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Back to the Street

by Roger Young / 31.08.2011

In the interests of full disclosure and to circumvent our commentors, this missive is to let you, the concerned Mahala reader know that we’ve teamed up with STR.CRD this year as media partners. Yes, we’ve sold out to “The Man”. Yes, all our coverage of the event will be “tainted.” Yes, we’ve lost touch with the street, so to speak. But pray, let us tell you why we’ve sunk to this level, to this depravity. Was it coin? Was it an offer we just couldn’t refuse? No, it runs far deeper than that. We ourselves, as bloated old white men, felt we were losing relevance, agency, a grasp on the street. In short, it was ego that drove us to attach ourselves to a project that includes all the things we’ve never really understood: hip hop, sneakers, pop culture, graffiti, skaters and people who say “swag!” We at Mahala thought this would be an ideal opportunity to “get in there with the kids” so to speak.

Sarcasm and commentor deflection aside, STR.CRD 2011 is actually set to be a pretty good time incorporating international acts Theophilus London, Va$htie and Masta Lee and locals like BLK JKS, Dirty Paraffin, Khuli Chana, Desmond & the Tutus (and, obvs, many more) with talks and workshops from the likes of Woody (Sneaker Freaker founder and editor), SBTG aka Royalefam (who will be conducting an exclusive 12 person customizing jol), Levi Maestro (video blogger and tastemaker) and international store PATTA from Amsterdam. The important thing about STR.CRD is that it shows that it is possible to turn a love for street culture into a way of life. Kinda like we did, you know, with this “blog.”

STR.CRD takes place over the weekend of Heritage Day, and along with the Nash Money x STR.CRD customized sneakers themed on the 11 official cultures; there will be a display of customized caps by Jozi’s young art talent depicting the cultural heritage of Jozi.


Running up to the main event is Mzanzi’s Most Popular, a blog-off between four cities. The team at STR.CRD, (myself included) have hand picked four blogging teams from Jozi, (Bloody Sweaty Clique), P.E (Opinion Feeder) Durban (Street Sole Avenue)  and Cape Town (Bitches Must Know)  have just four weeks to battle it out by trying to get more blog comments, more Motribe followers, more FB fans and Twitter followers than the other teams, for a prize of R45K and some pretty sweet tech including iPads, and other shit. The teams also have threads from Le Coq Sportif and Sony Bravia TV’s to give away, as well as a ton of other swag (apparently this is not the right usage of the word but fuckit, I’m thinking of the proper English usage, HEY YOU KIDS GET OFF MY LAWN!!!!!) The teams have to dig up the best street talent, culture, and steez their cities have to offer. This works out pretty sweet for us as we just get to leach off the whole process and feature the best shit on Mahala; because we’re cheap like that.

STR.CRD 2011

So by now, you’ll realise that you can’t get a true critical reaction from me as I basically work for STR.CRD right now. But don’t worry, I’ll convince the man with the big stick, Andy Davis, to get someone with nothing to lose to write about the whole shebang once it goes down.

And yes the rumours were true. MF Doom WAS going to play but various factors have collided and he will now no longer be appearing.

Tickets are R150. But you can get in the mahala way by donating your second-hand shoes to the KICK.BIN initiative.

For more information and to check the programme of events, visit www.strcrd.com

Tickets are for sale at the event and also from Webtickets at a better rate. Shit kicks off on the 24th of September

Date: 24 September
Place: Maboneng Precinct
Time: 10am – 10 pm

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