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Death by Skinny Jeans

Death by Skinny Jeans

by Malibongwe Tylilo, images by We-Are-Awesome / 11.08.2010

What is it that annoys me so about Cape Town’s wannabe-hipster crowd? They absolutely rub me the wrong way. When I say wannabe-hipster, I am not using some sort of umbrella term for everyone everywhere who likes cool, happening things. I mean the certain “skinny jean ironic tee/check shirt and trilby hat” wearing clan. Yes you. Graphic design-animation-illustrating eggheads often found at media colleges like City Varsity. They amble about with a smug self-satisfied look – proudly showing off their incredible belief and conviction in their own indefatigable coolness. When really they’re a sad suburban bunch with no actual edge to speak of. Their street fashion does not come from any actual understanding of or interaction with “the streets”.

Another Free Black Label

To better understand why they irk me so lets get to the bottom of that look. Skinny jeans, an ironic tee/or check shirt (it’s latest mutation comes with a pea coat for winter), and the inevitable trilby or fedora. It’s a uniform by now. A straightjacket strangling the life out of lifestyle. This is an old look actually (think the disheveled Beats in the 1950s and train-riding bums from the 1930s) that resurfaced in up to the minute style circles in the early Noughties. Right around the time the Mohawk (or Fauxhawk) and the mullet (another topic for another day) re-emerged.

Hipsters Mwah

Kate Moss and her then boyfriend, that enervated douche, Pete Doherty helped popularize it. Of course it became huge and retailers jumped on board. So for the last few seasons this look has reigned. Even our own Mr Price – go to outlet for watered down de-fanged fashion styles – has been regurgitating it ever since. It is old. It is done. It is over. I call bullshit. If you’re gonna do it give it an interesting twist. Do some bloody research or better yet leave it to suburban teenagers and pre-pubescent life forms trying to come to terms with coming out of the closet!

Another thing that irritates me is the resemblance to old pictures of Fokofpolisiekaar. That antiquated hipster thing is theirs. Leave them to it. The ‘Kaar need to move their look on and quite honestly I don’t care – I’m more concerned with the lack of originality. This crowd seems incapable of putting together a fresh silhouette – let alone starting a band. Coming out? If only most of them would stay in. I’m well aware they’re mostly heterosexuals and I know the South African straight male is generally not endowed with the gift of a fly fashion eye. But to dress in a way that explicitly shows one to be estranged from strong personal style is a tragedy. A tragedy. And don’t get me started on the hair. And the gel.

So on a Sunday recently specimens of the kids in question assembled at the AMICOLLECTIVE GARAGE to view a poster exhibition (and drink free Black Label). The posters were created with specific bands in mind. I haven’t bothered to Google the exhibit or interview anyone (this is Mahala). But in my sweepingly uninformed opinion, poster art combined with a few tokes of Swaziland’s finest just looks dated and juvenile. Much like the crowd. I’m not saying there isn’t a place for poster “art” in the world – I’ve admired a few posters in my time – why I’ve even read those big ass coffee table books from Taschen – but the stuff on show here was routinely unimpressive. Much like the crowd. We can safely assume that original thought and the WOW factor were not part of the brief. We all know the feeling of gazing upon something supposedly cool – that leaves you neither stirred nor shaken. How fitting. Hipster art for a hipster crowd. The Emperor wears skinny jeans. If only he were naked.

*Malibongwe Tylilo, Mahala’s Style Guru, is responsible for the fabulous fashion blog Skattie What Are You Wearing.

*All images © We-Are-Awesome.

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  1. Malibongwe Tyilo says:

    okay then Anonymous, i’ll engage with a coupla things, but only coz u asked so nicely and i’m trying to push the comments to a 100. I did not say the faux or mohawk was popularized by kate and pete, read carefully. Please quote the line where i used Sweetie darling. Last but not least, respond to this comment so we can make it to a 100 comments and satisfy the attention seeker in me. I ask all this sincerely.

