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Die fokken Antwoord is

Die fokken Antwoord is

by Roger Young, images by Sean Metelerkamp / 03.02.2010

If you’ve been on the “interwebs” in the last couple of days you will have noticed that DIE ANTWOORD are blowing up, with a combined youtube hit count approaching 200 000, mentions on Boingboing, BuzzfeedMetafilter, Dlisted, Yimmy’s Yayo, the Guardian UK, Vanilla Vinyl and on television in the states on G4’s Attack of the Show, where they were referred to as a South African performance art ensemble called DIE ANTWERD, “which is Dutch for The Answer”. Comments all over these international sites are a mixture of disgust, misunderstanding and mindblown-ness. What this interweb explosion has led to is precisely what Ninja predicts in the song ‘Enter the Ninja’, “taking over the interwebs, world wide”. They’ve gone viral. But to what end?

Ninja has said on DIE ANTWOORD FB page that “jissis my blaare!!! DIE moerrefokken ANTWOORD blowing the fok op innie USA… UK… EUROPA … OZ… fokken ORALS my blaar… wat die fok is annie gang? US tour… UK tour… EURO tour… OZ tour… coming up nou nou nou!!! zee you zoon zapperz! one time pappi! NY x”.

A mix of cheesy late eighties rave and rap music, rhyming with a slightly bad coloured accent, misspelt prison tattoos and some pretty extreme visuals. You have to ask yourself, why is DIE ANTWOORD so fascinating?

Many have tried to penetrate the question, to unpack DIE ANTWOORD, with a particularly over thought and apt analysis such as the one in Rapport a couple of weeks ago by Annie Klopper. Klopper was clever, she didn’t try to get answers from Ninja himself, she stood back took it all in and said basically; this is what I think DIE ANTWOORD is. The Guardian UK took a different approach, trying to question Ninja directly, the result; “I asked Tudor Jones if Die Antwoord was another conceptual project, if he and Visser had taken on new, more subversive roles. He declined to answer and politely withdrew his co-operation. They may be the answer, but it seems Die Antwoord is not necessarily the truth.” Ninja it seems doesn’t want to unpack DIE ANTWOORD. I, myself have tried to draw the Ninja out, we tried to do an interview with him a couple of weeks ago, mainly because I was fascinated with the polarization of opinions about him on our comment boards. The net result of a couple of emails back and forth was this statement, “Die Antwoord needs no explanation. It is what it is.”

Yo-Landi Vi$$er

And therein lies Ninja’s genius (You will note that I decline to call him by his previous name, this is not because I am a rabid fan, but because I recognize that Ninja is so deep into this shit, it’s pointless to do anything but accept it at this stage of the game), he refuses to explain, because after all he is providing the answer, if an answer is true it needs no explanation.

One of the most persistent disparaging comments about DIE ANTWOORD has been that he wouldn’t last in Pollsmoor, or on the Cape Flats, that the numbers gangs will eventually get him. I, too, was of this opinion a few months back, the only saving grace possibly we (myself and someone from another magazine) thought back then would be if this shit blew up internationally. It seemed that there was a real danger that someone in some gang would not take kindly to the cultural reappropriation. Does that danger still exist? Was there ever a danger. Who can ever know what’s going on in the heads of Cape Flats gangsters. Or Ninja for that matter. But if DIE ANTWOORD follows through on this internet explosion the chance of any danger will definitely lessen, but it will never entirely go away. The appeal of Ninja and Yo-landi is in this danger, in the knife-edge between cheese and brilliance, between horror and humor, between make-believe and reality and the refusal to explain. You cannot deny that, whatever you think of it, Ninja’s strategy is working, that it really is some “next level shit”. They’re playing Kunskafee in Durbanville this weekend, it may be the last time you get to seem them in a small venue and being so flooded with internet love, maybe Ninja won’t be so closed and hardcore, but I doubt it.


Images © and courtesy Sean Metelerkamp.

