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Mavericks Alibis

Dear Shane

by Rebecca Davis / 30.11.2011

An open letter to Maverick’s CEO Shane Harrison

I wanted to drop you a line about the Mavericks ‘Alibis’ billboards, recently causing a bit of a stir here in Cape Town. I believe the latest news is that your company will contest the ASA’s ruling that the billboards be removed. IOL quoted you as saying that “We are a legal business. Why shouldn’t we able to advertise?”

Shane (can I call you Shane?), I’m going to level with you here: I do see your predicament. You’re running a business where – let’s call a spade a spade – women take off their clothes for money and rub their bums in men’s faces. You can’t be advertising that with some discreet, cerebral, conceptual campaign, can you? I mean, you can take a sulphurous, rotting weasel corpse and put a bowtie and a pair of Chucks on it, but it’ll still be a sulphurous, rotting weasel corpse, if you follow me. What you’re selling is tits and ass, and you need to find a way to tell people that they can get tits and ass at your tits-and-ass shop. Understood.

Oh, hold on a sec – the billboards actually aren’t advertising tits and ass per se, Shane, are they? They’re advertising your “upmarket and sophisticated” fragrance range, Alibis. I was intrigued, to be honest, so I checked out your website. I see that your creatives have cunningly paired each scent to the “alibi” they represent. So “I Was Working Late” has “the scent of coffee, wool suits, cigarettes and ink”. Woah, Shane. I’m more of a Hugo Boss girl myself, but I have to ask if the team has really thought this one through. You’re marketing a deodorant that smells like a chainsmoking businessman with coffee-breath who just spilled ink on himself? Sounds like Eau de Fail to me.

mavericks alibis campaign

I can’t see it jumping off the shelves, but I guess I don’t fall into the demographic of “gentlemen” who frequent your “club”. But we’re getting distracted here. You have these delicate perfumes to sell, and you’re desperate to tell Cape Town about them. So you launch a campaign to do exactly that. Your fragrant little tinctures each have the name of a lie a man might tell his partner to conceal the fact that he’s been down at your tits-and-ass shop, right?

I started thinking about that, Shane, and I must confess my head started hurting a bit. So your whole campaign is predicated on the idea that your establishment is somewhere a man would be too embarrassed to admit to visiting? That’s a bit like a T-shirt company selling little concealing patches that you can sew on top of the logos of the T-shirts you already bought from them. Because you don’t want anyone to know that you’re wearing those T-shirts, because they’re rubbish and shameful. Who you got working on this stuff, a golden labrador? I’m no advertising guru, Shane, but when you start from the admission that your product is a bit of a cringe, it sounds like you might have a problem.

Anyway, so you’ve got your concept, and now you make the billboards. So the team decides that the best way of doing this all would be to print the words of the lies, together with some saucy pictures! I can only imagine the scenes of excitement in the boardroom when this creative breakthrough was made. Dudes high-fiving, spritzing your little colognes on each other, tongue-kissing, the works. So one billboard says “I was working late”, and it features this woman sort of awkwardly spatchcocked on a desk. I got a bit peckish looking at the pic because if you drizzled a bit of vinaigrette over her and rammed a stick up her bumhole, you’ve got yourself a really fresh Mediterranean twist on a kebab. I assume that’s the intention, right? I’m getting quite good at thinking like a gentleman.

The other thing that’s a definite win about this billboard is that the words “I was working late” are really big. Which I imagine is super useful, because there you are in your car, you’ve seen the big kebab, you’re getting your willy out for a “gentleman’s massage”, and it just doesn’t leave you time for messing about with fine print. Got it.

Mavericks Alibis

Then there’s the “We Were Out Sailing” one. Honestly, Shane, you and I both know that one’s a bit of a dud in the alibi department. Who’s going to believe that you’ve been out sailing when you stumble home at midnight reeking of rapidly-drying ejaculate? If you’d asked me, I would’ve advised you to make the whole thing: We Were Out Sailing On Silvio Berlusconi’s Yacht, because that makes it slightly more plausible. But never mind. This one features a woman lashed to a mast in conditions that look most unsuitable for boating in. Shane, I hope you’re going to be making a donation to the NSRI for that irresponsible messaging. But you know who is really going to get their rocks off for this ad? Pirates. White woman tied up on a boat? Bet you photos of this shit have gone viral in Somalia. You could have made it even better if you had taken the shot to show her delivering a plea for ransom to the British Foreign Office down a crackly webcam. That’s one for the pirate wankbank right there.

The last one is your “My car broke down” billboard, which shows a sweaty mechanic clutching a big spanner or something. This one I think is spot on, Shane. She’s got a thing for huge tools, so there’s a chance she might get off with a Maverick’s customer.