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  2. 2 cents says:

    My only problem is that there seems to be no initiation process into sub culture’s anymore.
    Which in turn breaks down the weak from the strong, cool from the uncool.(however you look at it). Which then allows every body to be the same flavour of the day monkey.
    FFS wheres the energy!!!

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  3. Bob says:

    At first, I just didn’t like your article, but you’ve shown yourself to be an idiot with all these comments. Just shut up and let your work speak for itself.

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  4. danni says:

    @Hipsters Suck

    it was obviously david beckham who popularised the faux hawk. and he was a metrosexual soccer player. not a ‘hipster’. Hope this could be of help.

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  5. Max says:

    i have to agree with Bob, too much defense brings the work down. i think this thread has exhausted itself

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  6. Roger Young. says:

    This article was a social experiment to see if anyone…
    A: still either identified as a hipster
    B: Wore skinny jeans
    C: Gave a fuck.

    Results speak for themselves.

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  7. Andy says:

    Dylan stoopin’ to conquer… again

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  8. Finn says:

    I have comments. I commend Malibongwe for having a blog and getting himself into the cool crowd. Well done. Now you have to be able to back up your style, your writing and your opinion by actually having any of those. Not just taking photos of people who ask you not to, not just by slating people who won’t accept you and by advancing to having a real identity.

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  9. Sho! says:

    ooh, ooh, what number am i?

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  10. wisedom says:

    hey guys, chill on dissing MaliB, he must be a cool cat…….after all he who cannot do it teaches, and he who cannot teach writes critique. Look no further than your local newspapers, nivah maaind the blogs…..

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  11. muerte says:

    It’s a gusher, Mali. What’s next? Man bags. Single speeds. Driving shoes. Cufflinks. Tats.

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  12. lance slabbert says:

    maybe you’re just jaded…. if you had been away for awhile and returned recently you might have noticed at least 3 ‘trends’ in people’s dress, styling, presentation and expression that i think are pretty trippy and creative and really different to what people are doing in parts of the world i’ve just come from…. firstly there’s this intriguing middle earth thing that’s going down – people looking and behaving and ‘dressing’ like hobbits. secondly there’s a red army faction baader-meinhof pseudo urban guerrilla styling thing happening and thirdly a cindy lauper early madonna look that mostly the girls are playing with…….(hehe)

    all this happening under your broad skinny jean hipster crowd paintbrush.

    soooo….. malibongwe….. need to open those eyes a bit dude.. i was also at the sunday afternoon happening that you and we are not quite so awesome happened to miss…….

    i reckon if you had been looking properly you could have shot your own taschen coffee table book right there

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  13. Andy says:

    And with that Mr Slabbert delivers possibly the most constructive contribution to this debate so far… comment 112. Nice work!

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  14. Anonymous says:

    Their street fashion does not come from any actual understanding of or interaction with “the streets”.

    – what does that mean?

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  15. Nic says:

    i dont think you have any idea what you are talking about, but I suppose this is a fashion blog. yawn

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  16. Roger Young. says:

    Last anon

    I think the inverts are misplaced, it porbs should read….

    Their “street” fashion does not come from any actual understanding of or interaction with “the” streets.

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  17. mimsi says:

    love this article… and sooo dmn true.

    i studied at cput aka tech… and noted that all the designer wanna-bees made a fatal mistake: if so many artsy fartsy (un)creatives want to look like individuals, then why oh why do they all dress the same – baffling. skinny jeans on straight men: no-no. not everyone wants to see saggy bums strutting the streets and showing off their clone-like wardrobe.

    rant over.

    trying to help with the 100 comments!

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  18. Ian says:

    Hating on hipsters is such a hipster thing to do.

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  19. Alex says:

    Who cares??? If you’re going to rip people off at least be funny about it. Your writing is like skinny jeans.

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  20. Anon says:

    You seem to like generalizing, so let’s try it on you. I bet you’re wearing some kind of colourful high-tops, a sports brand hoodie and a cap with the sticker still on the underneath of the peak.

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  21. m2theS says:

    i say wear fur…

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  22. SD3000 says:

    yoh but this comment wall is trendy, net soos n kak jol by Assembly.

