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Come Home

by Andy Davis / 21.08.2009

As you probably know already, the Mahala Surf Co. is a non-profit, philanthropic Mahala venture that collects and distributes surfing equipment to grass roots communities, with access to the ocean, around South Africa. Because waves are free and surfing is awesome. D’uh. So a few months back we threw a party called the Mahala Surf and Music Festival in Durban and collected over 20 boards, most of which we gave to the good people at Umthombo, an organisation that works with street kids in Durban. Through surfing Umthombo have managed to get more than 65 of the toughest kids off the streets (and the glue) and re-integrate them back into society. That means 65 kids no longer sleeping on the streets, doing drugs and training to be gangsters. Instead they’re going to school, eating three square meals a day and getting another chance to live a reasonable life. Moja Umthombo!

So while we were in Durban, we shot a music video for Rambling Bones using Umthombo’s surfing project as inspiration. We couldn’t help but make a little documentary about it at the same time. And this is the world premier of Come Home by Rambling Bones, right here on Mahala!

To learn more about Umthombo click here.

To get involved with Mahala Surf Co. check our facebook page here, or email andy@mahala.co.za to donate your old surf equipment. Ride the big one! Feel alive.

Bones plays at White Mountain Folk Festival on Sat 26th September.

umthombo barrel

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  1. Larwood says:

    excellent video boet.and like everything else in life – Keep It Up!!!!!

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  2. Bill says:

    Sweet video! Nice work Andy!

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  3. jay fired says:

    awesome as per usual…

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  4. Lucy says:

    Love the surfing shots & cool song! Well done guys.

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  5. Tony says:

    Awesome stuff Jay

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  6. AT says:


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  7. pauly says:

    Viva Mahala viva Andy more please nice interviews

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  8. Angella says:

    so so so rad!, totally yup uh huh! awe awe awe…ness.

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  9. The Oracle says:

    Viva……but where is MY freebie ??
    It never arrived….please send again.
    Tnx Dude (in advance)…..awesome.

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  10. Stu says:

    Sorry guys, one of the negatives was me, my daughter was messing around with my mouse (she is 26 months) when watching the clip and hit kak. This is definitely not Kak, awesome awesome stuff. More Saffa’s should be involved in stuff like this.

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  11. Dano says:

    awesome tune, its a great thing you guys are doing keep up the good work, we need more organisations like this… mahala rocks!

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  12. Moose says:

    amazing stuff. where can we donate?
    you need a section on the site for stuff like this…

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  13. Burtis Redding says:


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