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Citizen Bones

Citizen Bones

by Citizen Bones / 10.01.2010

Download Mahala’s original and exclusive Citizen Bones track right here, for mahala.

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It may sound like make believe, but there was once a time when popular music was not strictly all about love, sex, break-ups, good times, getting down in ‘the club’ and baby, baby, baby. Seriously, not that long ago musicians would write songs about almost anything that interested them. They sang truth to power. They voiced the outrage of their generation. They stuck it to the man. There was folk music, freedom music, fighting tunes. Music was conscious. Musicians wrote songs about murder, religion, war, poverty and most importantly they tackled the major social issues of the times. But now we’re stuck on the baby-baby loop. And it makes us sick.

We at Mahala have not forgotten that once upon a time music was a weapon. That’s why in collaboration with Rambling Jay Bones we’ll be producing a series of fresh, new, totally unhinged musical masterpieces every month. Music that tackles the ugly themes of the underbelly. Corruption, greed, dishonesty, road rage, felching. For you, to download here, for mahala! From Mahala.

Here’s the first one. It’s about our former police chief Jackie Selebi, his mafia mate Glenn Agliotti and the overall, “Corruption of the State”.

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The Mahala Minstrel

by Rambling Jay Bones

The story that I tell to you in time will be repeated
A cautionary tale of justice been defeated
Agliotti was his name
Bribery was his game
Kebble paid with his life in a classic con man scam

And then one day the hammer fell and names were summoned forth
Vusi tried to take them down, but the president said, “piss off!”
Selebi the polic chief said, “he’s my friend, finished and klaar”
“We buy each other expensive gifts, like suits and shoes and cars.”

You never think you’ll end up in the hole
When you’re paying off the head of Interpol
Armsdeals, travelgate, xenophobic hate
Corruption of the state!

How many loopholes could they find in our democratic law?
Was this the justice that the people struggled for?
Everyone was on the take and someone had to fall
Who would do the time, who would be the whipping boy?

And you never think you’ll end up in the hole
When you’re paying off the head of Interpol
Armsdeals, travelgate, xenophobic hate
Corruption of the state!

Ooooh Corruption Of The State!
Ooooh Corruption Of The State!

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  1. mahala toons, bonus says:

    Downloaded and gave it a listen. Nice boys, more please.

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  2. Deeply grateful says:

    Mahala mense – this is really, really special. Everybody – please do yourself a favour – download this song, give it a listen, and then listen to it again. How satisfying it is to listen to a finely crafted, quality song that succinctly and beautifully tells a story we all know too well in this country, but in a way we seldom hear.

    “New” South Africa – here is your “I shot the sheriff”.

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  3. Moose says:

    This is a great idea. Very cool.
    Everyone link it up. I’m doing it now.
    How about a facebook group dedicated to this alone?

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  4. Asamasa says:

    Nice tune. Dig the acoustic vibe and the straight forward lyric. Dylan style….

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  5. alexd says:

    Classic! Keep on calling it like it is, guys.
    PS. Check out Rian Malan’s brilliant piece about the Kebble/Agliotti/Selebi gemors in his new book, Resident Alien. Better insight into the depth of the filth than I’ve read anywhere else.

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  6. @ alexd says:

    Rian Malan of “A Traitor’s Heart”?

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  7. The Corruptor says:

    Good work

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