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  23. Emil says:

    Oh God no! I suck! I will be shaving my fauxhawk today! I will no longer be associated with this social detritus.

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  24. me says:

    heheh – Malibongwe, Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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  25. Bradley Abrahams says:


    I really hate the fuck out of all of you. I hope you all catch a AIDS or something.

    The End

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  26. lame says:

    Do you actually think that the people on you’re blog has an original fashion sense?
    They all look the same. They basically just buy clothes from second-hand shops, so original….

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  27. lame says:

    oya, the posters were actually really good, well designed…

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  28. Uno says:

    yay for the posters!

    buy them here: http://shop.10and5.com

    if you want a discount, use “skinnyjeansmofo” in the check out process. If you don’t that’s cool as well.

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  29. mallix says:

    Oh come on, we’ve been saying this for ages now


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  30. hypstercrit says:

    A fashion blogger moaning about pretentiousness and unoriginality in a generic story.


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  31. Steve says:

    Wow, possibly some of the worst writing i’ve ever had the displeasure of reading. How is it that you actually have a job as a journalist?

    Are you just upset because you have no talent in your chosen art form? or are you just ill-informed on the subjects you choose to write about?

    Either way, Mahala is a site i will never recommend or visit again.

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  32. Justin says:


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  33. Anonymous says:

    It’s not what you wear…it’s how you wear it.

    And. You are not fully dressed until you wear a smile…

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  34. Womble says:

    You’re a dumb poes…

    hear how you claim to not follow any possible style. i’d love to know what you wear, baggy jeans? collared shirt? Normal T?

    Do you not think it’s possible for somebody to follow a style they fancy? and if so by being creative just by chance find themselves in a “categorized group” known as indie or whatever the fuck you call it.

    Go look in the mirror and you would find that you yourself are following at least some sort of style.
    I’m, sooo sorry we are not “creative enough” for your liking, do you only shop at selected designer stores and show off your creativity?. wow. you’re the man. Cos us poor kids can’t afford shit like that so we tend to follow a trend. (consciously or unconsciously) . but so as with anything you wear, you’ll undoubtedly be following a style.

    Go grow a mustache cuntmuscle.

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  35. Nathan Barley says:

    Well one thing can be deduced from all of this, for people who “don’t give a fuck” these kids take themselves WAY too seriously

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  36. A Response says:

    What. A. Load. Of. Dribble.

    “This is an old look actually (think the dishevelled Beats in the 1950s and train-riding bums from the 1930s) that resurfaced in up to the minute style circles in the early Noughties.”

    Quite generally, the beat look was anything but dishevelled, and train riding bums of the 30’s were not wearing skinny jeans. They indeed wore hats, but at that time, almost every male whether upper, middle or working class, wore a suit and a hat in public.

    I’m afraid you got the info on Pete Doherty wrong.
    Hedi Slimane, since his days at ysl in 1999 had been playing with the slim silhouette via the visual metaphor of the Rockstar to spear through what he called: “a change in male sexuality” and “a new elegance”. He first used skinny jeans as we know them today in his Dior winter 2002 collection. In January 2004, Slimane used Doherty as inspiration for his winter 2005 Dior Show: trilby’s and skinny jeans were everywhere. The look caught on at almost every other men’s show the following season and trickled down to high streets and bargain bins throughout the world.
    His reasons for doing so (apart from sales for LVMH) were to liberate the modern heterosexual man from the conforms of what it was to be considered masculine. He challenged the mainstream idea at the time of the ‘perfect male body’. What made Slimane’s approach different was that he used the icon of the slim heterosexual Rockstar, to make it ‘sexy for men to be skinny’, or ‘to care about their hair’ or ‘carry a man-bag’ or even ‘wear gold skinny leather jeans’. Yes, he was not the first to do slim trousers, costume history for the last thousand years has been abound with the widening and tapering of legs, but what Slimane achieved with them was the biggest change in modern men’s fashion and perceived sexuality since Armani’s suit revolution in the early 80’s.
    Thus, young males, who knew they didn’t fit into the jock crowd, or any other crowd directly around them, could adopt a simple style change and be allowed at least some autonomy of their own masculinity.
    By hating on a symbol as simple as skinny jeans you’re essentially trying to knock a step off the liberal ladder for the modern male. Congratulations and good luck with that.