*Sean Metelerkamp shoots stills & directs music videos, commercials & short films. He is represented by Harry & Co.

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  1. Pop Will Top Himself says:

    It’s one thing to be a chameleon and change your colours as the muse inspires you to new heights of artistic expression. It’s another entirely to have yourself tattoo’d with the icons of your current metamorphosis. On the strength of (insert current stage name here)’s present identity being inked into permanence, I would have to say that this one’s here to stay.

    The only glitch I can foresee is that Die Antwoord would have to put out fresh material to stay relevant. I for one think this is totally possible. Considering the man’s creative output to date, I imagine he’s entirely capable of creating a lot more worthy material.

    The only bitch would be those goddamn prison chops. Laser, Waddy? No?

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  2. tat2 says:

    on waddy’s left shoulder there are some very embarrassing 90’s style knysna forest inspired pixies that make up a sleeve. laser costs money. waddy uses base.

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  3. Andy says:

    Nah, I reckon Waddy will just wear those tattoos like an ex-con gone straight when he shape-shifts again. In the same way as he rocks the pixie sleeve and the Thai Coke sign. Like reminders of another life. After all, isn’t that what tattoos are all about?

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  4. transformer says:

    he’s going to find religion next. you mark my words. christians are about the only group left that are gullible enough to believe him.

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  5. Andy says:

    If he did, it would be a riot – but it wouldn’t be because he needed to find a new crowd to dupe, as you suggest. People like Die Antwoord because it’s fresh and hits a nerve. Most of Waddy’s stuff has been like that.

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  6. Miss Understood says:

    Let’s talk about Yo-Landi. She’s the one I want to know about. As do her swell of new fans, male and female, for all the obvious reasons. Keep the rest, we want Yo-Landi baby!

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  7. Miss Understood says:

    Let’s talk about Yo-Landi. She’s the one we want to know about, as do her swell of new fans, both men and women, for a whole lot more reasons than we’d want to know about the regular pop tart. Keep the rest, let’s talk Yo-Landi baby!

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  8. seth says:

    Yolande is so so hot. I can’t believe the rig on that thing! Jesus, and after squeezing out the squirt.

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  9. media hussies says:

    teee heee….Hysterical. Well sad but funny. Funny sad. And yes and we love Yo-Landi’s eyelashes.

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  10. Details says:

    Who made the Ninja video?

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  11. Jason says:

    That’s Primrose, man – where’s it all about Label and Kawas. Except the colours aren’t as saturated.

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  12. Details says:

    Who made the Ninja video? Please explain to someone who is in the USA.

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  13. Humbug says:

    Holy c^&p, this is embarrasing.Nothing sadder on this planet than a wigga.

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  14. Anonymous says:

    Sean Metelerkamp.
    he also took the photos
    chek it.

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  15. daddy's friend says:

    Seth, do your mommy and daddy know you’ve been making rude comments on the internet with their computer again? This time they will have to smack your botty a bit harder and send you to bed without any dins-dins in your tummy-wummy.

    Feel free to join the conversation when you’ve learned to behave like an adult.

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  16. the other daddy's friend says:

    Watkin, do your mommy and daddy know you’ve been making rude comments in the media with their money again? This time they will have to smack your botty a bit harder and send you to bed without any dins-dins in your tummy-wummy.

    Feel free to join the conversation when you’ve learned to behave like an adult.

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  17. joegz says:

    this shit is too ill for words. loving the flicks and the vid as well.

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  18. Anonymous says:

    The appeal of Ninja and Yo-landi is in this danger, in the knife-edge between cheese and brilliance, between horror and humor, between make-believe and reality and the refusal to explain.

    That is so very beautifully put!

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  19. windmill chopper says:

    Take a run-o-the-mill, slow-mo COKE ad shot in the townships, someone who knows how to sequence in ABLETON, a hot, small, dumb chick and some hackneyed prison tats cum Roger Ballen trash stroKes and you will start appealing to people who can’t think of more than 4 things at oncE.

