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Debuts and Experiments 2

by Roger Young / 16.03.2012

The second installment of Mahala’s Debuts & Experiments is upon us. After the last event we got more than a few demo recordings in the inbox, it’s actually quite shocking slash amazing how many peeps are laying shit down. Why is there so much lame derivative crap on the radio when kids are actually making really fresh stuff? I’ll never know, but at the very least, here is an evening of new acts, some side projects and a once-off versus set that will account for a whole stash of “I heard it first” type bragging rights sometime in the future.

Tannhauser Gate is a side project from the two drummer/bassist/keyboardist/austere guys from The Wild Eyes. They sound like this:

Illverse is a straight up flow master, no more needs to be said.

Sun Do Q’lisi are a sonic train smash waiting to happen. They don’t even have a soundcloud yet, but when I first heard the tracks they sent me, I was like, I gotta see this live. This is what they look like.

Rounding out the evening is a versus set between Chris FM Powell, who is a master of Mombaaton, but also has the distinction of being the first international DJ to play EDM in CT in the early 90s. Chris was resident at the legendary Eden and Fourth World in Joburg. He goes up against our very own Big Space, who, quite frankly, is out of his depth on this one.


See y’all at the Assembly next Saturday, 24 March 2012. Hit the Debuts and Experiments 2 Facebook Event to stay updated.

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