Cycle Zen

by Don Pinnock / Images by Samora Chapman / 10.04.2014
It began with irritation at the rubbish that spooled through my mind while cycling. Conversation replay loops, situation re-runs, fantasising about stuff to buy, conquests, adventures untaken. The answer I
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red ant

Soweto Derby

by Chris Preyser / 17.03.2014
Chris Preyser caught some colourful characters heading to the annual Soweto Derby clash between the mighty rivals Orlando Pirates and Kaizer Chiefs at the weekend.
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happy face

Eat Your Heart Out

by Mahala High Five Brigade / Images by Samora Chapman / 04.03.2014
Heading down to the local Spur for a steak is not really such a big deal, right? We, the fortunate haves, can generally find the Randelas for a plate of
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Rolling Retro: ballies ‘n boards

by Jon Monsoon / 11.02.2014
Surfers. Give 'em any excuse to bang on about the good ol' days when surfing was pure, the water was clean, and the boards were better. Turns out, they could
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Milile’s Tavern

by Philip Wilson / 30.01.2014
It’s derby day: Orlando Pirates versus the mighty Kaizer Chiefs. The Soweto derby fever is felt all the way in Ekuphumleni, the location at Kenton-on-Sea in the Eastern Cape. It’s
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Africa United

by Morrel Shilenge / 21.01.2014
The Confederation of African Football (CAF) is hosting yet another tournament in South Africa; (CHAN). A total of 16 nations will contest to be crowned the champions of CHAN.
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William ripping

New Kings of the Amagagasi

by Samora Chapman / 17.01.2014
It was all heat and madness as I headed down to the Durban beachfront for Kushay’ igagasi, the only isiZulu surf contest in the country. But what does an isiZulu
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Agave harvest

Surfing Wood

by Andy Davis / 28.11.2013
Sisal, you know the stuff with the hard, hard spiky leaves and the big tree like thing busting out the middle, that grows untended along the roadside pretty much everywhere
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An Introduction to Roller Derby

by Hugh Upsher / 03.09.2013
I was in the same position as most of the people trickling through the doors of the enormous Sunningdale sports complex. There was an overarching state of mild excitement and
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WWE World Tour

Last Sunday

by Warren Talmarkes / 11.08.2013
Last Sunday, 00hr13, WWE World Tour. Big muscles, tiny shorts.
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