    And when you see them in the Garden’s Centre(Saff Afika) staring at expensive ‘rosa’ tomatoes you will realise that they can’t either.


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  20. cathy says:

    Indeed chopper, i too have seen Waddy and his wife shopping at the Woolworths in Garden’s Centre. Often. Not that different than the rest of us, then?

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  21. GraemeSwanepoel says:

    Love the play on low class SA rap electro thing. awesome

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  22. GraemeSwanepoel says:

    and someone tell me why i think Yo-landi is hot.

    bizarellyyyyyy yes

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  23. Roger Young says:


    Can you not tell the difference between a township and the cape flats? oh dear.

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  24. This is why says:

    This is why they do so well no one cares about the lyrics you like the vibe. It’s shocking is revolting sometimes, makes no sense most of the time, and offends the masses of the conservative upperclass. I think the article in the RAPPORT is spot on!

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  25. the bee's knees says:

    I still listen to rap for lyricism, so this doesn’t appeal to me at all.

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  26. windmill chopper says:

    Roger. Under-developed urban areas usually reserved for non-whites. Read the bible, bruv.

    Sure I shop at Woolworths. I just don’t pretend I don’t.

    Yolandi is not really hot, she just ingnites the urge to have sex with prepubescents.

    As I said, I shop at Woolworths.

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  27. Roger Young says:


    In the last century Bru, the words have taken on a different meaning now,

    Ninja and Yolandi are performers, of course they pretend. Did you actually think they thought the audience would think they’re the real thing?

    Maybe not hot by your standards but then again, as you say, you shop at Woolworths.

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  28. NoAnswer says:

    At the risk of adding more fuel to a fire I wish would go out, here’s my 2 cents:

    What annoys me about Die Antwoord is it’s very banal, 2D veneer – there’s nothing intriguing or clever about it. It sounds like it was borne at a Currie Cup Final afterparty, after too much brandewyn (I’m sure the Bloue Bulle love ’em). It’s just too straight-up and unimaginative to stand next to other hip-hop alter-egos; too juvenile. You can see why it’s causing such a big stir (Diplo couldn’t stop going on about them on Twitter the other day – but hey, Diplo’s guilty of serious musical crimes too) – we like to be affronted with in-your-face stuff and we generally react immediately, like laughing at fart jokes or tapping your feet to trance. Fair enough, but what amazes me is that after being given the opportunity to digest Die Antwoord, people are still so caught up by it. It’s a very thin joke with nothing much more than sensationalism going on. Thing is there’s no real culture of clever hip-hop alter-egos in this country. Put Waddy next to Del, The Handsome Boy Modelling School, MF Doom, Quasimoto or Dr Octagon and he’s exposed for what he really is: pretty average. I get this sense that he’s actually encouraging us to laugh at his characters, whereas the aforementioned create such attractive, complex characters that you’d never dismiss them; you’re consantly trying to peel away the layers that envelop them. That’s where Die Antwoord fails: it’s immediately (and painfully) apparent.

    Oh, and the rhyming and beats are eqaully lame.

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  29. lexy says:

    also, in rich bitch, they sing about shopping in woolworths. so technically. i’m not surprised they shop there.
    the whole they aren’t real argument is pretty lame. because it’s 2010 and no musician’s schtick is real/ don’t be naive? we all saw max normal and the fantastic kill and constructus corporation etc etc, of course it’s an act. but it’s an awesome one, and waddy’s alway been brilliant at what it is he does (rapping? etc)

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  30. windmill chopper says:

    NoAnswer, word.

    None of the obvious sources, from which DA obviously appropriate, when minced together using the most obvious of advertising world techniques ushers up anything other than a brash, slick one-liner. It’s a Coke ad with wheels.