Anyway, Shane, I’m sure you’re a busy man. After all, you have bottles and bottles to urinate into and then stick an ‘Alibis’ label on. I just wanted to email to express my empathy with your advertising plight. If those buzzkill feminists succeed in having the billboards removed, though, I have a suggestion for an alternative text-only campaign, since it’s the pictures that are the sticking-point. My idea is just one enormous billboard somewhere prominent, like the unfinished flyover, which says “COME TO OUR ASS SHOP WHERE YOU CAN PAY A HUMAN WOMAN FROM A FORMER SOVIET SATELLITE STATE TO SHOW YOU HER BREASTS”. The elegance is in the simplicity: gentlemen dig that.

xx Rebecca

*Rebecca Davis writes more regularly for the Daily Maverick (the one which doesn’t involve Belarusian strippers) and Hayibo.

**Images ripped brazenly from the Mavericks blog.

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  1. Abraham says:

    Judging from the amount of comments and the amount of people that like and dislike this article I’d say that Mavericks had been very successful at what they intended to do. This article is exactly what they had wanted. They probably knew the billboards would be taken down.

    That this is being made out as a family issue or gender issue or dirty issue is ironic. It isn’t about that. It never was. This is about ching and reputation.

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  2. Cathy says:

    PLEASE – What’s the difference between these adverts than say adverts in the Cosmo?

    Much to do about nothing & the good old “get a life Rebecca” come to mind.


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  3. Rob says:

    201 comments. 912 Likes. Ignore the trolls. The internet has spoken.

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  4. Child says:

    Um Rob, no. The IQ bell curve has spoken.

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  5. Rob says:

    It’s funny, Child, before you even directed a comment at me, I rated all of your comments as kak. IQ Bell curve? Save it for the Mensa meeting brainiac.

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  6. Anonymous says:

    How angry is this woman? So much hate in one message… Maybe you re just a little jealous, Rebecca? Shame…
    I think you should go for some yoga classes… it will take all that negative energy away 😉


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  7. Child says:

    @Anonymous: will you marry me?

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  8. Paul R says:

    Child, reading through the comment thread I fear you will have your work cut out for you to make a case that clever ppl dislike this article and dof ppl like it

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  9. Dave says:

    Shoo Rebecca , did you just write your branding (ranting) final paper at the Vega design school or AAA. You have no idea what your talking about! Contradictions within the first 3 lines. You studied the billboards more than we did! It’s clever…ish, honey, sorry I’m late I was at the strip Club… normally works anyway. It’s for the businessman who doesn’t have the balls to tell it like it is. The ads are working and are cheeky and stylishly shot. Don’t make any assumptions of what gentlemen will do to support unwed mothers. We put those poor girls through Varsity Rebecca! I Just wish “Ivanka’ who danced for us on Monday night, looked a bit more like the ‘Sailor’ one?

    Next time rather moan about LUTHY HIRTHSH on my radio all the time!

    PS. please send pics of sulphurous, rotting weasel corpse.

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  10. Liza says:

    There’re 2 options:

    1) Rebecca wrote this article to advertise Mavericks and Alibis.
    2) Rebecca is very unhappy in her private life.

    The 2 suppositions are very contradictive, I know, but one of them is the truth 😉


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  11. Anonymous says:

    I applaud you Rebecca, do we not have enough broken homes without massive erotic billboards being placed all over our city? Gosh and those who think its fine, it really disturbes me that these ppl are the furture of our country

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  12. Dave says:

    Wonder what ALIBIS fragrance for men smells like? (Insert joke)
    A. ass
    B. Bulgarianesque
    C. Fishy
    D. it is not real

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  13. Anonymous says:

    I, a nineteen year old female, am able to detect the clear prejudice held by Rebecca towards males who frequent Mavericks. If a neutral person had written this article, I may have been able to take it seriously. You wouldn’t take a, let’s say, Kings of Leon hater’s article seriously if he/she reviewed their show.

    I find the advertisements quite clever, taking into account their context and the business that is responsible for them. They are tame in comparison to magazine and television advertisements I’ve seen for perfumes, shampoos and body washes.

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  14. Liza says:

    I will go buy Alibis for my husband. This way I will trust him more 😉 At least, we’ll have fun.
    And expext Mavericks having fragraces for ladies later. Something like, I was in gym, in sauna, doing shopping, babysitting, hairdressers, massage, and all the other stuff ladies can do 😉

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  15. willie Damage says:

    Geez , Rebecca , do you save Whales too ?
    I really can ‘t understand the hype about these billboards …

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  16. Anonymous says:

    Methinks Rebecca’s husband has done a bit of “gentlemen’s club crawling” – why else would she protest so much. And, judging by her comments, who could blame the poor guy. I think it is a severely prejudiced article, written by somebody with blinkers bigger than a bill board…. what a pity.

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  17. Rob says:

    Hahaha, great detective work there anonymous. I quote “I, a nineteen year old female, am able to detect the clear prejudice held by Rebecca towards males who frequent Mavericks.”

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  18. Jaco says:

    Eish Rebecca,
    Sounds like a typical female rant to me. You’re right, you are no advertising guru. This ad was quite clever and let’s be honest, must have been quite a tricky one for the creatives to come up with. Just to end off, what would the world be like without some controversial advertising here and there? Besides, then you will have nothing to moan about.
    J out!