    My personal opinion: Your article is a petty fashion elitist gripe at the ‘lowly peasants’, “Look how tragic they are, for they don’t have their own style, like me”.
    Christ, I’m in Antwerp and mingle with the elitist of the elitist of this industry and Jesus, H, Chirst, all you kids, be happy you’re not like them and you look happy in these pictures. Ignore muppets like this.

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  37. Have a think says:

    Hey Mahala! Lets send someone into the townships and slag off the kids there for wearing clothes from China – which can blamed for the death of the South Africa textile industry and social decay in areas such as Woodstock and Salt River – because man – those kids are so generic and they all look the same dont they?! – sarto – fucking – rial nightmare eh?

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  38. Roger Young says:

    @Have a think

    That should read – Sar-fucking-torial If you want to actually have anyone be able to say it.

    Kids who can only afford clothes from China have no choice. Kids whose parents can afford Varsity fees for them to study design or film or whatever should at least try exercise some kinda of creativity in their fashion choices. Even wearing a potato sack would show more originality. But here is a thought, do the creative industries need all their creatives to be original? Answer: Please god no. So yeah.

    And another thought to @A Response’s commment

    I wonder how telling young men that they had to be skinny to be cool or advanced is a step up on “the liberal ladder for the modern male”. Excludes a lot of fatties hey? What about people with jock builds that don’t want to be jocks but can’t fit into skinnies? Or hey how about this, the Pete Doherty as an example of the next step up the liberal ladder for the modern male. He’s a shining fucking example of an artist, a financial success and a paragon on ethicial behavior. Slimane may be responsible but your idea’s of how important the Skinny is to perceived sexuality are a bit fucking 1950’s. if I wear skinny’s it must mean that I’m not a jock. That’s a very simplistic breakdown, my friend. Try this: wear bell bottoms it’ll mean you have multiple LSD fueled orgies in protest against Vietnam.

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  39. A Response says:

    @Roger Young

    You misunderstand.
    It’s is not about being skinny, as you do not need to be underweight to wear skinny jeans. You can be overweight too and you’ll find they accommodate for almost every size.
    Skinny jeans are just a symbol: a piece of clothing that an individual can wear to align themselves to a group of signifieds. Of their choosing or not, but the signifieds are not a universal, at most a collective opinion.
    By “a bit fucking 1950’s” I take it you mean simplistic. If so, then yes, I agree it is simplistic but our society is a visual society, we make assumptions about people by what they wear and how they present themselves. We (generally) wear the clothes of the group that we wish to be a part of. Whether consciously or not.

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  40. Sean says:

    I believe A Response just schooled the dude who wrote this. A bit embarrassing for the author.

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  41. Roger Young says:

    @ A Response.

    Yes, i agree all weight groups can wear Skinnies, it’s just fat people don’t always like to highlight their weight. It’s not a step forward for ALL males if it’s a step back for some.

    By 50’s I mean conservative in your idea of what the standards of “perceived sexuality” are.

    I’m not disagreeing with you on the facts, I’m disagreeing with the idea that Skinny jeans are a step forward for the ALL modern male’s that would desire to be part of those groups. And I’m questioning this idea that perceived sexuality is advancing in any way.

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  42. Nicky says:


    I think we’ve all heard this sad cry before.
    and mimsi…..

    well youre just a fucking idiot

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  43. Anon says:

    people who hate on hipsters wish they were hipster or think they can do a better job at being one..

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  44. Anms says:

    the fuck up that wrote this has a fashion blog and everyone it is basically wearing skinny jeans and shit. shut the fuck up ranting asshole.

