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A Tribute to Hell

A Tribute to Hell

by Roger Young / 05.09.2009

I often wonder why good Christian folk don’t see the evidence around us. They warn us perpetually of the impending apocalypse and fiery punishments that await, but they do not see that these times are already upon us.  What greater punishment for our fornicating could there be than this, found on the computicket site and destined for casinos the country over?

The promo copy reads: “Witness the excitement of Hannah and Miley live on stage with Australian singing sensation Clasina. She brings to the stage an action packed tribute in this singing and dancing extravaganza, performing all the hit songs…. Ultimate Tribute to Hannah & Miley.


Yes the idea of a Miley tribute show is a little disturbing, but these things happen. What is even more disturbing is that whoever wrote this description has called Clasina (who appears to hail from Australia and New Zealand simultaneously) a singing sensation. Also please note that  “Nineteen-year-old Clasina…has been performing since she was ten”. A quick facebook and google reveals no such singer from either or any country. I did find one Clasina in Holland, but she was a different kind of sensation. Anyway, the point I’m making is simply this: A nineteen year old singing sensation who loves Miley Cyrus but doesn’t have her own FB, oldweb or myspace page? Give me a break. But the wording of the PR is clever. It calls Clasina an “Australian singing sensation”, not then a singing sensation IN Australia but FROM Australia (or New Zealand).

Clasina “said her own adoration for the American star had made the tribute show role an easy one. ‘I love Miley Cyrus,’ she bubbles. ‘Most of the time I’m performing for a young generation and they just love every single song and know all the words. Seeing all the little kids smile is an amazing experience.’” I wonder how the kids feel when they see her bubbling and frothing at the mouth in a way that only the deranged and mentally challenged can? Well, maybe that is a little hard on the girl, because there is one line in the blurb that speaks the truth: “This has to be the next best thing to the real show.”

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  1. Joe Bloke. says:

    Eeeuuuw. Yuk.

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  2. Libby says:

    Not even irony makes that a worthwhile R104.

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  3. Hecate says:

    Taking potshots at Miley Cyrus and slipping in a not so subtle jibe at the local Christian community? There is definitely some though provoking sociological critique in progress over at Mahala HG. Quiet Friday was it or did someone just bring in some seriously hectic chronic?

    Funny that my search actually found out that the lass in question is indeed antipodean and has already garnered quite a following on the, bubblegum coattails/ tribute market. Thought that the salt water fraternity would at the very least recognise a fellow surfer babe.



    This of course only goes to demonstrate that I am equally bored and I should be seriously considering that life getting thing or perhaps getting hold of your chronic supplier. Ps I changed my name I am not really a witch, but since it rhymes with bitch I though it apropos.

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  4. B dog says:

    This kinda shit makes me feel sick inside

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  5. Roger Young says:

    Hecate. A: It wasn’t a jibe at the Christians, I just think they don’t realise that we’re in some kind of hell already. B: I think to qualify as a “singing sensation” you need to be doing more than covering Miley Cyrus in Taranaki. Sure, I saw those bits on her, what interests me is that they put her forward as some kind of pop star, but she does not have her OWN web presence. Is she embarrassed? Oh and it’s HQ (Head Quarters) not HG (Head Grinders)

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  6. djf says:

    Is Roger now going to embark on a crusade against mediocre tribute acts instead of dedicating his critical faculties to the numerous musicians making original music in our country? There is a limited number of hours in the day and in our lifetimes.

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  7. djf says:

    Hey Roger, how about reviewing that Isochronous album?

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  8. Nathan Zeno says:

    djf, who is this Roger you speak of? Anyway. Isochronous = buy it. nuff said.

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  9. djf says:

    “buy it” doth not a “review” make, compadre.

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  10. wtf says:

    I thought it would be enough having “Miley cyrus as Hannah Montan”, but taking it this much further I mean really. I actually like Miley Cyrus and on occasion have watched some Hannah Montana and I didn’t feel like killing myself. What dumb person would actually watch this

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  11. jingles says:

    the jerk who wrote this article is obviously fuck-tarded in the worst way

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