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A bit of juice and some good old lovin’

by Samora Chapman, image by Bruce Mackay / 23.03.2010

I strolled into a pharmacy recently to pick up a few things for the soothing of my human vessel. I mingled with the everyday good fellows of suburbia, cruising up and down the shiny isles to the wonderful backing track of Celine Dion. The pretty drugs lined up on the shelves like berries on a fruit tree; just a little something to dull the pain really, but not much to remedy ailments of the body, mind and soul. Panado is a good all rounder I suppose. Who can say they’ve never submitted to the wonderful power of painkillers? The cure for anything falling under the general category ‘PAIN’. And if the immensity of the PAIN becomes too overwhelming, mix a little Jack Daniels with a mighty dose of Myprodol to effectively end all PAIN entirely. Vitamins, Viagra and sleeping pills. The worst kinds of pills are the ones that help you do the things you should really be able to do on your own. Like eat, make love and fall sleep. There was a dark era in my life when I took sleeping pills. Aged about 15, I got stressed out and couldn’t sleep. The solution was simple; “Here young boy, eat some of these little purple pills and descend into a living hell where you fear the fall of the sun like death itself. And while you’re at it go and play with this noose and flaming spear.”

Anyway, having survived various forms of narcotics over the years (legal and illegal), I have now matured to a point where I feel I can make a fairly educated decision about what to swallow down my gullet. So I amble around and collect my medications of choice; Spirulina to boost my power for those long surf missions, some Zam-Buck for the mozzy bites and finally a nice voluptuous chocolate for my lady so I get the extra good kisses tonight. Body, mind and soul taken care of. As I make my way to the till I come across a fellow homosapien on the hunt, clutching his collection of tasty treasures. Its one of those moments you get a glimpse of a complete stranger’s life. He’s juggling a value pack of condoms (it must be ‘buy 20 get 10 free’ or something), some ‘Extra Strong Disprin’ and a massive grey plastic capsule of ‘Pure Power Potency’ muscle building super tonic 3000 (PERFORMANCE GUARENTEED). We stand frozen for a few seconds; checking each other out. Naked in the wilderness of suburbia! With a nod and an awkward shuffle we head our separate ways. At first I think how different we are, this fellow in search of all things potent, and myself in search of all things natural. It would appear that ‘Mr. Potent’ and I have evolved into vastly different creatures, but essentially we both want the same things out of life; a bit of juice and some good old lovin’!

Image © and courtesy Bruce Mackay, check him out here and here.

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