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  45. Simon says:

    I have a conspiracy theory that Mahala has something to do with the virus effecting Between10and5’s website. It’s rather uncanny that this happened yesterday…

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  46. vuvu lady says:

    this article is aggressive, but is based on a good insight. do these kids really understand why they wear the shit they do? i can appreciate eccentric gear as much as the next guy. but i can only justify the aesthetic if said eccentric gear is held up by some form of spine or personality. this was a great read.

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  47. lexy says:

    this article should have been published in some angsty teen’s self published zine along with morose poetry about nobody understands him

    honestly, really? in 2010? a rant about how the kids of today are stupid and unoriginal and think they’re better than everybody else? this could have been written every year since the dawn of time, just have to swap out a few key words.

    author suffers (or rather we suffer from his) poor logic skills

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  48. FUNK-BUDDAH says:



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  49. T says:

    This article is a poor attempt to unpick Generation Y’s identity crisis. By categorizing people according to the way they dress you’ve just created a fabulously useless piece of irony besides whatever t-shirts you are referring to.

    I agree with Lexy: poor logic.

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  50. T says:

    Mahala, I’m kind of disappointed that you even published this. Quality control?

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  51. Andy says:

    no need to shout funk buddah

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  52. HipstersSuck says:

    Oh well, no one was interested in a meaningful debate.

    this is funny


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  53. […] “to save New York cool”. Locally, 2oceansvibe has had a go at Hiddingh campus students and a Mahala journalist has written about how much “Cape Town’s wannabe-hipster crowd” annoys him.  I think that […]