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  19. Child says:

    Okay, those pics have made me so hot that I’m going to go away now and learn how to wank.

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  20. Nick says:

    absolutely KAK article!

    and you know what, this Rebecca Davis does NOT EVEN believe what she writes!!!

    That means you are just trying to stir up some “perceived” controversy.

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  21. Rob says:

    Thanks for sharing, Child. Be sure to do it into a jug so we can send it off to a sperm bank. The world needs more like you, with your rapier wit and penetrating insight.

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  22. Child says:

    @Rob, and I thought nobody understood me. Unfortunately I do not produce sperm yet.

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  23. Rob says:

    OK, that whole pretending to be a child thing? Kinda creepy.

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  24. Dunja says:

    Rebecca, you made my day :)! Brilliant article and couldn’t agree more

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  25. Child says:

    Yes Sarah D. Sortof/kindof like pretending to be called Rob ;P

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  26. Rhyan rocking rolling rudman says:

    I rate the advertising is HOT………………..some peeps have made sex in to a taboo thing yet we all got here from a good old fashioned POMP…..get a life or get laid….to the writer of the lame letter……I think it is tasteful and very cleaver.

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  27. jack roo says:

    people must get a friggen life!

    Look at Mahala.co.za and the system to rank posts? “Kif or Kak”

    But kak is a ride word and so is the symbol with the middle finger. Should be also not protect our children from such bad symbols and foul words????

    grow the f up!!

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  28. Anonymous says:

    and why are all the women on the billboards WHITE?

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  29. The Seldom Seen Kid says:

    Oh god, I think I just came. Beautiful. The Mona Lisa of rants. I can’t even choose a favourite line, there are so many.

    To all the trolls and troglodytes whinging about hormonal women and flinging around gendered insults, get fucked. You’re the ones who end up looking like overemotional losers. You’re as big a part of the problem as these insanely objectifying ads that reduce women to a pussy and tits. Try engaging with your brain rather than your dick for a change.

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  30. That Awkward Moment says:

    I think the seldom seen kid is Sarah Dee also. Must be super-heavy flow? I hear chocolate works!

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  31. extasy says:

    girl you’re just jelous from the real men intrests and hobbies the billboards are just advertising like the real man smokes marlboro and on the box is writtenes smoking kills but million people in the world smokes and please don’t disrespect the girls working in clubs like this do you think it’s easy to get naked infront of hundred and more men i don’t think so and i can give you a lot of examples all this is just a job for the girl job like any other if you think that you can be prouder to clean the restrooms but not showing your body and earning better money then do it but we don’t know how can you feed you children and family then and are you a Christian? in The Bible is written’ adam and eve they were naked and not ashamed of this but them when they taste the sin apple God give them the SHAME and throw them out from the heaven garden …

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  32. JDK says:

    Dear Rebecca,

    (can I call you Rebecca?)

    Please take your offensive hatred of free speech somewhere else. I hear North Korea have a brilliant “removal of stick from ass” program. While you’re there, I’m sure you’ll find a job chop-chop.

    Kiss Kiss

    Oh wait.. that’s probably sexual assault..

    I mean.. pat pat.. on the top of your head.. wearing a rubber glove..

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  33. Dan says:

    and so the generational divide begins.
    the old school who’s deceiving husbands need alibis
    and the new school who’s wag’s go along with them.

    these ads are tongue-in-cheek and rather refreshing compared to the crap we get spewed by comso, glamour, fhm and all the other bullsh*t girly pics with mouth open and lustful eyes. those fake images are f*cking with guys heads more than these – these women you can actually go and touch and see and feel – they’re real!

    what it all boils down to is man’s desire to dip in to the ego pot from time to time. yes there are some that need to go there every night, those ones need help. But there are also those who go there a couple times a year and it strokes their ego massively to be able to throw a couple notes at a hot girl while she gyrates naked on his alcohol restricted semi.

    so whether there is advertising or not it’s a part of cape town. removing the advertising doesn’t make the place go away. it’s still in your so called sub conscious. your boyfriend/husband/lezbian lover could still be going there regardless of whether there’s a billboard or not.

    if you want the advertising, the place, the whole dirty thing to go away you’re going to have to change the laws and possibly help all of russia’s lost ladies.

    and once you’ve done that men who want to cheat are probably going to have far more intimate affairs with your best friend rather than spending a couple hundred bucks watching a home affairs special shake her ass.

    you choose.

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  34. Margot says:

    ZOMG Dan is such a fucking idiot.

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  35. Rob says:

    Fuck it Margot, thank god for your compelling argument.

    you’ve added so much value to world! thanks. now go die in a hole.

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  36. Liza says:

    “ZOMG” Margot shouldn’t you at school?

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  37. Rob says:

    Hey, that’s not me

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  38. Dan says:

    Thanks Margot, I appreciate your input. Autistic comes to mind.

    Anything useful to add to the comments?

