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Butt Wiper

by Dave Durbach and Andy Davis / 14.06.2010

Did you know, like an old Chappies bubblegum wrapper, that because Budweiser, a beer few South Africans have ever tasted, is the official beer of the FIFA World Cup, it’s all you can purchase within 5 kilometers of the stadiums. Better yet, each bottle of the American beer costs R30 bucks a pop.

For the exclusive rights to foist an unknown beer on the South African footballing public, Budweiser’s parent company Anheuser-Busch pays the global footballing federation anything between 10 – 25 million US Dollars a year. Selling the Bud at Soccer City before the opening match between Bafana and Mexico is Dorcus Mahasha. She’s 33 years old.
“Are you getting paid or are you volunteering?”
“I’m getting paid.”
“Is the money OK?”
“I don’t know!”
“Why are you only selling Budweiser?”
“Cos it’s a unique drink.”
“Is it better than Castle and Black Label?”
“How much are you selling it for?”
“30 Rands. It’s expensive.”
“Do you drink Budweiser?”
“No, I don’t drink.”

It’s not like we at Mahala really feel sorry for brewing giants like SAB Miller. But it would’ve been lekker to have a variety of beers available at the games. But really this is a small fry complaint. The real irony is that without a major South African distribution deal in place, fans who actually like the overpriced American lager, won’t be able to find it when the World Cup is over. So, we ask, what exactly was the point?

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