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When we walk into a secret room, eight Hall, Lords of hastily stood inside, then said hello to me like this: Little ” The Lord is good! ” I ordered it signaled a nod and a tip for all to sit down, then just smile to say: ” Does anyone when the activity last night, we basically already have ended our backstroke opponent.From action last night, thinking about that the real true strength, which are already understood the long-Hun, and everyone wanted to be a lot stronger than what knew.Therefore, for the first time, we hope everyone can under the leading South-Hao of the temple, while we take care of your re-intense organizations better. ” words, those who hear me, those eight Hall Lords is obliged to admire the nod to me, a serious, I am a young leader who suddenly rushes out to me, they are at the beginning of Lords, how does concedes.Until quickly transfer them to people in recent biochemical night, and quickly, but effectively, and to give ° to destroy the opponents after they shockedly only to find, I have this little Lord does not have the imagination is so brief, but there are some real strengths, and manage some of the mysterious power to carry weapons. And I planned the organization toward the connecting down to size after the operation, which makes them have already admired more.Therefore, this time they are already in a deep place in my heart sincerely for this little lord, and there fact.So, when I just walked forward, they would have to politely stand up to greet me. See the lords after they nod, once again I’m way: ” All, I still have other important things want treatment, so I’ve already decided to leave New York tonight.Therefore, please call all the open meeting today, together, to be measured with all of the company will arrange the first development policy. ” They say that I will leave New York today, is to fight the Eagle at the inside, no one person is a Peep out of the surprised look, they do not think that I’m going so fast and then leave.However, South Temple Hao is not surprised facial expressions, because he knows that my current identity is to allow me to stop, and here in the U.S. is too long.Say true if your opponent is not at this time is really too strong, Hao, South Temple, he is definitely not to interfere with mine.To now knows the identity of Within one to a full general, at the moment, but to drive the U.S. mixed underworld, where it is known to the outside world, that I do not really know what the outcome is the severity. ” Little Lord, our actions just just finished now a lot of things were still unstable, you will be in peace and harmony to leave quickly, that we get a little too quickly, Aer ” At the moment, the war eagle oddness is to say to me. ” ha ha! to be free, the most important thing for us has already been resolved last night, the matter will be treated right.However all of you, I hope the time in ghd outlet ghd outlet j the next two months, in addition to making a stronger site we now all have a temporary site again.Because outwarding to expand our activities last night have already been some attentions American government, if we expand too quickly, the time will come when the U.S. government may get stared at meeting tight for us, words that later in development, so that we Notteri getting so good. ” I ordered it in the nod. words, those who hear me, South Temple Hao ordered to nod the way: ” Okay, we knew.You confidence, the next thing to reach out to us to come to be treated like we knew what to do. ” Is it good to understand, now the company’s operation some time later in development policy, which everyone has an opinion and the proposal can now speak without inhibition? ” Listenned words ghd IV mini styler , Temple of Hao in the south, I was pleased with the order and Nodinge way. So for the first time, our company is measured at the same time advertent thing needed in the future in a few months and want to develop and direction.Always attempt to measure more than four hours, all just be happy with a walk and a secret room, then after eating lunch with me until the end, everyone just to return to his / her own position to rise to his / their own work favour.But South Temple, and then re-Hao’s measured along the back, finally decided to go south of the temple Hao biochemical person’s Brigade, so that the other accidents. ~ Chapter 24 ~ back home that night, I took leave of the temple in southern Hao them, the person enters the sea to rise so looking forward to a small airship over there.And similar formely, and then I have an absolute dragon is stupid time, then get paid last night to admire the inside of households expected to purchase and the black and helped staff the information and evidence put like.Conveniently also talked of other things in absolute terms is the Dragon, I can not go back to Beijing for small airship up to 12:00 Beijing time there are many. when I get back at the house, which was already 2:00, showing them the text has already been taken to rest, so I go to bed to rest when you go to make is also a distraction, but little wash Zao at the moment. Early in the morning on the second day, I did not expect to get up, I called to get the text displayed up.Open heavy double eyes, sit and look at the text shows before going to bed, I do not, you must idlely said with a smile: ” text display, the rose so early? ” ” Is it still early! Now, all at 9: 00, only you this is a lazy pig would not be increased. ” listenned words to me, the text was drawn along the bed to me, a strange way: ” you want, how you came back so quickly? There has been handling things all the paint? ” side is wearing clothes, I subscribe to half a smile nod ways: ” is the most important of all end-product processing, whether or not you read the news? So big deal, think of a newspaper or TV network should be up already in the report! ” Text View to nod, then the only sure way: ” News, we will see, just up the report is not very clear, according to a report on the news that evening, but a lot of people will die, BE? We include the next to die or be injured a lot? ” Yes, that evening, but I will be transferred to a person of two major biochemical brigade to go