    And Roger, if the only thing you can mistakenly call me on is my defininition of ‘township’ then there is not much more I can say to you. I know they are performers. They are unoriginal performers. The lyrics are average and the electronics are average. It’s the lumo pink cap brigade.

    If you go to a DA concert, I bet the next DJ will play 50 Justice songs in a row. I bet you, I bet you …fifty cent.

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  31. Anonymous says:

    Just got word, after circulating the link around my music publicity office, that Die Antwoord is basically Da Ali G of South Africa. All fake, skewering the movement of middle class kids with apartheid supporting parents becoming Afrikaner posers, basically.



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  32. Mark says:

    “It’s the lumo pink cap brigade.”


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  33. Moose says:

    I may finally being getting die antwoord

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  34. Andy says:

    NoAnswer I don’t think that’s fair considering that Die Antwoord have only put up a stream of their debut album and shot two videos – they’re really just establishing themselves. The album isn’t even available yet. So in many ways they’ve come up and grabbed our attention. Now we wait to see what it’s all about. Don’t jump the gun, son. I take it you’re a boy. But I really said that just cos it rhymed. Wait for them to at least release an album before developing your knee-jerk. Because you might have to reconsider it later. Same goes for you Windmill Chopper.

    And what you perceive as 2D cheesy synth beats can also be interpreted as an exercise in subversive cultural appropriation and deep, post-post modern irony masquerading as pop.

    So while analogies to Ali G are obvious, i think there’s a lot more going on here. And it’s entirely possible that Waddy and Yolandi have no idea what they’re doing, they’re just rolling with it. But everyone is so quick to jump up and slam it as FAKE! As if we’re all such bloody originals.

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  35. Roger Young says:


    You’re right. You’re so right. and boring.

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  36. windmill chopper says:

    Andy, fakery is not at issue. They are never going to be poor whites churning on poor little Yolandi.

    They are truly unoriginal. If they choose to post these videos then that’s what they amount to at this time, right? That’s what we are discussing. Saying that judgement needs to be reserved is a type of deferral of what your post tries to avoid: stating just what they have, that others before them haven’t. Come Andy. Put your windmill on the bread board.

    The video is arb, their lyrics are crap, and the way in which the backing track is constructed is arb. If any, or all, of these components spoke to eachother in a way which made the sum of the effort more than the author’s gyrating parts then they would have a point.

    Dit probeer to hard.

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  37. NoAnswer says:

    Andy: Boy? Son? If I’m not being too insolent by replying, old man, let me say that Waddy (and his antics) are nothing new to me, so my knee’s not jerking. I react to what I see, and what I see is just so un-astounding. That simple. It’s got nothing to do with original or post-approp-pop-mod-whatever…it’s just very boring and thin. So you go wait for them to reveal all those intricate layers on their debut album, and I’ll go enjoy artists who give so much more, with so much less effort.

    BTW: what’s with the ‘grabbed our attention’ thing – they’ve been around a good while?

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  38. Roger Young says:

    Please forgive me for my previous response, windmill, it just strikes me that you’re the type that I’m never going to be able to win over by argument.

    Township is a word that used to mean suburb before it was appropriated by the aparthied government, While certina kasi’s might still refer to themselves as township’s the flats do not.

    You are assuming that because in their lyrics and performance they “fake” being “poor whites” they are lying because they shop in Woolworths. The levels of assumption and mis-identifications there are astounding,

    Mistaking the flats for ekasi is an indication of where you get your popular culture from, perhaps the coke commercials you watch? Just because something looks like something else and sounds like something else doesn’t mean it is something else. Have you ever taken a taxi to Mitchells Plein?

    I leave you with this. If the video is “arb”, the lyrics “crap” and the backing track “arb” and this is all intentionally done, does it make it any less “crap” or “arb”?

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  39. Roger Young says:


    Drive Fast, Play kak music.

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  40. windmill chopper says:

    Roger. You love these guys, huh? I forgive you.

