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Mahala Presents Debuts and Experiments

Debuts and Experiments

by Mahala / 14.02.2012

Mahala has always been about finding interesting new music (and dissing it once it becomes popular). New bands suffer though; no one really wants to take a chance, audience and venue alike, on spending money on these strange unknown quantities, which means often bands die before they get heard. So we had a little chat with The Assembly and, together with them, are going to be putting on a semi regular event designed to deal with all of that crap. Curated by myself, Roger Young, the event will host new bands, side projects, experimental diversions, and established artists testing new material. The entrance will be free and for Mahala. It’s like a no pressure zone, for both bands and audience. Except for the fact that there will be representatives from Red Bull Studios hanging about in case anyone is worth giving a recording shot to, and that I will be reviewing the event (no live judging, soz).

It wouldn’t be a truly experimental space without some sort of left field proposition, so here it is; if you’re in a band or an electronic act or some kind of strange performance hybrid, and you want to play this Saturday night to a pliable and open audience email us here (roger@mahala.co.za) and we’ll put the first band to contact us on the bill.

Check out the Debuts and Experiments Facebook Event.

The line up, so far, for Saturday is

Manqoba, Oxblood, MacGuyver Knife and Exorsistahs.

Listen to Manqoba here.

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  1. verbalkint says:

    Nice Mahala. Some pro-activeness. Will this be a sort of electronic/indie jam always, or will heavier/prog bands get a chance here as well?

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  2. Roger Young says:


    They can play the drone ukelele in pentatonic scale accompanied by djembe, if they’re new, or the material is new, or it’s some kind of experiment then they’re up. The only thing I’m doing is trying to keep musical styles and genres mixed on the nights.

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  3. Anonymous says:

    This is VERY exciting.

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  4. Anonymous says:

    This MacGuyver Knife band sounds really good, despite my fairly clear cut aversion to songs that elicit some kind of response as to “what (I’m) gonna do when X (happens)”.

    There are, contrary to what you might think, quite a lot of these songs floating around which contain this particular phrase, and I can’t stand them (possibly because I can’t bear to imagine WHAT I WOULD ACTUALLY DO WHEN YOU CAME AROUND).

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  5. goema says:

    nice graphic. who did it?

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  6. Andy says:


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  7. Babelfish says:

    Sounds great! Like Mahala Idols 🙂

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  8. Lisa says:

    you guys going to do jozi too?

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  9. anon says:

    line up please?
    so I can be sure to check oxblood and manqoba?
    exorcising the unexcited sistahs from my life already. what is that smoked-up swag they’re trying to do anyway?

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  10. Roger Young says:

    9:30 till 10 – Fun Toy
    10:15 till 10:45 – Macguyver Knife
    11 till 11:30 – Oxblood
    11:45 till 12:30 – Manqoba
    12:30 till close – Exorsistahs

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  11. n.x.n says:

    Gents of Mahalaness, shitstirrers of the urban social plot pot you may well be. Event promoters you are not.

    4 days heads-up? Jesus weeps in a back alley while the wind whistles through the turnstiles.

    Mahala: putting the mental into experimental since 2010.

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  12. Andy says:

    so you’re coming right?

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