to treatment, but long-Hun person who basically do not engage in conduct that night, so we have basically no staff have been killed and injured in the evening. Quot; smile toward the text, to say the show. For some time, I immediately re-way: ” And we’re the result that the evening is still a lot of truth, in addition to those paid to local officials the mafia evidence that the large Mu controls, I still read those mafia big memorial Mu, knowing their havings “public and private bank account and password for the bank’s head, do not count the property that they hold only in the private properties are 5000000000 circle.And many beautiful features to increase the public that it is also nearly 10 billion. They already have all the money has been turned Currently one of our bank account, which is a Swiss collection. ” words, those who hear me, the text seems to be no surprises at lookinging I also thought he did not, I go to the U.S. This is the result of the time so big, just did not work Hu’s long been a problem, but is still so much money it.But then treated for some time slightly, while the text seems not to be a while Zou eyebrows way: ” is a little strong, but do not you think this either way! development organization, which does not ° until the problem is worked out from the manager himself, if the Long Hu always be such a time, so to see what the trouble to break into search you perform in public to solve the subsequent development of highly disadvantageous! ” Listenned words of the text display, I also agree to pay the land of Nod, to say truth, if there is no real strength of the other party at this time is really too strong, and South Temple Ren run again to go to the police to understand the words that my insurance will not be published, but let themselves.Therefore to solve them, smiled a smile is way behind: ” This I also understand the real strength is the only enemy this time is really too strong, so I can not also appear in public to solve once.However, later affair, I manage to remain in their own advised them, if not now, that really came to life and death, alive or dead, the other does not appear in public. ” ” Ha ha! Hope so, some things should be settled only at the time of their own Please, help them too much that can be half contains the dependence on, always thinking, what is up for as long as you find and then solve the canning industry, that this organization is not a necessity. ” Listenned my Lake View Text ordered to nod, then wanted to think of the way in the back: ” again to say, your current identity, that the cans did not always appear in public to resolve the issue of a mafia, either way if you have known that less than to charge the mob so arranged that, not only for yourself, we are people of influence is also do not know the person very greatly.Don circumstance that still thinks this Mafia organization to support our people in the back! So, first, and our nation should be directed at other nations that attack stone. ” ” This I also know, otherwise I Nor can two days went fast action, affair quickly and then return to solution.I to help them can be so many, and later dispose of the matter for themselves the whereabouts of September! If they are below again is a good development of the ability to go to the bottom, that this organization is as you say, and so , it is not necessary. ” I am careful to say the text display. ” Ha ha! Like, because you have decided that we do not say this. , quot; Text View smiled a smile, then was some very naughtily say to me: ” you want, do not you call a week to go? only resulted in only three days now, O now spent the holidays Haven ‘t arrived today with me to go out of the social partners in the same way? ” ” can! with you to go to social parties? my current identity, that the great elephant isn ‘t suitable for running social situations, parties in your market! ” hear the words of the text display, I do not have to be surprised by the way. ” Does the social partners of business, only one can be to say that the party, which is a private property, call the just.And you do not generally go to either, but go to my fiance. ” text shows it to say, smiling mysteriously. whistle on private property? be what the person in peace and harmony has a face? As can be good to have you in this world today is a rich old woman, the effect of power and wealth in the world ghd dark to list the most first. There can be as snobby classmates yours again? Ha ha! ” Listenned words of text display, I have not, have to guffaw ASK way. , quot; Not yes, not, as you say, is not so of.This whistle is … …, calculate, I am the first to say now, we knew the past behind you tonight.To, you hurried to wash their face, etc., we would go out for a walk out, and you never brought me out to go shopping for a long time. ” Text View shook shake up the opposite way. ” Is everything good that I go to first wash your face, do you expect at first! ” Say I walk to the toilet. When you wash your face, it is already 9:30 clothes.After while wearing a good view of the car before the show, because I want to be already come back, my current identity and the work that should be the first President of the bye only a dozen votes, and President of the National Defence University 1.Hence should also say, I did call the President as Chairman of the National Defence University respectively. So I’m involved in Text View year, and went shopping for the day and bought a lot of things. ” Ha ha!, do not have to put him to come out to be unsuitable for right now, South Temple Ren help him AT stupid! you as long as good care as he is in good condition. ; quot; I will shake the head the way of shaking Sen. smile.In fact is that I do not want to save the temple in South Ren, but now I have since decided to monitor and Sen in Europe, that definitely is not as fast let Sen in southern Europe Ren let out of the temple, so not to be admired inside the household to find, broke our plans to do so. words ready for listenning to me, Sen. Europe is a little thinking to understand my role, so he ordered nod ways: ” Okay, I’m understood.You confidence, I am going to to organize. ” time is limited, so we are also impossible to talk about too longly here, so I