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  39. Dave says:

    Where’s Rebecca? She’s gone very quiet… Come on! Reply to all us idiots with nothing else to do but sprout our wonderment on a chat board?

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  40. Rory says:

    an ad campaign for a strip club. so what?

    it’s no different to anything you’ll find in a mag (male or female)

    I mean, the cover of cosmo always sports a headline that reads something like “be the whore you’ve always wanted to be” or “5 tips to be more slutty”

    women love that shit.

    shut it rebecca…take your puritanical beliefs elsewhere. Thanks yo

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  41. Anonymous says:

    Rebecca has 700 facebook friends and only 84 read this article.

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  42. Anonymous says:

    Mahala.co.za the place to come to insult people for no good reason with no accountability. fuck yeah! Rebecca you’re a rug munching cunt with a wasted Oxford education.

    this site is great! can’t believe I didn’t find it sooner!

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  43. Margot says:


    “and so the generational divide begins.
    the old school who’s [sic] deceiving husbands need alibis
    and the new school who’s [sic] wag’s [sic] go along with them.”

    Dan’s comment opens like a sermon, like the closing lines of a voiceover in a documentary, so wise and concise. Some people just have a gift for seeing the wood from the trees.

    This Solomonesque tone continues with “What it all boils down to” (look! he’s settling the debate!) “is man’s desire to dip in to the ego pot from time to time. yes there are some that need to go there every night, those ones need help.”
    More wise words, both magnanimous and compassionate.

    I’m sure that men everywhere are grateful for Dan’s taking the liberty to elucidate on the subject. I’m sure none of them would take offense to his speaking on their behalf in these sweeping generalisations. Particularly the line that betrays a frightening misogyny – “throw a couple notes at”.

    If Dan’s thinly veiled attempt to disguise his own position on the matter as one that can be applied to the Every Man by attributing it to a basic need to find some validation of self esteem* in an otherwise cruel world were just that, then fine, though problematic. But “throw a couple notes at a hot girl” is far more sinister as in just those words he throws open a window into a heart that needs not a bit of fortification for a wan ego, but rather an impulse to subjugate and humiliate a person who outside the confines of a strip club would have blown him off (possibly due to a suspicion of what a giant creep he is.) It is not blind sexual desire, it’s revenge. This is disturbing. Another indicator of this absolute lack of respect is the reference to a “home affairs special,” so deeply dehumanizing.

    Once again, speaking on behalf of the male species, Dan says “and once you’ve done that men who want to cheat are probably going to have far more intimate affairs with your best friend rather than spending a couple hundred bucks watching a home affairs special shake her ass.”

    Selah, Dan! It’s so simple. And so threatening. Finishing off with the cliffhanger (which gets its own line altogether, you know, for impact): “you choose.”

    Are these the options, Dan? From which we are free to choose? Thank you for breaking it down so we may better understand what our options are.

    The main problem here is that you actually have only undermined the group you imagined you were championing. How grossly insulting to men.

    *If this is such a fundamental and universal male requirement, does your medical aid pay for it? What is wrong that you are unable to experience a boost in confidence from daily life? Maslo needs revising?

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  44. @Sigh says:

    Sigh, I hope you get this.

    I’m a guy and I agree with you completely. Many (not all, but many) men don’t recognise the power of a woman. without her man would be an angry callus beast. Men need women more than women need men – and that’s why I think it’ll be a womans world in a couple hundred years time and men will be kept solely for breeding.

    That’s another story. The point is that women are the ones providing this service. Men will always find emotionless pleasure in the flesh and as long as women offer it, they’ll take it. if you can educate and stop the women from offering themselves up so ends the strip clubs.

    they exist because of the economics of society. we are a product of ourselves.

    Sigh says:
    November 30, 2011 at 12:22 pm

    I’m impartial towards the suggestive nature of the images, but it is a bit kak to advertise cheating on your spouse in such a nonchalant manner. You can bet your bottom dollar boys wouldn’t take too well to adverts encouraging their ‘chicks’ to hump other guys. I just think its a general culture of indifference towards women…

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  45. Dan says:

    Thanks Margot.

    for someone who is clearly intelligent your response “ZOMG Dan is such a fucking idiot.” displays much personal hatred. Saying “Dan speaks a fucking load of crap” different.

    To clarify I’m not speaking for all men, I speak from experience of the men and women that I know and have seen going to strip clubs. And though it may be a generalisation most of the older men are alone or with business colleagues while the youngsters are in groups made up of men and women.

    strip clubs are not rocket science. it doesn’t matter how deep into your thesaurus driven education you reach – they are a sign of society. why else do they exist in some and not in others?

    “throw a couple notes at a hot girl” was a tongue-in-cheek remark at how the industry works.
    your response “is far more sinister as in just those words he throws open a window into a heart that needs not a bit of fortification for a wan ego, but rather an impulse to subjugate and humiliate a person who outside the confines of a strip club would have blown him off”
    is mind blowing! english degree + a psych minor?