    I am going to respond in bullet form to the crux of your argument which I take to be:

    Just because something looks like something else and sounds like something else doesn’t mean it is something else. Have you ever taken a taxi to Mitchells Plein?


    And finally a some parting reason.

    Trellidors give the illusion of depth. That’s why everyone buys them.


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  41. Roger Young says:


    This is the thing. I don’t think they’re that fantastic, musically. But whatever they’re doing is working. We’re having this conversation.

    Your deep statement about Trellidors makes very little sense. We obviously do not speak the same language.

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  42. Actually, it's fun. says:

    @ so many of you. Typical South African back stabbing bitching when you should be happy that some of the vast amount of talent on the Southern Most Tip got some attention. We have the “interweb” to thank for that. So get busy bitches and get your shit up and shut up about Woolworths.

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  43. Sarah says:

    Well the dude is definitely cooked and that’s a fact. There’s a fine, fine line between that and creative brilliance. Who knows, maybe the two are interdependent. But in this case? Damn, I’m not so sure. Almost no part of me buys this.

    What Roger said, “He refuses to explain, because after all he is providing the answer, if an answer is true it needs no explanation.” Wow, what a load of bullshit. Really? “True” answers are almost always explicable. It’s the ones that can’t be explained, that just ask you to trust and have faith, that are the ones to be sceptical about. No explanation? No answer. I don’t think the dude has a fucking clue what he’s even doing to be honest.

    But on the flipside – no such thing as bad publicity, right? So yes, we’re having this conversation, so it’s working. Who cares why or if it’s justified.

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  44. nimhu says:

    Thouroughly enjoying the DA saga doing the interweb rounds at the moment. Come on whether you like it or not they’re a little micro meme right now and shouldnt be bashed on the basis of whether or not they shop at Woolies. What South Africans don’t (okay aside from the poor)?

    I tend to agree that as a South African especially a Capetonian it’s a little hard to take the Jones’s seriously. They’ve changed flavours as often as Yo Landi has changed hair colour. I agree she’s getting a lot of hype which tickles me pink internally; since Waddy is such an arrogant prick in person – I’m pretty sure he’s not taking is ‘wyfies’ rise to fame too well and yes well said earlier she’s merely igniting some odd prepubescant lust in her oufit choices. Then there’s the common human fantasy of shagging across the ‘class line’… the maid the poolboy the mechanic etc….debasing yourself essentially in the hopes of something quite carnal.

    As i was saying Waddy’s career has never really gotten bigger than Long Street because of his inability to stick to projects… but then again and I mentioned it on another blog somewhere – has anybody stopped to ask if they’re doing this for fun because they enjoy it or if they’re actually after money grabbing fame?? If its for fun then screw it – let them change “personas” as often as they want.

    The issue isnt whether its fake surely? Naturally its a persona… I mean really if fake were the issue then Eminem and Lady Gaga and half of the music industry would be in the poo not so? Britney is white trash masquarading as pop queen – ten points to her for swinging the otehr way.

    As a Capetonian I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the blend of cape coloured and white trash… I can practically see their little fake persona house somewhere in Parrow or Kraaifontein, bet they even have a kwaai jacuzzi back there and an indoor braai. Maybe even a VW Polo classic with dropped suspension they take racing from time to time.

    I’ve had a listen to the full album and theres some interesting stuff on there but nothing with serious longevity that I’d personally stick in my playlist – I just dont find the production tight enough overall. Market wise its a novelty right now but overall I think the fact that it is so inherantly cape town never mind south african will be there biggest downfall. If they drop the coloured white act they lose a little of their personal style but if they dont they risk being a flash in the pan.

    As for the tats I think they’re genius – they’re so bad they’re orsm… they have that nasty pollsmoor feel to them you just cant buy and getting your teeth capped in gold – come on thats showing some dedication to the project.

    I’m torn between love and hate when it comes to this crazy new project, my sense of humour loves it and unfortunately my knowledge of the cape town scene and the circles he moves in makes me think its another lost cause.

