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Deer Hunter

Deer Hunter

by Roger Young / 15.09.2009

The romantic notion of sifting through old peoples’ stuff in out of the way second hand shops is often shattered in practice. Cranky storekeepers, mounds of dust, multiple copies of Cliff Richard records and weird opening hours tend to make the task daunting. The less adventurous lovers of retro among us can now indulge their need for Dépêche Mode colored vinyl, JH Lynch paintings, old newspapers and Masters of the Universe toys at Deerhunter in Greenside. This is where Shaun Baskind, (former Tokyo Star, Ballard’s Books and Go Go bar) and Kezia Eale gather all kinds of cool stuff together, from all kinds of odd places, and indulge in conversations about weird aspects of retro pop culture.

What was the original idea that sparked off opening this shop?
Kezia: We are both collectors and we figured when we couldn’t get through the front door of the house we should start selling stuff. At the same time we also started watching a lot of documentaries on the degradation of the world and thought maybe we could do something to help even if it is just a little hole in the wall in Greenside. 

Deer Hunter 2

Why Greenside?
We thought maybe Parkhurst, but it was a little pricey. I guess we just took a chance. It’s clean, we found the right size space for the right price, so we did it. I think it was a good move because now ‘The Street’ has opened up right next to us, and Ke ai is coming in October, so the three of us being next to each other makes it a little more of a destination.

Who shops at Deerhunter and for what?
It’s an interesting mix of clients, from the coolest of kids to grannies to German vinyl collectors to toy nerds. Vinyl is popular; people realize how hard it’s getting to find the good stuff so they will pay (except foreigners, they suck, they always want a deal). The other big sellers are the clothes and shades. We have amazing vintage magazines, toys and books.

How big is the recycling aspect?
There is just way too much stuff being produced and at too high an environmental cost. We understand we’re not reinventing the wheel. There have been loads of crusty cat infested second hand shops, we’re just sifting through all of that and giving people a cheap, green nostalgic experience. And they just don’t make things like they used to!

Deer Hunter 3

Do you recondition or clean up the items?
A little. We’ll fix a light or a frame here and there. I have a huge bag of clothes to sew buttons on or fix a hem. We’re not too good at that, so we try and find stuff that we can just put on the shelf.

Where do you find this stuff?
We’ll never tell… but that’s probably the most popular question. I mean we do auctions and charity shops and road trips to small towns. People also bring stuff to the shop to sell.

What are the best and worst things about running Deerhunter?
Cool things: Road trips to small towns, B&B’s, Wimpy breakfasts, first pick on the treasures, meeting loads of freaks, seeing people wearing clothes from the shop. And there is no other job where you can spend the whole day building a micro machines city, the next day sorting Lego, and the next reading 70’s playboys.
Crap things: trying to find bed and breakfasts and ending up nearly checking into whorehouses, bad buys (like one puzzle piece missing from the box, 51 cards in the pack, one vinyl in a double album, etc. etc); sticking your hand into vintage pockets and finding granny tissues and dust.

Deer Hunter 4

Pics – Justin McGee

135 Greenway Road, Greenside

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  1. Jason says:

    I don’t know about second hand Lego blocks, hey. The ones I had as a kid were full of toothmarks, as you had to bite them to prise them apart.

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  2. Kevin S Flee says:

    seriously – this place freaking rocks

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  3. Roy says:

    unbelievaable, nostalgic, finally a really awesome store in this chrome, glass and bad hairstyle city of jozi!!! brilliant!!!

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  4. Schoolmaster Jack says:

    Very good, Mahala. Less masturbation, more humanity. Keep up the good work! 8/10

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  5. Andy says:

    So hard to stop masturbating…

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  6. Graeme Feltham says:

    It seems Wodja Wabbit hasn’t. The “Gee whizz” responses are more eloquent than his article.

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  7. vintageladybug says:

    deer hunter is awesome! great vintage clothes, house decor etc…wow!

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  8. Mike says:

    Bought some rad figurines there yesterday – also, the guy who was running the store was a hell of nice chap. I wish the best for Deer Hunter

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