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Bieber Fever

by Erin Crous / 17.05.2013

Like the old Zen question: If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? If you steal from Justin Bieber, is it really a crime? And it gives us great pleasure to think that while he was busy making Beliebers out of all those white Jozi tweens, a group of anti-pop Robin Hoods were breaking down the walls of the FNB stadium to get their hands on that Bieber gold! Sweet, sweet poetry. Look at these images, imagine the clink of the chisels and smile.

* All images © Erin Crous.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    An actual story would have been great, pretty useless other than the white teens insult which was amusing.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Worst post I have ever read, even a News24 article would put this to shame.

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  3. Andy says:

    it’s a gallery douche bags. there’s nothing else to it.

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  4. really? says:

    “all those ‘white’ Jozi tweens”? how out of touch are you???

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  5. Rene says:

    What a stupid wast of web space . No need for a picture ! How can you declare a robbery a good thing just to fill some space with your name signed ?!

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  6. Your mom says:

    Actually it was the money belonging to the vendors that was stolen. So picture that every beer or pie sold, and the effort that went into that, has now cost somebody who probably has children to support just like you and I do. Don’t be so fucking callous about everything. This wasn’t money that was derived by corruption or backhands, it was from a live entertainment event that was aimed at positivity. Hopefully all of you who praise this crime don’t come home one day with your entire life looted. Cynical piss bile twats.

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  7. Andy says:

    Your mom, you forgot the profits from all the Bieber merchandise! That shit is guilt free, if you ask me. That’s all we’re celebrating. Raise your glass with us, the globo-pop Justin Bieber machine won’t see that moolah. Not sure how I feel about the beer and pie vendors, but it’s a good point. On one hand, they’re probably just trying to hustle a buck like everyone else. But on the other, they’re doing it by ‘supporting’ negative, culture-eroding kak by providing refreshments to the Beliebers. It’s morally ambiguous. A bit like the guy manning the brattwurst stand round the corner from the Lustgarten in Berlin during all those Nazi rallies from 1939 – 1944.

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  8. Andy says:

    Kak job in a kak place at a kak time.

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  9. Your mom says:

    Andy, why is it ok for them to be robbed at all? Just because you don’t approve of his music, and the empire he’s created doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with it. People like his music, and that’s what it’s about. It’s elitist fools who forget the whole point of entertainment. Bieber didn’t do anything wrong, in fact, the opposite….many folks got to work and earn money because of the event, ven down to the car guards around the stadiums. You are just too fucking short sighted and up your own arse to see the tragedy of a robbery like this. This will likely create more negative energy and sentiment about our country. It should not have happened.
    And lastly, Andy, I see just as much ambiguity in your so called moral quest here. What is so righteous about what you are doing? You are also hustling a buck at every chance you get, supporting eastern sweat shops with the various big branded bullshit ads you run. You must thank the Internet every day for being able to spew this drivel out into the ether. If this were the old days most of what’s written on Mahala wouldn’t make it to people’s bogs as arsewipe.
    Seriously, what do you then deem to be morally right for youngsters to enjoy listening to? Answer this sincerely; I’d love to know.

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  10. Andy says:

    you know Your Mom, if you don’t get the tyranny of late capitalist Hollywood schlock paparazzi culture that Bieber is at the forefront of, and driving it globally to the detriment of small, original local cultures everywhere. And if you can’t see the wonderful irony in this little example of silver-lined afro-fatalism, that the Bieber merchandise profits were stolen by the same crime scourge we South Africans have to deal with on a daily basis, well then I’m not sure I can help you. But I did try to explain it to you. I guess it’s hard to argue upwards with someone on such a high horse.

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  11. your mom says:

    Andy, you really do read far too much into things. Bieber came here and did a few shows. Evidently there were a lot of fans. Not my cup of tea though, but hey. As I pointed out, there were other vendors who lost their takings as well. Many of the vendors selling the Bieber merch were on a commission basis too, so some of our people lost out. You don’t need to explain you point of view to me, I see your POV, I just think it’s deluded and ignorant. Of course I could spend some time pointing out the gross hypocrisy of your views since in some way or another, we all support the capitalist giants. Lastly, you say: “And if you can’t see the wonderful irony in this little example of silver-lined afro-fatalism, that the Bieber merchandise profits were stolen by the same crime scourge we South Africans have to deal with on a daily basis”. This isn’t irony.

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