidentially” in a newspaper will make people think you’re speaking directly to them, sharing a secret that no one wants to get out. And the delicious secret that you’ll want to tell all your friends whose newspapers don’t speak directly to them? The possibility of a chorus line of has-beens who thought that they had any cache outside of Egoli and so left years ago who are now so desperate for any work that they will submit to this public humiliation in front of our very eyes. It’s an appealing idea, public humiliation as a spectacle but rarely does it leave my soul feeling anything else but a little soiled. But M-net needn’t worry because apparently there is a legion of people who have never watched or only infrequently watched Egoli who would love to see some of cast on a some other set enacting scenes that are filled with twenty odd years of exposition to get them up to speed before everyone is killed in a freak hail storm of Steve Hofmeyer or something (see just saying “Steve Hofmeyer” is funny).

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  1. Nthabi says:

    Oh man oh man… too sad… and weird that this shit gets swallowed hook line and sinker by a south african audience. Albeit privileged and predominantly white (DSTV subscribers, ne?). I was in Mozambique recently and they’re rocking Brazilian soapies set in the Favelas, it’s a huge breath of fresh air – we could sure learn something from our neighbours. Frans Marx se poes!

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  2. dvd vierge says:

    You are very lucky that you have time to watch this movie. but don’t cry for that. since you can see it at anytime afterwards.

    dvd vierge

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