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  45. Oh Yeah says:

    go ninja, go ninja. its your birthday.

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  46. Phillip says:

    Even us local mainstream media have finally picked up on the phenomenon – now that the Yanks alerted us to it.


    In our defence, we do business and politics. When The DM takes notice of an outfit like this, it must mean… sorry, it’s been more than 5 minutes since I last listened to “Enter the Ninja”. Gotta go.

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  47. Chrisco says:

    Nice article Roger – I really don’t get the all the angst and hand-wringing some people seem to be doing over Die Antwoord.. Are they good? Are they crap? What does it MEAN?! Should we like them? Should we hate them?

    I have huge respect for Waddy – when he goes for something, he goes all out. It never ceases to amaze me that journalists seem to expect a guy like him to go into any interview and step outside his own current skin to stroke chins and wax lyrical about what his project ‘means’; what he’s trying to say; who he’s trying to fool. After all that effort and energy, ‘putting down the persona’ to satisfy some hack’s need for answers would just ruin everything, and disrespect fans. It’s not like he expects us to forget his background, to forget that he’s a Joburg guy who’s been emceeing in various forms for 15 years at least. He’s a little like the old Chinese magician in ‘The Prestige’ who knows that his whole act relies absolutely on looking like a frail old man in all public life – even though he’s not.

    People complain about lyricism and the music, like Ninja would be Ninja with Nas flows and A-grade slick New York production. People complain about Waddy changing styles and not sticking with something, like he would ever get anywhere in our limited market by still trying to flog The Original Evergreen… The guy is a white South African who clearly has a long passionate relationship with Hip Hop, and I think he realised long ago that there was no way a white guy from the suburbs was going to be accepted or be popular doing regular hip hop, with perfectly smooth rhymes and hard attitude. He wrote new categories for himself to compete in, and that’s the only wise thing someone like him could do. Be serious about looking ridiculous enough and people can’t ridicule you without looking like asses.

    I don’t think Ninja necessarily has this structured plan about what he’s doing or a deep philosophical angle he’s trying to get across – but he’s DOING something, which is more than many South Africans can boast about.

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  48. Don Dada says:

    yaw guys, this is exactly what Waddy wants – to keep bitches talking about him.
    it’s the hip hop Leon Shuster For F**k sake, don’t for one minute think that this is not all planned, these people work hard at their art, harder than most (C)rappers in the country who are still going on about shit they don’t own and bitches they never fucked, but coming from the Flats….i’d be very careful about talking that talk and wysing tjappies, cause they day will come when he might have to staan vas and Answer a whole lot of questions…good luck to them.

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  49. Andy says:

    Nice one Phillip. Good to see you here, are you wearing gumboots?

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  50. Woolworths says:

    There is no such thing as bad publicity ——- except your own obituary

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  51. rozzano says:

    leon schuster of hip hop LMIMP!!!! nice one, whether you lke leon or hate the mo’fo’…he sells tons of cds and fills the cinema’s…etv and sabc is thankful for leon’s “CONTENT”….and that’s exactly what ol waddy does…fills venues and rocks the jol with his “CONTENT”…and he stays humble, true to himself and takes care of his laaitie by doing what he does best: perform! shut the f%$k up haters!!!

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  52. lexy says:

    something to remember about die antwoord is that all their fans are midle class white kids

    and for middle class white kids to be ironically or unironically into coloured and/or poor white culture is pretty condescending and a little bit disturbing

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  53. Andy says:

    Hey Roz… nice to see you here man!

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  54. Andy says:

    Oh is that so Lexy? What about all the people into hip hop all around the world. And soul before that, and jazz before that? To quote Kevin Bloom’s great article on the daily maverick – link below – “Is it right that a white man born with the name Watkin Tudor Jones takes and manipulates the language of the Flats? Given that the history of music is based on creative borrowing and the exchange of influences, the question is irrelevant.”

