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Dirty Like That


They gave us petrol money, with some left over for beer, them kind folks at Boom.fm and Hurley, the latter throwing in some swagtastic gear, and the bald man from Mahala said: “Go and make art.” Off we went, to Oppikoppi Sweet Thing, meat for the grinder, with no plan, no guidelines, just the vague task of shooting a video. How the fuck do you cover such a monstrous event as Oppi? No idea, but what we did know is that artist interviews weren’t for us, they are too boring and stale. Besides, the general Oppi reveler doesn’t get the chance to chat to the bands and that’s what we were after – the experience, the dirt, the booze and the music. And that’s what we brought back.

*This video was produced in association with Boom.fm and Hurley.

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