    Seeing as you dispute and discredit everything I say, tell me about your background in the strip clubs? Have you worked at them? Have you spent years studying them?

    I know many strippers personally. I have helped some leave the stripping industry. While others have chosen to stay despite my attempts. Tell me what deeds you’ve done to help the situation? What actions have you taken?
    Because writing “ZOMG Dan is such a fucking idiot.” really doesn’t add any value. or did I miss it?

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  46. Margot says:

    @Dan If Mavericks & co are providing such a valuable service, without which friendships and marriages would crumble, they really deserve more applause than what they are getting.

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  47. Dan says:

    we get rid of Mavericks and another one pops up around the corner. They’re just the middlemen. we have to cut it off at the source. stop the Eastern European/South America girls getting into the country and the clubs will die out.

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  48. Margot says:

    I never said anything about it being a problem, Dan. It was your comment I took exception to. My estimation of the comment you left was reflected in my response “ZOMG Dan is such a fucking idiot.” If I didn’t have a buttload of work t do right now I wouldn’t have taken the time to procrastinate and explain the first comment.

    I don’t believe strip clubs are “wrong”, morally. Grown ups get to make decisions. Clearly, I was spot on with your sermonizing tone in that you see yourself as rescuer, hero of the Mavericks (or whatever) staff. And also clearly it’s you who has imposed your own views of judgment on those who have chosen to exercise their right to decide where and for whom they wish to work. Whereas initially you kind of defended it? You seem to have a far more complicated relationship with the industry than I do.

    Oh and yes I worked, as a waitress, at Teezers for a year. While I was getting that degree you mentioned.

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  49. Dan says:

    so Margot, you’re saying strip clubs are fine, but advertising them is not?

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  50. Margot says:

    I never said that advertising them was not fine. I never said anything of the sort. I don’t have a problem with any of this.
    Hey, what’s a “thesaurus-driven education”?

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  51. willie Damage says:

    So Marget , you worked at Teezers for a whole year , as a waitress , did it occur to you , that you might not have worked in Teazers the strip club ? Good luck with the Degree .

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  52. Dan says:

    @Margot. so you were just a curious reader who decided I was an idiot?

    strip clubs are a problem. and yes I speak for everyone when I say that. they are not wrong or bad or evil, but they change people.

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  53. Scholarly Scot says:

    A Thesaurus-driven education:

    Thesaurus driven educations are reserved for individuals who are unable to get into a degree that actually teaches them anything that would be remotely useful to society.

    The thesaurus driven education therefore attempts to make these people feel better about themselves by improving their English and enlarging their vocabulary. Since a large vocabulary is often associated with intelligence, these people are subsequently often very successful at convincing others, including themselves, that they are intelligent.

    Often, these same people will even come to assume that people with smaller vocabularies are stupid, irrespective of the adaptive traits demonstrated by such people, and their relative levels of success and prosperity.

    Unfortunately the vocabulary of the thesaurus educated person is often inversely related to their critical thinking capacities, and they are unable to think logically or construct arguments, since they weren’t particularly bright to begin with.

    To assist them in filling the void, they are presented with the writings of Marx et al, which not only make them appear as if they have conducted some sort of critical analysis of life and society, but also allows them to assume the moral high ground.

    From this point onwards, those with thesaurus driven educations often find themselves attempting to write books, attempting to get more degrees with even bigger vocabulary sets, or simply joining the Revolution provided they don’t have to give up tenure or actually venture out of their offices.

    Others are simply forced to find things to become upset about so that they can tell other people what to do, demonstrate how morally superior they are, and exercise their vocabularies.

    I hope that explains it.

    – A Former Thesaurus Educated Person

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  54. Dan says:

    @Margot, what Scholarly Scot said

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  55. Margot says:

    @Dan I thought it was made clear that it was your tone and what you said, not the business, that offended. I’m confident you can tell the difference.

    @willie Damage oooh burn, you spotted a typo. i’m reeling from your scathing wit.

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  56. Dan says:

    Margot, I am flattered that you have invested so much time and effort in me today with no regard whatsoever for the topic. Perhaps I can throw some notes at you this weekend as a way of saying thanks?

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  57. Margot says:

    @Scholarly Scot So a bigger vocabulary is a sign of stupidity? I can see how you’d project a scenario of basic logic problems.

    @Dan Are you asking me out??

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  58. Scholarly Scot says:

    No Margot. What I said is that a large vocabulary can be used in an attempt to disguise stupidity and is often confused with intelligence.

    To elaborate on the failure of logic that just occurred:

    SS said: some people use a large vocabulary as a substitute for intelligence.

    Implied: not all people with large vocabularies are stupid. A subset of people with large vocabularies are, however, stupid.

    M understood: people with large vocabularies are stupid.

    Implied: SS believes that everyone with a large vocabulary is stupid.

    The train of (il)logic you followed is therefore:
    a says some members of group y with z trait are stupid …therefore… all people with z trait are stupid

    Just out of interest, this is known as the fallacy of accident.

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  59. Dan says:

    @ Margot. how would that work out? you’re a gay female and I’m a straight male.