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  55. Nissim says:

    Damn, it’s tough keeping up with the Jones’s. (yes, treble entendre very intended!)

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  56. death to interior decorators says:

    Rozzano, that’s a very tired and lame excuse for mediocrity. Giving the majority what they want to the nth degree and pocketing large amounts of money from it does not make you culturally relevant or creatively admirable, it just makes you a media whore. If we were all that impressed with Leon Schuster’s work we’d be happy to show it off to every visitor and proudly claim him to be an ambassador of local culture. But we don’t because in reality he’s a South African embarrassment, a dirty little not-so-well-kept secret signifier of how artless and fickle our tastes really are. We know it and we don’t have the guts and the collective resolve to rise above it.

    You do Waddy a huge disservice by saying he does exactly the same thing as Schuster. If you’re going to comment on mahala again, maybe you should think these things through a bit more carefully.

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  57. Jason says:

    So something like Britney Spears and Kid Rock to the USA, and Gary Glitter to the Brits?

    Leon drives an X5 (or did until recently, I’m sure he’s upgraded), and for most Hip hop hedz that is a measure of one’s success. That and the 5 cellphones. So by that reasoning, let’s all aspire to be the next LS.

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  58. nimhu says:


    I dunno about it being condescending because he chooses to align himself with the coloured / poor white communities – honestly I dont even think that cpe town has a massive overlap between white and coloured in that regard. Cape Town is a weird city, it masquarades as this forward thinking rainbow nation city but it really isnt. Although we as a people seemed to be handling tolerance fine we certainly haven’t stopped seeing colour and this rings true particularily in Cape Town. Gosh I can count the clubs on my hand that really mix and integrate colour well – capetonians all tend to kinda stick to themselves.

    In saying this come on do you think Waddy could’ve nailed down the Cape Coloured dialect “to a Tee” the way he did unless he was spending a lot of time with the peeps? I doubt they see it as condescending in fact coloured people (especially in cape town) have a sense of humour thats FOKKEN KWAAI. If anyone is gonna appreciate where he’s going with this I peg them as first candidates.

    Die antwoord makes me miss Slaapstad and all its crazy nuances (jozi god bless has its own strengths) but man that video of WAT KYK JY in taxi jams makes me lank homesick.

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  59. Johhny Utah says:

    I’d rather take a polarizing act like Die Antwoord over the rest of the middle of the road copycats. I would mention them in the same breathe as The Kinks, Ramones, The Prodigy (The Prodigy Experience era), etc.

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  60. sleaze says:

    I thought it was established that 42 was the answer, is it more complex on The Flats?

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  61. griffin says:

    It is interesting to see how everyone tries to dissect Die Antwoord. How people who don’t get answers or interviews try and play them down. I’ve seen this in the media (all formats), time and again and I have experienced this first hand.

    Keep on guessing. You’ll probably get it wrong again with your next move.

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  62. will they make it out alive says:

    yeah, stupid cheeseburger fed american wanting to buy this on itunes, judge me as you will

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  63. Roger Young says:

    I have been thinking, against my will, on Windmill Choppers statements “using the most obvious of advertising world techniques” and “someone who knows how to sequence in ABLETON”.

    What I find fascinating about these statements has nothing to do with DIE ANTWOORD but about the mentality. It strikes me that the thinking here is something along these lines: Because an artist uses tools or techniques also used by the corporate world, he is disqualified as an artist.

    This thinking obviously disqualifies the author of the statements from legitimacy as he is entering them on a computer and posting them to an internet site which are tools and techniques of the corporate world.

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  64. Bill Gates says:

    People the world over loves Die Antwoord. From all over the world there are people taking an interest in this country and it’s culture. People are discovering a language called Afrikaans, with only 17 million first and second language speakers. They are taking interest in music from here (somebody wrote in some blog that the best thing to come out of this for him was discovering Sibot).

