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Come On

by Nina Hastie / Images by Themba Kriger / 21.11.2011

The whole ‘C.O.M.E’ acronym is so much more effective when it’s posted above a shop selling bibles. But as the name of a comedy night, it is a little lame. However, lameness is often overcome by persistence and I’ll say one thing for these C.O.M.E kids, they really have persisted. The regular Monday night comedy gigs, now at Ragazzi on Long Street, has been running for over 3 years. Every Monday. The Ragazzi setup is actually pretty cosy. There are lounge-suite type couchy chairs, facing a lit stage. You don’t really need much more than that. Also, you can smoke inside. It’s like you’re watching tv in the comfort of someone else’s home, except that when you shout at it, it talks back, and makes you feel like a toss. Comedians are comedians for a reason, they take time to research information, apply their own (preferably originally, if you Noah what I mean?) thought processes and observations, and they are generally smarter than you. Also, they have a microphone in their hand. So, when some drunk idiot shouts the odds from the audience they take pride in making sure that person is embarrassed. Heckling a comic is like having a wart on your face and talking to a 4 year old, someone is going to call you names.

In the line-up last Monday was Christopher Steenkamp (host), Alex Moffett (first timer, shame), Angel Campey (that’s a girl-comic. Hats off. It’s hard), Kurt Langeveld, Ryan Carelse, Blake Kent (another first timer), Siv Ngesi (all round nice guy, TV star and owner of a new Audi) as well as the Dr. himself, Riaad Moosa. A comedy night runs like this: there are two halves; there is a comic host who introduces all the acts; the funniest act closes the half. And usually the headliner closes the show. This is because he or she is the funniest act, and this is what people have been waiting for, a big fat laugh. But first, let’s talk about this guy Ryan Carelse. He has been in the game for a while, although I’ve only seen him once or twice before. He is very comfortable on stage. His style is reminiscent of a young Joey Rasdien. And no, It’s not just because of the coloured accent. Ryan is one kak funny dude. His set was about how his wife fell pregnant because of this one determined sperm. His re-enactment of the sperm’s mission to make it had me laughing so hard I lost my poise for a minute, and possibly flashed the odd couple sitting next to me. Now, you’ve heard the term: “hard act to follow”. That is what happens in situations like on Monday, where the surprise guest was none other than Dr Riaad Moosa himself. Riaad closed the first half. With all due respect to the comedians in the second half, Riaad is so good he just makes everyone else look bad. The second half of the show was like having sex with your ex, familiar, but not quite what you were hoping for.


C.O.M.E features different comedians every Monday, you’re sure to be entertained (by at least one of them, because let’s be honest, sometimes comedians are kak). I spoke to a guy who had his virgin comedy night experience and he said it sure beat sitting at home drinking wine with his cat. I held on tightly to my pepper spray and walked away before he asked me to put the lotion on myself.

Laughing releases endorphins, so for those of you who are not having sex regularly, a comedy gig can be a good alternative. It’s once a week, it’s on a Monday, when there is very little else to do in Cape Town. I don’t see a down side. Tonight features the likes of Nik Robinowitz, Brendan Murray and some chick from Joburg that talks about winkies. I’m looking forward to it.

C.O.M.E - Girl-comic

C.O.M.E - Don't Hackle The Comics

C.O.M.E - Cosy Comedy

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