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  60. Scholarly Scot says:

    Hmm now that I think of it, there are actually two logical fallacies there. You used the straw man tactic (misrepresenting my argument and rephrasing it in a way that allows you to successfully counter it without having actually addressed my original argument) by attributing the fallacy of accident to me.

    Logic huh? Tiresome stuff. Polemic is much better.

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  61. B the Bad says:

    I wish that I had something clever to say

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  62. willie Damage says:

    @ marge you fucking retard , sitting a Blog causing shit ! get a life you Bunghole !

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  63. Mark says:

    The greater irony is that whilst we sit in front of our laptop / pc / smart phone, Shane is at home (?) counting out his ever increasing cash, and the beauty from the sailing ad reclines next to him (in the jacuzzi perhaps), since she is his girlfriend.
    Now, doesn’t that kind of blow the whole ‘exploitation of the female’ argument? (And make most of us just that little more jealous?)

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  64. Abraham says:

    And after we’ve said all we can say about this topic we’re still talking about it.

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  65. Sammy Davis 3 says:

    It’s obvious to say that Rebecca isn’t the target market here.

    Slightly off the topic but
    it’s a pity that a woman’s relationships can be “strained” or at least come across as threatening to some.

    If you’re offended by this advert, it tells us that you don’t trust your man/husband/lover-etc, if you don’t trust your man, then what’s the point of being in the relationship for that matter? – If anything good riddance to the guy.

    – Oh and one more thing- just to be a dick.
    Feminists are cute, but what do you call one in a tree? A bitch.

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  66. Sex-loving feminist says:

    Rag-munching cunts with wasted Oxford educations of the world UNITE!

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  67. jaja says:

    Badly written, typical and boring.
    If it wasn’t for the pictures I wouldn’t have made it through the second line.
    There’s sex in advertising! EURIKA! You’re a genius!

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  68. Wizegirl says:

    Can we have boy ones?

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  69. Yawn says:

    Hilarious, punchy, clever, just great. Thank you for this article.

    Why on earth would anyone DEFEND this advertising? You dudes are ridiculous, like laugh out loud ridiculous.

    To all of you making it about free speech: huh? The writer is poking fun at an extremely lame ad campaign.

    And to the men who respond along the lines of “Get a sense of humour”, hahahaha! It is YOU who are experiencing an extremely major sense of humour fail here. Stop getting your big boy panties in such a twist. It’s just a piece of humour.

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  70. Akdov says:

    “So “I Was Working Late” has “the scent of coffee, wool suits, cigarettes and ink”. Woah, Shane. I’m more of a Hugo Boss girl myself, but I have to ask if the team has really thought this one through. You’re marketing a deodorant that smells like a chainsmoking businessman with coffee-breath who just spilled ink on himself? Sounds like Eau de Fail to me.”

    Sounds more like Comme des Garcons to me. Oh, never heard of them? Right, Hugo Boss girl..

    Well then, let me tell you a little something about a series of perfumes from the fashion company in question (look them up, they’re apparently a big thing) called Series 6: Synthetic. Which included products titled “Garage”, “Tar”, “Skai”, “Soda” and “Dry clean”. Sure sounds a lot like Eau de Fail, right? Well, CdG apparently agreed with you on that one, because this particular series has sadly been discontinued.

    Which is why the mention of Alibis on a blog recently intrigued me to no end. Especially their “My car broke down” which from the description immediately made me think of The CdG Garage. (I just love that fragrance, and it saddens me that it’s off market and at some point I’ll finish my last bottle and have to resort to becoming a Hugo Boss guy, or Smellling of Similarly Overpriced Blandness Guy.) And while the “I was working late” seems interesting too, I’m guessing it might probably fall a bit close to Odeur 71 which failed to tickle my fancy. I’d still like to give it a whiff though..

    Unfortunately, I’m halfway across the globe from the establishment in question and they don’t do post order, so I’m out in the cold here. And I wouldn’t want to try defending the merits of the actual scents they’re selling without having actually tried them myself. I do however applaud them for trying something different, maybe even gimmicky, and I find that your little essay is quite speculative, ill-informed and insulting. It’s obvious you disagree with the line of business they’re in, and I won’t argue your standpoint with you. And I respect your right to find yourself bewildered by the odd choice of scents on offer. And of course, the campaign itself, well, that’s marketing for you. And on the particular point of marketing I too find myself having reservations from time to time.
    I just don’t see how their choice of notes (as badly as you seem to think of them) correlates so strongly in your mind to your perception of their business model as a whole. It makes you seem tacky, to be frank.

    But hey, nevermind me, I’m just another titty-bar regular wank-off that–oh, wait no, I’m actually not. Never been to a strip joint. Have no interest in ever visiting one. And if I lived closer I’d probably venture far enough into Mavericks to grab a few bottles of Alibis and be on my way. Heck, I’m not even someone who’s trying to defend the establishment responsible for this line of fragrances, nor their main source of income, that’s another topic that I have no interest to venture into..