ordered it as a nod: ” is okay! tonight talking about here, first, I think you should also go back to do some preparation, so as not to when the time comes, you are caught outside unprepared.Remember! cherish this opportunity to ever play the pattern, otherwise the words, I think that this result is not what you can accept it can not bear the responsibility. ” quot; BE, I realized I could do. ” Say, Sen was standing in Europe, then nod ordered to kill me. I am just a mother node and then the South Temple of Hao them together again, returned to the original living room.At this times, the Assistant to Sen. Europe Pu Thunder has already returned into the living room.See Sen returned to Europe, walk together with us, he did not receive the title of the oddness, like Sen. Europe: ” Bureau chief, how this place is not safe! You How can one go off! ” ” to be free, I’m just literally walk while.Like if any important matter accepts Brigade! ” Sen shook Europe to shake the head saying Pu Thunder. Although the I do not know the original is the Office Manager, who will pick a quarrel why the conference all of a sudden do not want to accept the Brigade, implement, and operate in the heel confident Sen. Europe for several years, Pu thunder, he also knows what else to ask, what will not change to ask, so there is no re-forever present but the order will start to go after Nodinge acceptance Brigade. Because now the Babel sounds, so I just ordered nod to Sen. Europe, signaling a hint he may walk.The implication, that makes me, Sen noodles in Europe is a bit small and expressionless, then Nod walk outside.Sen Europe looks to take them out to walk, and supervised a small voice fights the eagle some oddness way to ask me: ” Little Lord, why not just let her South Temple Ren put the two older brothers? South Temple two older brothers had a lot of stupid more than a penny today is dangerous! ” not expect me to answer, a temple in South Hao has already been said with a smile: ” Fight the eagle, I know that peace and good relationship with Ren, so having his own little Lord of him.But to do so in such a way that is the reason, of course, a guess is not yet come out of your intelligent wisdom and ability? ” words, those who hear the South of the temple Hao, an eagle fight for a little thinking, then suddenly required to understand the nod, he had already understood the importance of this time.Therefore, he shook his head to shake way: ” Do alas! shame, I will not look too hasty Zao.Or little Lord of thoughtful consideration! ” ” Ha ha ! Is to understand the good, now dead an hour, everyone will return to rest! Tomorrow we tackle the real and Be about to begin. ” War I, the eagle is said with a smile. But this time, the thunder of Pu that is already outside the car door side, then run half after the death of Sen. way in Europe: ” Bureau chief, why do not we keep looking? I want more time again, that our insurance may find some thing Long Huns’ disadvantages. ” Sen in the stretching of the hand can not clap for having a headache for some time in the head, then shake the shake of the head in: Check “? How do I check? someone else has already been guarded against us, do you think, what can we check? again to say, it was I just find, Long Hu’s gray eminence is a very serious person, he does not have it, we can ask for.Therefore, we are still left in the past wonderful. ” ” are the gray eminences? How can we dare not cause Ange? It admires inside the house how to give an account? ” Listenned words Sen. Europe, Pu is the thunder of the phrase may be a surprise. ” go to their admire the ghd IV styler black in the house, waiting for them to live through them again for several days to say! We also take into account what is, after returning to work well in this connection to me as soon as an emergency measure, not an order, this time for us to leave his business. ” Sen. Europe, says angrily. appearance that Sen sees in Europe, Pu thunder did not dare to ask again well.Take such as the police retreated. ~ Chapter 21 fights in New York randomly ~ (nine) on the evening of the second temple in South Hao and admired within the household, etc. in good time, a gang that calls it, we appear precisely at and admire the mansion in suburban areas outside the household, when getting into a manor house, the arrangement followed by a second party, me and South Temple Hao took 12 people to go to the biochemical composition of the negotiations hall.But war eagle, then take 24 people to stay at the ghd outlet e biochemical part of the estate in order to wait at any time. admiring the leading person of the house, we will soon run into the house being located on the left side.When Manor Hall, we run into the house, inside has already been a lot of people, I have a little announcement for some time to find the side of the environment inside the Hall is also not a special, the entire hall in addition to an oval table and chair homologous, Don ‘t is not his thing either. At the moment, the front desk has already sat 78 people and we had come, none of them will be calm down.I smiled a smile, then under the leading of the South Temple of Hao, sit at a table in front of an empty drive number one.The South Temple Hao smiles took to find a person here, then refer directly towards me up the way for the people: ” Is everyone present long-Hun’s a true leader for all today, he is a nearby day I have a little lord.For gratitude and grudges, our little Lord as the solution with you. ” Finish by saying the South Temple of Hao for a person here in my analogy again, but they are in, I also just remember to enjoy the inside of the house of the Lord’s household, and Head of Group in New York Mafia and the representative of the Head of Department cents in New York, the second I do not also remember, remember also despise. But do not think BE admire the stand at the back of the house of Lord household, the person, since I saw Sen. gram.And in at the moment, in the Sen-gram is also clearly saw my appearance, he also recognized at the moment I am almost at the beginning of a person killed in Casino Las Vegas.Therefore, he MIXS body involuntarily and Zhan some time.

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