    Wat Pomp, Doosdronk and Wie Maakie Jol Vol are awesome songs. I hate Enter The Ninja. (I’ve been listening to Die Antwoord for a while)

    Of all the comments I’ve read from blogs all over the world this thread is the most boring. Commenters on both sides of the argument makes little sense. You just carry on because you don’t want to be the first to quit.

    Don’t reply to my comment. I’m not gonna come back to read it.

    Please don’t abbreviate Die Antwoord as DA.

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  65. Dr Zoos says:

    The people who are saying nasty things about Ninja/Waddy are just jealous about his success. It’s as simple as that. Sies.

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  66. dacil says:

    hate hate hate – tsk tsk.

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  67. bar mleczny says:

    I’m in my mid 30’s, not at all into hiphop/rave, but this shit is seriously catchy and funny.
    I’m canadian, so don’t know much about zef, or SA in general, but this works on a universal white trash level, kinda like our own trailer park boys. Just relax and enjoy it.

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  68. Random says:

    I am a 35 year old white gut from the middle of the USA.
    I don’t like much rap, but i really like what i have heard from Die Antwoord so far.
    I can tell you why these guys are blowing up on the net.

    1. Ninjas are big on the internet
    2. Weirdness is big on the internet
    3. Cute young girls with attitude are big on the internet.
    4. Using terms like “interweb” is big on the internet.
    5. People on the internet like to learn new swear words in foreign languages.
    As a side note:(Pirates are also big on the net, if someone comes out doing hardcore pirate rap it’s gonna be big on the net also)

    If you are having a hard time trying to understand what Die Antwoord is all about, think of it like this, What these guys are doing is a lot like the Insane Clown Posse.

    White guys doing hardcore rap while dressed like clowns.

    Die Antwoord:
    White guys doing hardcore rap while dressed like white trash.

    Same kind of act really.

    Anyone that cant see the subtle humor in Die Antwoord has no sense of humor.
    Anyone that says Yo-Landi is not hot is a friggin’ fag!

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  69. Mey says:

    they’re great, really talented!

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  70. this thread is pure comedy says:

    I have fallen subject to the Die Antwoord craze. Enter the Ninja 6 times just this evening.

    Happy to see even the most elite music snobs taking their time to show case their vocabularies’ and apply their oh so credible judgments and opinions.

    Nobody cares as much as you do – it’s entertaining and pretty catchy – nothing more or less. Every artist is influenced by someone else. Originality is subjective and based upon previous knowledge and apparently there are several people here who maintain all of the knowledge so I can appreciate the comments, yet don’t support them.

    I am sure they are all laughing at how much analysis has gone into their ‘Master Plan’ which I am sure was nothing more than a goal of sharing their already locally popular music with a greater audience. Why? Because they could! It’s 2010. Putting up a website and recording some songs isn’t that difficult, even for kids in South Africa.

    I think your elitist opinions are better spent on groups who give a shit.

    I love Music Snobs- just the mental image of a unshaven hipster with Buddy Holly-esque glasses, buried in vinyl and empty take out containers, in a bachelor flat in Flushing NY – always brings a smile to my face.

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  71. Memetee says:

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  72. taylor says:

    i think they are well inspired, talented, creative, and entertaining. and yolandi is way hot. all the harsh ass critics on here, i can’t help but start to formulate judgements on their person. trying not too. but, i’ve developed a conviction during my reading of these comments that windmill’s the king wanker of wankland.

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  73. kokie says:

    Wat se Pop Icon is nie fake nie, moenie vir my se Britney spears, Lady Gaga, die backstreet boys, die amrican Idol, jou president, daai chick justin bieber, selfs DR Dre, M&M is almal fake.

    So watever ouens lat Waddy die wave ride, hy h,et die formule gebruik om die main stream media te flous, Daai formule wat al die pop sterre vandag gebruik om hulle musiek te promote, En ouens word bietjie wakker v0k man

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  91. Anonymous says:

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