    No, I’m just one of those guys who loved, loved, loved the Synthetic Series (again, look it up – if you’re going to slander fragrances based on you finding them odd, at least do your research), who appreciate things that dare to be different and finds my fancy tickled in this particular instance.

    And for that, I am apparently bundled with the likes who get their willys out for gentlemanly massages, stumbling home in the middle of the night with cum stains all over my filthy self.

    Fine, you know what? I can live with that, I just really wish I could get my hands on a couple of bottles of Alibis..

    And after you’ve disregarded my input as moronic, idiotic or simply labelled me a troll, let me end with a piece-offering and include some eyecandy for your pleasure. The Hugo Boss variety, of course.



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  71. Akdov says:

    Peace offering. Peace. *sigh*

    So I guess now you can add “illiterate” to the “moronic cumstained troll” moniker..

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  72. US of Arseholes says:

    Er, the ad is all about being dishonest. Kiff thing to encourage. Maybe the values of society have changed so much that I didn’t get the memo….

    What a lag it will be when all the people outraged by this article have their partners tuck into someone else. Remember that feeling guys, when you found out you’ve been cheated on? Quite a lekker emotion hey? Enjoy non-thinkers..

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  73. disbelief says:

    people are suddenly going to cheat because of an ad campaign. really? really?

    so people are robotic sheep that do exactly what the ads say. good gracious we are all fucked.

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  74. Monica says:

    “I’m no advertising guru”

    But yet you criticize a well established business?

    I’m no “letter writing” guru but you lost me halfway through your story… nobody wants to hear somebody whine on and on about something.

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  75. Nadia says:

    This is badly written. I also find the ad campaign pretty dumb but really: this is too much.

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  76. wax says:

    No wonder nothing gets done in Cape Town

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  77. Richard says:

    can’t help feeling that this is a bit like tilting at windmills… a chapter out of ‘don quixote’. try solving the puzzle about why so many females attend strp clubs…

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  78. a women says:

    I think is for yours eyes only .Everybody can look a paint a picture or anything and see what they brain wanna see .we are all unique so what I see you may not see or see more then what I see .I will love to see a blind person that can only smell and ear what have to say ! Personally I see too many bad advert and things in my life so why I should waist my time to get so critical of a advert ? I got more to worry in my life .Right now are people suffering and fight for they life . If you are such good people go and help them rather then waist your time for this .

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  79. Nikita says:

    I think ” is for your eyes only ” .Everybody can look a paint a picture or anything and see what they brain wanna see .we are all unique so what I see you may not see or see more then what I see .I will love to ear from a blind person that can only smell and ear what have to say ! Personally I see too many bad advert and things in my life so why I should waist my time to get so critical of a advert ? I got more to worry in my life ….Right now they are people suffering and fight for they life . If you are such good and better people go and help them rather then waist your time for this .

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  80. Ringo says:

    Haha i bet this Rebecca tool works At Mavericks, auditioned for the these adds and was horribly turned down, now the jealousy of not being on one of those billboards drove her to post this…… wow women can bitch.

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  81. Anonymous says:

    Tell it like it is Rebecca!

    It still commodifies women and causes who knows what other host of problems with regards to how women are treated in the industry – not to mention the licence it gives men on how to behave (lie away, the advert says!).

    Of course there are all these deprecating male responses belittling “angry female behaviour”.

    But just because this sleezy business is “legal” doesn’t mean we have to be cool with it.

    Sorry that someone rained on your parade angry male commenters!

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  82. willie Damage says:

    @Anonymous ‘Tell it like it is Rebecca ‘

    When I as a Male walk through a shop with Perfume , and see ‘ intensions ‘ or ‘seductions ‘ DOES NOT mean the consumer are a Whore or in fact be a good lay .
    Just because I use Mum for Men , does not mean your into Older ladies .

    I am single , and loooove the ladies from Mavericks , and they love me right back ,Fuck you Anonymous ,eat shit !

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  83. justanothersilentshout says:

    Read this article, twas a fun read. i don’t really know how i feel about it but what i do know is that Rebecca took a pounding in the comments. ridiculous. So much internet sniping going on, sjoe! i have a problem with internet comments, my problem results from a observation i have made: of all internet comments made on “controversial” articles about 10% are legitimate responses to the article’s message 85% are snarky quips that (badly) try to disguise ad hominem and do not engage the opinions or even the subject matter expressed in the aforementioned article and 5% are, well, this:

    “Okay, those pics have made me so hot that I’m going to go away now and learn how to wank.” – fair enough mate.

    The net is a great place to try make yourself heard about something you feel strongly about but I mostly feel like writing a good article and publishing it on the net is like pissing in the ocean. only sharks can tell that there is something different in the environment and only sharks can tell what the pee means (that there is a person in the see, peeing) the rest of the population are unable to detect such subtle changes in their habitat. I don’t mind strip clubs, it’s not really my thing but i have no problems with them. I had a girlfriend who worked in the states as a stripper for 2 years. she loved it, “best years of my life” she says. i guess there is/can be some sense of power for women involved in the whole strip club interaction. i guess it must teach you a lot about people (men in particular) the same way waiting tables teaches you about people.

    Anyway, i digress, i do think that the billboards are a bit overboard. Not really for me but i can see how i would be peeved if i had a young son or daughter and i had to drive them past those billboards everyday to school. maybe they ask me what the billboards mean. now i have to explain that ad campaign to a kid. lame. i get the ads, they’re ok (not really the smartest adverts ever but hey, i’m not the smartest guy either so what the hell do i know?) but personally i don’t think that they belong on a billboard where nobody has a choice whether or not to be exposed to them. in magazines i can understand it because you can avoid a magazine (usually all a magazine is is advertising for obscene wastes of money anyway) but outside, in our shared space i think that it is a legitimate gripe to not want a half naked lady staring at you everyday on your way to work. and maybe it is because you’re jealous or unhappy but that is besides the point, isn’t it? It’s outside and pretty much unavoidable. it’s our shared space and while i may not agree with everything that Rebecca says, i can say that i think we should be a bit more responsible with what we decided to allow out there.

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  84. Anonymous says:

    The simplistic,common truth? Sex sells.I’ll bet half the guys here will secretly smile when they see this ad or opt to purchase the ‘pissy’ perfume.Advertising,succsexful.where it can be granted that this might be disrepectful to womenkind ,note that miss.mechanic,cap’n and what’s her face have flown to london and spoilt themselves filthy at harrods with their fee.
    Nothing will change the fact that sex sells.if one doesn’t like it,can’t accept it and thinks that its sexist,one should pray for miss.mechanics dirrrty soul.she’ll give you a penny for your pity yeah.
    What’s with all the hate aimed at the R? Every1 has strong opinions. Let her have hers.Many of us have’nt been totally calm about ours have we?let’s play a tad nice. Happy New Year all ’round.

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  85. Africa says:

    I am a woman and I love going to Mavericks with my lesbian friends or with my husband. I agree 100% with the comments here that these ads are no worse than any found in Cosmo or any other fashion magazine. I think Rebecca has never even been to a strip club, never actually spoken to a stripper (I have a few friends who work as strippers – they are local girls with higher education and they CHOOSE to do the work because it pays well, means you have days free to beach, hike, shop, gym in peace and quiet etc, and they … enjoy it!… all the foreign women I’ve chatted to also agree they enjoy it, they choose what shifts to work, they have the right to turn down customer requests for private shows etc – they are in control – in fact, they PAY mavericks to work there, and then keep the cash patrons give them, not the other way around.)

    Rebecca comes across as a neurotic sex-negative house wife… and ironically, she will most likely marry a man who will visit strip clubs and use these exact alibis because he’ll be so shit scared of her over-reaction to something simple, fun, enjoyable and with establishments such as mavericks, harmless.

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  86. Pass me the puke bucket says:

    ROFL this is a beautiful piece of writing, I’m laughing so hard I hurt, well done Rebecca for saying it like it is.
    It’s so bad to objectify women like this, it doesn’t say much about the men who think this way.
    It’s lame not to take this kind of thing seriously enough, its apathetic.

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  87. Frankie says:

    There are lots of ways of looking at this issue, as all the comments suggest; the writing, on the other hand, is pure genius. No doubt about it.

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  88. Neil the great Scott says:

    You frikin rock woman. Couldn’t be arsed to read the other comments as I have this ghastly feeling they’ll be inundated with horrible little people ranting about ranty things. Opinions are like nipples to quote somebody who’s name escapes me but was obviously feeling wordier than I, opinions being likd nipples in that every pre inebriate has at least one but that doesn’t allow you to share them with the unsuspecting public 😉 hehe. But I’m at least thrilled you took the time to own yours! Thanks for an uplifting read…

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  89. Shane says:

    Rebecca Davis needs a shag.

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  90. reality check says:

    whoring has been around since the beginning of time. it’s not going to go away. if a parent can’t impart their feelings on a billboard that the kid is old enough to read then they really shouldn’t be a parent.

    i’m sick of parents who can’t take responsibility for their kids. always whinging and moaning about others being bad influences. the world is fucked up. catch a wakeup china! you’re going to need to educate your kids on a lot harder stuff than a billboard that encourages lying and cheating. try 10 year olds getting STD’s and being bullied at school until they take thier own life or or or. and yes Rebecca this happens in your save little Constantia neighbourhood too.

    write about something that matters and actually make a worthwhile difference in this country.

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  91. willie Damage says:

    I love Mavericks ! and if a Lapdance costs 5 K its still a bargian !

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  92. sam says:

    rebecca must have the painters in

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  93. Johan says:

    Rebecca have you lost your mind??
    Its not a fragrance to make money of…
    Its not a tit and ass place… Please go there before you assume shit you dont know anything about…
    Im a vip member there and i take my girl with me… There is nothing wrong with Mavericks… Stop being jealous

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